Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 13, 2019
Location: Fitzroy Falls, AU

God Bless you, blessed children, this is Mary. How pleased I am to be able to come to you in this Circle of Light upon your Earth plane, so far from where I live. Yet, my heart resonates with your hearts. My love for you is great, my beautiful friends who live upon this fragile world that continues to struggle and strain under the human condition. It is because humanity has distanced itself from love and from God but the world of your day is a world lost and all the material ways that continues to dictate the thoughts and desires of each one in your world.

Day after day, the world that plunges itself into all manner of distractions and busyness and obligations. In this way, the needs of the soul, the needs for love are dismissed. So, humanity has a great hunger, a great hunger within its souls to seek out that which is missing, which is not present and so vital within. This is why we come. This is why we continue to be with you, beloved souls, for you have recognized your hunger and have come to know the way in which this hunger may be satisfied with the inflow of God’s Love, the highest of all love, soothing the pained parts of your soul, bringing to you the Great Comforter which is the Love of God’s Soul.

Continue to listen with a keen desire of the soul. Know that this hunger exists within all of you, in all of humanity. Acknowledge this, beloved souls. Seek out God for this is the Source of all Succor for the soul. As you do so, the Truth will awaken within you, the path will be made clear, and the understandings of Truth will come and make itself known to you.

God hungers for your presence within the Flow and Grace of His Touch. God desires that each of His children may be embraced in Love, that this one missing thing will be found and realized within every soul. It is not difficult. There are no complex paths and mindful understandings that will bring you to this Grace. It comes with simple prayer and longing, recognizing within yourselves what it is that that deep longing is and to bring it to God, to know that place of deep need and vulnerability that is within the soul. In this truthful acknowledgement comes the answers from God and the flow of His Love.

The answering to your beseeching is powerful, bringing the awakening, bringing the fulfillment of the soul as this Love continues to pour within. Drop by drop, day by day, it begins to infill the soul with the Holy Essence of His Love. In this way, the transformation begins. The awakening begins. In time, you will know your own souls in ways of understanding, of loving, of seeing, of knowing, that is ignited by this Love.

For many in the world, this is merely a potential as yet unrealized,. But for you, beloved souls, this has become the reality, the fulfillment, and the acknowledgement of your soul’s desire to rise above the human condition and be in a place of Grace and Love and peace and wisdom and knowledge of Truth.

God does not hold back from His children. God gives all to those who are willing to accept, but this acceptance comes hard upon the willful desires of the mind that wishes to be independent and strong and not vulnerable. Yet, often when you are weakest you are strongest. When you cry out to God, you are acknowledging your own deep need and desire to be in alignment with the Creator and to be loved.

So few are willing to be this open, to find their way in such a simple path. Instead, they desire to build themselves up in words and thoughts, in ideas, in speculations about the ways of the Universe and the workings of all. Yet the path to God is simple. The path to God is for all who wish to trod upon it. To understand this path requires so very little. It is the longing of the soul, the desires of the soul that lead one upon this path as God reaches out to each one who reaches out to God.

Nothing can restrict a soul from God except within themselves. There is no barrier other than that which one constructs. But once the dam is burst, for many the tears flow and the loneliness is acknowledged. In this moment, God embraces His child and holds His child close and says “worry not my child, my love for you is great, I see you, I know you and I wish that you see and know me, that together we can walk the path of life for all eternity upon that Grace and Love that is my Essence.”

God’s gift is for each soul. God will embrace each soul in time for that is each soul’s destiny, to be filled in Love, to walk in light, to know their true selves in the great flow of life.

Thank you for listening to me, beloved souls. Thank you for creating the conditions where I might come and be with you. My love is great for you all. Know that I will continue to make this bond between us and be close. God bless you, beloved souls, I am Mary and I love you.