Spirit: Samuel
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 1, 2019
Location: Waianae, HI

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Samuel and I come to tell you that a mighty river begins with a drop of water. As each drop gathers together creating the trickle of water that runs into the stream of water that runs into the great mighty river so you, beloved souls, gather together a strength of force in the world that will continue to strengthen and multiply and in time create a river so wide and vast that it will engulf the Earth and you will be a part of the great transformation of your world.

You will have contributed your prayers, your efforts, your light to bring about the transformation of your world. For each of you in turn is being transformed. Each of you is being gathered together to support one another in love, to bring the truth to one another by your own living examples to be the mighty river that is God‘s Love. May this river continue to carry you forward, beloved souls. May you continue to allow this river to be your strength, its current to guide you forward, its living waters to nourish you and blend you all together in one unified flow of love for the world. For this world is parched and it is the waters that you bring as God‘s channels of love that will slake the thirst of the children of your world.

The coming year will be a year of consolidation, of many of you coming together, many who you do not know but who are coming to add their light to this great river of light and love and truth. Open your hearts and embrace those who come. Allow yourselves to be their brother and sister. Do not hold back your love but realise that in this gathering of souls comes the fruition of God‘s plan for the salvation of mankind. There is much to be done in order for God to accomplish His blessings upon the world and you are all required to dedicate your souls to Truth and Love and to God‘s Will. To do so joyfully, to do so unrestricted by the reticence of your minds, to be wholly in harmony with God from your souls awakened in God‘s Love. It will make the power of your efforts increase exponentially and the growth of your light and soul in light and the acquiescence of your minds seeking the harmonies of your soul bringing a rapid transformation of your being. In so doing, it will bring change to your world for each of you emanates great light and blessings that flows through you.

As your souls grow in love, awaken and cleanse in love, so the power of this force will multiply again and again. You will feel and know the changes that are coming within you. In this, you will be the activating forces to bring change to the world. Have faith in God‘s plan. Have faith in God‘s blessings upon you. Have faith in the strength and beauty of your own soul, a soul that has many capacities to bring light and blessings to the world, to each soul you meet. As you walk on the world and say your prayer to God that He may use you in service and love, so God will fulfill that desire within your soul and many opportunities will come to you to bring blessings to others and to grow in these blessings.

For as God blesses another through you, so you are blessed. As God brings another soul into your midst, so you are strengthened and so you learn as you experience the great variety of life, the variety of souls upon your world, the great variety of experience that can be had upon your world. So God will guide you forward and bring to you many experiences, some that are challenging but many that are a great blessing and will bring great joy. All is a blessing in the strengthening and reclamation of your souls. Beloveds, continue to gather together to be the beautiful force for light and love that you are and acknowledge one another in love.

Be that channel of love for one another for as one steps forward, you all step forward, beloved souls. As you step forward, so you will come to know and appreciate the forces of God, the angelic blessings and presence within your life. All will be uplifted. All will be transformed. All will be strengthened with love. All will be blessed.

Beloved souls, God bless you all. I am Samuel and I bring to you this prognostication that you will be indeed be transformed in Love and transform the world in accordance to God‘s Will. God bless you, beloved souls, and bring you to that place of great power and love to ease the world into love, to reverse the direction that is towards darkness and bring it to Light and Love, uplifted, blessed, great peace, great joy. God bless you, beloved souls. God bless you.