Spirit: Keea Atta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 22, 2019
Location: Western Caribbean Cruise

May your journeys continue to bring deep soul awakenings, that you may come to know God in ways that are not familiar to you now, but will awaken as you walk upon this path of prayer, as your faculties open with the blessings of the Father’s Love, clearing away all that which obstructs the pure sight of your soul, so that God may guide you upon your path, awaken you to the many possibilities that are latent within your soul, but eager to awaken.

Every day brings its blessings, its tests. Every day will bring its blessings, beloveds, and its challenges. But all conspire to bring many insights and lessons, strengthening your soul, strengthening your ability to be in that place of soul and in deep relationship with God. Remember this, beloved souls, that all is a blessing. Every struggle, every opportunity, every challenge is a blessing bringing you to greater light, to deeper joy, to a more fulfilling life that is awakened by love.

Though you see all about you souls that are not awake, conditions that are purely of the material, may you continue to walk in love, as a channel of love, with the deep realization that each of these souls, in time, will come to God in one way or another. God will use you to plant seeds. God will continue to invite and encourage His children to awaken to love, to awaken to the Truth of His Love.

Be humble and allow yourself to be a channel of love wherever you go so that God may use you, that God may indeed open the doors of the great potentials of your soul for the benefit of your brothers and sisters. Every situation and opportunity contributes to this blessing of awakening and service in love. Allow that beautiful soulful awareness, deep and powerful, to come to your consciousness and guide you with each day. Each day is a gift, each day an opportunity, each day a step closer to the light of God’s Presence in your life.

I am Keea. I am with you as you journey on this path of love, as are many, as are many. God bless you and I love you.