Spirit: Martin Luther

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  June 21, 2015

I am Martin Luther and I come to speak about the Will of God.

How the Will of God remains within this world despite the will of men and their propensity to subvert the Will of God. For the strength and power of God’s Will remains steadfast and brings the changes that are required within the souls of men and the firmament of Creation and all permeated within your world and all the worlds is this great Will of God. It is for you, my beloved beautiful souls, to come to know God’s Will, to come into alignment with God’s Will. Despite all the conditions and subversions of God’s Will around you, there is a need to grasp the power of this Will and the flow of His Love, to bring change and beauty and light into this world.

My beloveds, even if this structure (the World Healing Centre), this building would burn to the ground and be dust and ashes, God’s Will would remain and it will carry you to many places, to many souls beyond all the imaginings, and structures, and conditions that mankind lay before them as important and necessary. God’s Will is above this and this is where you must remain, my beloved children, within the flow of this Will. Beyond and above the will of mankind with all of its rules and obstructions and fears and error, you must remain above this.

And the power of your prayers, the intention of your prayers, the sincerity of your prayers are more powerful than all of these obstructions and conditions laid about by mankind. For when you pray in this way, and you do pray in this way as do all of those who are a part of this vigil, pray with sincerity and a desire to see the resolution of conflict and misunderstanding, of fear. When you pray in this way you do a great service to your Heavenly Father and you do a great service to we in the Celestial Heavens, who work on your behalf, who work with God’s Will and understand more fully God’s Will. For in your faith and your prayers and your love comes a great power, and this power can indeed change the conditions of this world and be set forth to resolve the barriers and problems which you face.

Yes, although the free will of man is strong and powerful, the Will of God is stronger. And there will be resolution, my beloveds, and this resolution will be in harmony with the Will of God, will enact the Will of God, and will bring about more actions and outcomes that are a part of this great plan that God has for the salvation of mankind. You, my beloveds, are getting a glimmer, a glimmer of this plan. You see so dimly into this marvellous desire and Will of God to bring Light and Peace to mankind, yet with this dim vision you feel the motivation and the momentum of this and you will continue to have greater vision, clearer understanding as you step forward. And we understand the difficulties that you face in this world. Yes indeed, in my day I had  great opposition, but I was persistent and I felt I was doing God’s Will and in many ways this was true.

The world is always changing and the world shall always be in a state of change and flux. And you, my beloveds, must be willing to be flexible and open and  to not grasp onto what your minds feel and think is the right way, but to allow God to show you the routes. For His Will and His Way is the shortest and most powerful way. Walk in the flow of God’s Will, my beloveds, delight in its beauty and harmony. Be joyful in the knowledge that God’s Hand is upon you and His Love is within your souls. And anticipate the great openings that will come within each one of you as you walk upon this Path and come to know His Will, where there is so much awaiting you, in awareness, in experience, in Love and in service. There is no need for you to feel as if you are being thwarted by the will of others, for this is not true. You walk within the Will of God, and this shall always be true as long as you are willing. And in this, be at peace, in this know that as you are in this Light and Flow and you will be cared for and guided and shown the way. No matter what happens in this world, this will be true. And I beg you, I urge you to not feel caught up in the will of man, the human conditions, the worries and cares that come with this, but to know the freedom and the surety and the joy of being fully within the Will of God and in its flow and light. You are blessed, my beloveds, you are blessed and shall continue to be blessed for all eternity.

God bless you, I am Martin Luther and I love you, and am with you often in your prayers and your efforts in this world, for I too join you within the flow of God’s Will and this is a great joy for me and shall be a great joy for you. God bless you and keep you in this Light,. God bless you.