Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 27, 2019
Location: Homosassa Springs, FL

I wish to speak a little more about mediumship and of this instrument in regards to the work that we do together. What we have in this instrument is a finely tuned mechanism that has been developed over many years, even before that time which he committed to this work. We anticipated the possibility of using him and so for many years we continued to develop those faculties and abilities within him which are both physical and spiritual so that he may fulfill this function.

Think of a radio that is attuned to one particular frequency. Indeed, to have the frequency at the precise amplitude requires fine-tuning. So this has been accomplished and we have a clear channel of communication through this individual. This is why so few are able to understand the differences between those individuals who may have a gift and open channel of communication with spirit but the opportunities to do so are sporadic and often unrefined in terms of spirits and influence that may come through. It takes a great deal of effort and commitment to have an instrument such as this individual, our beloved soul, who sits as a communication device between ourselves and yourselves.

It is a great gift to you, beloved souls, and a rare gift on this world. For there are many who claim to be instruments for high spirits and even Celestial Angels, but because their intention focuses upon the satisfaction of the mind and the ego, the quality of the reception is not as clear. It takes some effort and some development of the soul in Divine Love to bring such results and such clarity. This precious son has mentioned that he has monitored the progress of the messages that have come through this individual and has seen progress. This is correct. It is in the efforts made and conditions built, the propensity to develop and the frequency of opportunity to speak that helps to fine-tune the instrument. And so things have indeed come together in a beautiful way. His efforts have been always for the highest, his insistence upon truth to be spoken, his desire to receive evermore of God’s Love, his intention to serve in love, all of these factors continue to support a high calibre of mediumship. Yes, we have many more things we wish to share through this instrument. In time, at the right place and time, these things will come.

We do not wish to flood you with unneeded information for the focus must always be upon this gift of Divine Love, the focus upon God. Yet for us to speak, to connect with you in this way, brings an added dimension to your journeys and your inquiries so that we may assist you upon the pathand direct you accordingly, helping you to see what needs focusing upon and efforts made and prayers proffered to God.

This has always been our intention and always will be, to help you to develop your soul, to point you in the direction that will bring the optimal results, the greatest and highest of blessings. So we continue upon our quest to communicate not only through this instrument but to you directly, every soul who desires to be guided is blessed and accompanied by an angel or many angels. There is one avenue that may be used by many and you will see for yourselves as you continue to progress in life that there are many possibilities for your angel friends to connect and communicate with you. As long as you are open, as long as your desire is within you to be in close rapport and communication with us, this will be given in ways that are in harmony with you and your unique and special gifts.

There are always opportunities to communicate. It may not be clear as this spoken word but it is there nonetheless. The influence, the power of this information and communication will come to your consciousness one way or another. Do not underestimate your own ability to communicate with us, beloved souls. Know that this is always a possibility. Know that you are never alone. Know that we are eager to work with you in this world, to guide you as God guides, and all is within the flow of His Love and Will. It will indeed be a great outpouring of love, healing and comfort, truth and joy in this world. You are never alone. You are never without this light unless you choose to turn away, it is always there and shall always be there in ever greater measures until the veil to your consciousness is pulled away and you are indeed fully aware of all that is.

May you come to that place, beloved souls.  But you must come to the table prepared and strong enough to withstand what you see, what you come to know, the true reality that is the creation of man and the true reality that is the Creation of God, to be able to separate these two, to discern with wisdom and to elect to be within the flow of reality of God. When you are ready for this, fully ready for this, then it shall be and it will come into you as the truth and the foundation of your existence.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Andrew. My love is with you and I am always with this instrument, his companion in life whom I love deeply and shall never leave. God bless you. God bless you.