Spirit: Michael
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 18, 2018
Location: Sydney, Australia

God bless you my friends, my name is Michael and I am guiding the two dear souls whom you will meet. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom, another angel amongst many who work with you all on earth. You have been invited in earnest to speak to those dear souls who will gather and be a part of your Circle of Light. We are busy arranging and urging others to come to be a part of this circle and we are very pleased that you have taken up this call.

Beloved souls, you will find for the most part that when you gather a circle together such as this that there will be many from many different perspectives, understandings of the mind, and yet within the soul there is a longing and a desire for this truth of Divine Love. This you must realize with each encounter that you have, for there will be many in years to come, you will be guided as you have been to be with others. Some are curious, some are in deep need and some are confused. Many are seeking greater light and truth.

It is your clear message, beloved, beloved souls, regarding the power and wonderment of God’s Love that is meant for all that you must convey to your brothers and sisters who gather. There is no need for complex explanations. There is no need to try and dissuade another of their beliefs. There is no need to be invested in convincing others of this truth. No, my precious friends, you bring a light, you bring the truth and God’s Love burns within your souls. What you speak may be words of comfort and love, of peace and joy. This has more power and influence upon these precious souls than any other words you may speak. It is the power of love that you may be an instrument to channel and bring amongst those who gather to listen and to be with you.

The simplicity of your words, the power of your actions, the beauty of your prayers, the openness of your hearts, the willingness to embrace those who have different ideas and understandings will bring about the desired results so that those who come together may experience the blessings from God and experience a connection and loving bond amongst one another. In this way, a spark is ignited, a flame that begins with simple connection that will awaken many things within the soul.

My friends, you come to speak of the soul, to speak of God’s Soul and to do so with gentle loving and sharing of your true selves, your authentic, integral self. Tis your soul reaching out to those who have their focus upon you that will impress some greatly. Others will not abide by your words, for their minds are too strong within their ideas and concepts of truth. This, my friends, you will find everywhere you go. Even reaching one soul, inspiring one soul is a great blessing and accomplishment. We do not encourage you to count how many are affected or how effective you have been in your efforts. What is important is that you have listened to God’s guidance, you have been compelled to reach out and to walk in this light and express this light to those who are willing to listen and be with you in prayer.

Beloved souls, this is God’s work. The soul does not insist upon results and facts and a sense of accomplishment. No, this is of the mind. The soul is content to be in a room with your brothers and sisters in prayer, to share this experience together, to be with God together. This brings deep satisfaction to the soul and this is your motivation, my beloved friends. Yes, you have come far to be together in this way. God rewards you with each day a blessing, a touch upon your soul, a deeper understanding as you continue to share with one another your perceptions and experiences, your feelings and your ideas. And so God works in this way, the soul awakens ever so slowly like watching a flower bloom. You must be patient and allow the petals to unfold one at a time in the sunlight of God’s Love.

Beloved, beloved friends, I am happy, very happy that you are willing and open to take on this task to assist the dear souls who gather and the dear souls who wish to bring the truth of God’s Love more fully into this world. God needs more like you, beloved friends, more who are willing to go beyond their comfort to something that is somewhat challenging and requires effort. You lead the way, beloved brothers, you lead the way. May God bless you with all His Love and healing and peace that your souls may indeed ascend to lofty heights, to beautiful light, to a closer oneness with God.

We continue to work with you, beloved brothers. Many souls were touched today, my friends, as you walked the streets of the busy city. Yes, much of this you are unaware but indeed this is all part of being humble and faithful, to step forward, trusting that God will do the work of touching the souls. He will bring blessings for you to benefit those who are within your presence. This is how God works, a gentle touch, the subtle, subtle blessing that sows many seeds in many souls and you become part of God’s instruments of truth and change in this world.

God bless you, beloved souls, God bless you. I am Michael and I am happy to have spoken and to be a part of this effort to bring the truth to mankind. God bless you and keep you always in His Love. God bless you.