Spirit: Augustine

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  July 06, 2015

It is your teacher, Augustine. May your souls open wide to the great inflowing of our Father’s Divine Essence, the benediction of His Touch within you which will bring great change and transformation within your souls and lead you upon a path of Light and enlightenment that shall carry you far and beyond and into the flow of all eternity. This Love, this Path, this Light shall carry you and show you the way to all that your souls desire, to all Truth and all Love and all Being that is in the grace of God.

Drink deep this blessing, my beloveds. Drink like a thirsty man in the desert. Long for this blessing of Love. For every soul in this world is parched and in need of this blessed gift of these Living Waters. Drink deep, beloved souls, and know that you are in God’s embrace and His Hand rests upon you and His angels pray with you, His Love always available for your desire and prayer to elicit its response that you may receive within you the Light that shall burn for all eternity within and about you.

In the coming weeks, you will gather together with many souls from around this world, Many eager souls anticipating the acknowledgement and joy of fellowship of the Truth of God’s Love that shines within them. To come together in this way is to acknowledge the Truth that God does indeed love all His children. Embrace each child as they come through the threshold of your doorway. Acknowledge the beauty of each unique soul, for each one carries many gifts and beauty that is unique to them. Together you come and bring a great Light and God will gift all of you with a great opening of His Love, a shifting of your consciousness, an awareness that is deep and profound within each soul who comes with an open heart, with a soul deeply desirous of His Love.

Prepare yourselves accordingly, my beloveds. Focus your prayers on your Heavenly Father and gather in your consciousness all those who will be with you in those days to come. For as you send Love to each of these precious souls, as you cherish this opportunity to be together, you build the Light, you intensify the conditions of Love, you support all those who come. And they who come are in many different positions upon the Path Divine, many stages, many different perceptions and understandings of what it is to follow this Truth of Love. And it will be for those who have come a little further upon this Path to reach back to those who feel unsure and begin this journey to say come, come along, you are in the Love, you are my brother, you are my sister and we are all God’s children in the Light of His Loving Care, and we will know the joy of this for all eternity, and we will come to rest in deep and abiding peace, and we will come to know the Truth with eyes open, souls expanded, journeys taken guided by God.

You are all children of God. You have all taken this journey and you will all continue to seek His Love in your own way, upon your unique path. And your minds may differ in their perceptions of what this means but your souls know, my beloveds, they know the Truth, and you all resonate in this with a calm understanding that pervades your presence and your prayers and your longings.

We will be with you as you gather. We will be with you as you pray for the others and pray for yourselves, and there will be a joyous awakening, a beautiful opening, a wondrous opportunity to be in that loving Light, that Sanctuary from all the troubles of this world, a fellowship and a joining that will envelope each and every soul in Light. God bless you, my beloved beautiful souls. You will be guided and Light will shine upon your Path. Blessings to you, blessings. Augustine loves you. God bless you.