Spirit: Mylora
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 14, 2022
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Mylora. How God looks after us all, whatever our needs might be, whatever situation we may be in. God is always there, and God sends His ministering angels by your side, keeping you in the light, protecting you, helping to inspire and uphold as you continue your journey upon this beautiful path of love. How you uphold one another, sending your love and prayers to one another, how you uphold this work with your consistencies and dedications and prayers, your thoughts focus upon God’s Will and Plan for the world.

How you seek to love, to be a channel of love, to receive the love, all of these things are a blessing to you and a blessing through you. And this we are grateful for. For how can we do our work effectively without you in alignment with it?  How can we reach other souls if there is not a conduit that brings that special gift, that tangibility of blessings and love that is your soul in alignment with God’s Blessings?

Indeed you continue to grow and develop. You continue to awaken and be in harmony and greater harmony with God, with each day. So we continue on this journey together. We continue to discover the wonders of love, the wonders of God’s Touch, the wonders of God’s Blessings through each of us, a great chain to the Source of All. Each doing their part. Each connecting to another until the flow, the conduit, the portal of light is complete, and the blessings flow abundantly and beautifully. 

You are all needed my friends. You are all needed in the world. You are all needed by us. You are needed by God. There is a great need, a great responsibility, a great purpose to your efforts, to your desires, to the awakening of your souls, so light and love and blessings and truth can flow readily, and flow to your Earth that is parched for love and light, the living waters of God.

 We are partners in a great work, and we shall continue in this partnership that will grow and strengthen with love. Do you not feel in your heart great gratitude, great appreciation for all that is given by God and all the possibilities, all the blessings that flow as we open ourselves in loving appreciation, joy and awareness of God and His Great Love for us all?

The world will continue to have its challenges, and we all continue to help ameliorate and bring peace to that which is difficult in the world, that which is of darkness, that which brings such suffering to many. We all work diligently, do we not, for the healing of the world, so to bring the love that will uplift, and bring truth and bring the possibility for each soul to know their own personal healing and salvation that comes with love.

May God bless you, my friends. I have great appreciation for you all and great love. You are lights in the world, and that is so precious and  wonderful. To be the lights that you are and souls that you are becoming in the beauty of your own awakening and flowering in love. So beautiful. So wondrous. The birthing of each soul in truth and love is such a blessing to the world. May we all continue in this great venture, this great effort, to bring the truth of love to all upon this Earth and the world of spirit. All who are seeking and all who are lost, may they come to know this blessing. May they come to know relief from their pain, relief from the darkness, that light may flourish and love may grow in this truth and in our efforts to bring it to all. God bless you, beloveds.  I am Mylora, and I love you all. God bless you. God bless you, my friends.