Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 1, 2019
Location: Waianea, HI

Clear away all doubts from your minds, beloveds, for times come, as our beloved friend says, where you will be challenged. Where there is a crack of doubt, those forces that wish to discredit that which you have to say, will work hard and eagerly to force that crack into a fissure that will, from the eyes of those who look upon you, be a great flaw.

This is the way of the human condition, as you well know, that the leaders of this world must appear to be incapable of flaws or that which is not of the highest standing, to be believed. Though, contrary to this, there are many leaders in the world who cannot stand a candle to your integrity and the Truth that you carry, beloved souls. But indeed, you weaken yourselves when you allow doubt to creep in, to take hold, to twist your mind away from Truth, to allow your mind to have dominance and the power to control your thoughts and your actions in every respect.

The power of the soul, however, is subtle and does not insist upon acknowledgement. As the soul continues to grow in Light, so it is gentle and somewhat sensitive until there comes a day when the soul is completely transformed by Love. Then a great power and strength comes. There is no doubt, no fear, no wrestling within yourself these inclinations of the mind and the inclinations of the soul, continuously seeking predominance. Until that day comes, be true to yourselves, that deeper self that knows and is within the Grace of God. Have faith, for it is faith which carries you beyond the realms of thought and speculation to knowing and the strength and power of the soul faculties to know Truth.

Each of you are at a different place upon the journey towards God. Many of you have had the experience of faith and knowing, where there is no doubt, nothing to carry you away from God. But there are times when you are subject to the conditions of this Earth and doubt creeps in and faith is diminished. Yet, as you continue to pray and maintain the Light within you, so you are strengthened once more, uplifted, and faith returns and doubt diminishes and disappears.

Know that as you continue to seek your Heavenly Father, day in and day out, a true dedication to God in prayer, that all these things that may draw you away from God and all those thoughts that may diminish the Truth and twist the Truth and discount the Truth will continue to melt away. Your mind becomes free of these conditions and situations that cause your soul pain, and for you in your conscious way, to doubt the power of your own soul.

Beloved souls, I know that there are challenges in the world always. You create challenges for yourself, at times unnecessary, at times, far more complicated and difficult than need be. But it is time for you to walk in the world upright as God’s channels of Love, clear and pure, unflinching and unfailing in your efforts to serve God and to serve your own soul in Truth. To truly come to that place where you understand and know yourself, your true self, and yourself in relationship with God.

It is there, it exists within you. Your souls are bright. They shine with this Truth. You are strong within the core of yourself, your soul. Yet, because of the conditions and nature of this world in which you live, you continue to allow the doubts to creep in, the negative thoughts, the self-diminishment, the difficulty in truly believing what it is that you are experiencing within your soul. These elements and aspects of the mind are powerful. They have been placed within you from a very young age. It is indeed a challenge to release yourself from these conditions of the mind.

But it is now a reality that the power of your soul is far greater than the power of your mind. If you allow your soul to take its place within your conscious experience of life, where the mind instead assists the soul in its navigations through life, rather than dominance and control, then you will find the joy that you seek, then you will find the truth that you seek, then you will find that a true balance will be struck between these two powerful aspects of your being, one that is always being transformed and changed in Love and one that is often being convinced or influenced and affected by the outside conditions of the world and by the erroneous beliefs that are planted within it.

Choose to be within your soul. I know we have said this quite often and desire that you take this to heart. Yet you seem confused, even unwilling to believe, to truly know that that place of soul consciousness, soul awareness, is readily available to you. This is doubt. This holds you back, beloved souls, continuously. As you nurture your minds and have pride of your capacities of knowledge, of the mind and inclinations of the mind, your challenge is to go deeper within you, to practice this way of being in the world. You do so when you pray. You do so as you pray. You go deeper within yourself, seeking to express those parts of your soul that long for God and for the blessings of God.

So I ask you, beloved souls, make your day a prayer. Make your day an expression of your soul. Have faith in your own soul. Take strength from your own soul. Come to know your soul and befriend your soul. Make your soul that part of you that you cherish and nurture and acknowledge with each breath. Ask God to bless you and awaken you so that your soul may indeed continue to grow and take precedence. For now is the time, beloveds, now is the time to truly accept that you are and will always be a soul.

In this acceptance, allow the awakening of your soul to be the predominant motivation and desire within you, through faith, through beseeching God to bless you so all doubt will disappear. All faith will come forth and bring to you a wonderful awareness, a strength, a Light, a beauty that is your soul rising forward and up and around, encompassing all that you are and transforming your mind as it has been transformed by God. So the powers of your souls will come to the fore and infuse your mind with all manner of influence and soulful knowing that will inform every moment of your conscious, awakened self in life.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls. May you come to truly realise that which I speak and the invitation which I give, to know your true selves, to honor your true selves and to express your true selves in all its beauty and glory. In this way, you

will know God’s Will, you will express God’s Will, and you will be a true and clear channel of the Father’s Will in the world and of Love, beautiful Love.

For a soul awakened is a soul with great capacity to love, to truly be a child of God, to truly be all that it is meant to be in this world and the next. May God bless you upon that journey. You will always be accompanied by angels and by God’s Hand that rests upon you, beloved souls. Banish your doubts and accept your destiny as a transformed soul upon this Path Divine.

God bless you. I am Matthew and my love is with you. Beautiful souls all, my love is with you. God bless you.