Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 26, 2019
Location: Punalu’u, HI

God has heard your prayers, beloveds, and an angel stands with each one of you. As you continue to reach out for your brothers and sisters, creating a community of love, so God responds not only while you pray together in this way, but God responds to all your prayers and has assigned angels to minister to you, to uplift you and awaken you in Love. Keep this foremost in your minds and your hearts, beloved souls, that you are truly loved and cared for, that God’s Love continues to pour upon you. It is for you to drink this Holy Essence, to desire it, to open yourselves to this Touch, to awaken to the reality of God, the Truth of God’s Presence in your life so that your souls may indeed develop and awaken and become a truly acknowledged and powerful part of your life. 

Despite that so many in your world continue to be blinded and asleep, you have chosen a different way, a different path in your life. In this choice, comes many blessings and opportunities in the flow of God’s Will and Love for each one of you. There will be many opportunities to experience the blessings God, to experience the wonderment of God’s Presence within your life and the wonderment of your own soul. As you continue upon this journey of awakening so, you will come to that place of being a true channel of God’s Love, clear and powerful, assisting your brothers and sisters on their journeys, helping God to awaken the souls, to bringing the Truth forward in this world and for gathering the souls into these Circles of Light, where they may indeed experience the Touch of God, the upliftment and Love that comes in these places, so blessed by God. 

You will all find your way, beloved souls. You will all find your way upon this journey of Love, upon this flow, this river that will take you to places where you are needed and will bring you to opportunities where you may fulfill the Will of God through you, touching the souls who desire this great Truth. 

It will come in surprising ways. It will come in a multitude of facets and avenues where many will reach out and desire to be tutored, to be uplifted and supported upon this path of Love. God has provided many opportunities for individuals to find their way, whether it be through books or upon the wires in which we speak or in these Circles of Light or in conversations or in your own guided efforts to reach out to others. God provides the way and means, beloved souls, for you to be a true channel of Love in the world. As you continue to gather within yourself the Truth, the experience of Truth, the knowledge of Truth, the knowing of Truth, so these opportunities will open for each of you and give to you a great sense of satisfaction and joy. For why would one keep the treasure of Truth within and not share this great bounty with others? 

Despite the conditions of your world, beloved souls, there are many who seek. There are many who are hungering. All within your world are suffering under deep deprivation within their souls and in their souls is a great hungering and thirst for Truth. Remember, God sets you forth to communicate, to touch the souls of others. This is your task. This is your blessing. This is how you may thank your Heavenly Father for all the blessings that have been given and for the opportunities that have been given to you, beloved souls. 

So may you go forth and be available to God to bring opportunities through you to others. Do not hide away, beloved souls, but open yourselves to the possibilities of God’s Will and blessing upon you and upon others through you. In this way, more Love, more understanding, a great strengthening of your faith and your knowledge will come. And the angels will come close because you have opened the door and said: “Yes, I am willing to be a servant of God. Yes, I am willing to put aside my reticence, to put aside that place within me that wishes to hide away from the dark and difficult conditions of your world and bask in the Light of God and feel safe within that beautiful blessing upon you “ 

Beloved souls, I would not say that you cannot be in that place, to bask in that Love and be in that blessed Circle of Light that God has made around you and wishes to continue to bless you mightily in your prayers and times of quietness and contemplation of your Heavenly Father. No, these times are important and are necessary for the growth of your soul, but do no neglect the opportunities that God may put before you. As you traverse the world, walk upon the highways and byways of this Earth, continue to welcome and accept the opportunities that God may put before you, to be an instrument, a channel of Love to bless another. This is important and as I have said, it will bring you many rewards, many blessings. 

May God bless you upon your journeys, beloved souls, and take you on many journeys to many souls, to be in the blessing and flow of God’s Will, guided forward, blessed abundantly, loving all you meet, all who may cross your path. God bless you, beloved friends. I am Andrew and my love is with you. God bless you.