Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 6, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I come. I am Jesus. I come because you have called me, beloveds, in your hearts, you have called me. I come because God is in this room with you, beloved souls, and that the Holy Spirit that conveys His Love is working actively amongst you as your souls open to this gift of Love, this Divine Essence that is the transformational gift that you speak of. So I beseech you, beloveds, open yourselves. Open yourselves to this great gift, this blessing from on high that unifies your souls, one to another. In this Circle of Light, you are blessed. Give yourselves to this blessing. Put aside the biases of your minds. Let go of your fears. Allow this deep and spiritual gift to enter into you, changing you forever.

I come, beloveds, because I have a deep desire that all the children of this world may come to know this gift of Love. It is the Truth that I spoke when I walked the Earth. It is the Truth that is here now. It comes to every soul who is earnest and desires to truly know God. For to truly understand God, you must have an awakened soul, beloveds.

This Love that God gives, this key that opens the door to these understandings and perceptions, is given to you merely by prayer and beseeching God to receive. It awakens you, beloveds, awakens you to a whole new reality, a true reality of God’s creation. It does not hold to scriptures or words, religious doctrines or insistence upon various rituals. It frees you from these things of the mind and awakens you to the Truth of the soul.

God does not insist upon you accepting this Truth or this gift. God merely invites you to join in this Truth, to come to truly understand that from your souls, which in your world are so difficult to know for the mind dominates in this material world of yours. But for those souls who are brave enough and strong enough, eager enough and humble enough, a door opens and deep insights, great waves of joy and Love come into your being and awaken your soul.

This is my invitation, beloved souls. Come join in this that you may know the Grace of God. That you may know your true and beautiful selves awakened in Love. There is no limitation to what you may receive, what is open to you to receive. There is merely your effort and your prayers and your longings to know this gift and awaken to this truth. The power of Love is the highest gift, the highest blessing that God has to give. It is His Essence infusing your soul, transforming your soul forever. Drop by drop it comes into you, beloved souls. Drop by drop you awaken and come to know this Truth in all its profundity and beauty.

You sit in this sacred circle, one in which the Angels of Heaven have come to be and share with you in its Light. Your souls are drawn, beloveds. Your souls seek the Truth. You will come to know the Truth and find great joy and fulfillment in this Truth.

May God bless you, beloved souls. May God bless you deeply within you, awakening the true desires of your soul. I am with you. I lead the way for you to follow and I gather you in my Love and show you the way to the Father’s Love. God bless you. I am with you. God bless you.