Spirit: Mark
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 11, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

It is good that you continue to welcome the souls into your church, our church and to keep the doors open, to embrace all that come through them. I would encourage you to teach progressive truths to the those who come, to not just speak of the possibility of spirits of the lower spheres that may come and assure their brothers and sisters of their existence, though this is indeed comforting to many, but to also encourage all those who come to your church to think of the higher Truths and higher possibilities of their own spiritual progress and the progress of those whom you are communicating with through what you call mediumship.

As you raise the vibrations of this church, the light, the conditions that are there, the Truth that can be taught, so you will attract those souls who are drawn to the Light. There will be many who you would not expect to come through your doors. You have already seen those who are old friends who have come to reclaim their place within your church. This is because you are building Light within it. You are seeking for higher expressions and Truth and Love.

The Laws of Attraction work in your world as it does in our world. Though in your world it may not seem so direct, the results may not come so quickly, but as you continue to make efforts to build these conditions, to build the Light within our church, you will see as time progresses that you will draw in many souls who will contribute their wisdom and light and love. They will help build this church up so that it is strong in Light, that it is secure in Light, that it is a beacon of Light. This is God’s Plan, beloved souls, that this church stand tall as a beacon of Light, as a refuge of Light in an ever darkening world.

Yes, many will come with many different ideas and ways and paths towards God. Your strength is that you welcome all, that you encourage each individual to strive for Light, to understand Truth in their own way, to come to that place of peace and joy and love. You see the mind creates many, many ideas, thoughts and concepts, believing this is truth. But in fact it is a mere reflection of truth as the material mind continues to formulate structures and paradigms of reality, or what it calls reality. But Truth must be had from the soul as the soul has a firmer grasp, a clearer understanding of Truth.

For all those who are teaching at our church, I would encourage them to come to understand this reality, this Truth, that there is a great discrepancy between the ideas of the mind and the knowings of the soul. That ideally all should strive to awaken the soul so that those perceptions, deep understandings of Truth, might come and be shared amongst you. For it is the soul that motivates the individual to seek spiritually. It is the soul that will continue to guide each one of you as God communicates with your soul and encourages you forward in Light and Truth and Love.

Focus on the soul, beloveds. Focus on the power and depth of perception and faculties of the soul. For this is where the foundation of Truth is laid and this is where a fountain of Truth may be expressed to all who come through your doors. If our beloved church may bring the Truth of the soul forth to all who come, then you will have created and sustained a powerful source of Light and Truth in the world. This too is God’s Plan to bring forth higher Truth, to bring to all of humanity the power of the soul awakened in Truth and Love.

It is simple yet difficult to attain. It is profound yet often the mind rebels against these somewhat simplistic concepts. But in essence, Truth is simple. Truth can be understood by any individual no matter their mental acuity. Truth can be known and understood and practiced. It is the Laws of Love that are important, beloved souls. Of course, we teach of the Divine Love, the highest gift and blessing of all. If you may add this Truth to all that you speak of, even when you come together to communicate with those souls who are close to the Earth plane, to add Love, to add the Truth of the power of Love, would help to sustain these communications and bring something more powerful and real to those who are experiencing these demonstrations of communication.

In your world and in ours, evey soul must climb the ladder of Truth, must make effort to seek higher Truth, to glean through their experiences, their prayers, their efforts of the mind and the soul to understand more clearly the meaning and truth of your existence. 

A church that can fulfill this need to teach Truth, to bring meaning and depth to an individual’s life, is doing God’s work. God has blessed our church mightily. God has blessed it mightily. The power and Love that is there, the Light and Truth that is there will not only be sustained but will grow and will bring many through its doors. For the seeking soul comes to Truth, is drawn, is drawn and cannot resist coming and joining with others in prayers, in communicating and communing together, in healing and in seeking Truth.

God will bless all of you, beloved souls. God has blessed you all and will continue to do so. You will be surprised in the coming months and years of what will come of this little place. It will come to be known as a chapel of Love, as a place of profound peace and great Truth. God’s Hand is firmly upon it. God’s Hand continues to guide it and you all are a part of this and will continue to be so. Walk in faith, beloved souls. Walk in Truth and walk in Love. All will unfold in peace and upliftment and deep blessings and great joy. You have become a family and that family will grow and the bonds will deepen and the joy will be profound and great as you continue to share these experiences of God together. You are blessed, beloved souls, and will continue to be blessed.

I am Mark and I continue to watch over our beloved church and will guide you all as you continue to serve to the great Will of God to bring healing and peace, Truth and Love to your brothers and sisters. God bless you, beloved souls. My love is with you. God bless you.