Spirit: White Cloud
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 11, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC, Canada

I am White Cloud. The power and love of the Great White Spirit is here with you today. The light shines down through this great portal filling this room with light, love, healing, peace. God wants each of you to come to that Light that is God’s Presence. God wants you to open yourself to this light and the blessings of God. For God wants to give each of you a gift, each of you what you require to be strong in life, to be strong in spirit, to be at peace. But you must ask the Great White Spirit. You must ask. You must seek the touch. You must seek and be open to the gifts God has to give to you, each of you, for there is nothing to hold you back, to keep you bound in the ways of your dark world, for each of you can ask. Each of you is entitled to ask, to receive, to be given to, to be blessed, to be awakened.

There is no reason for you not to receive what God has to give to you. God in all His generosity of spirit will give to you His Essence, the great Love of God. But you must ask. You must seek. You must make efforts to receive and to do so with gratitude and joy, with faith, with a deep, deep desire of the heart to receive this blessing. The Power of God is all around you. The great Light of God is all around you. The Presence of God is here.

Open yourselves. Open yourselves and put aside your armour, your judgments, those thoughts that are not of love, those desires that are not of the spirit. Awaken to the pure and most powerful Essence of all which is the blessing of God’s Love. It is yours. It is yours. May you receive and know it, embrace it, honour it, and know the deep peace that comes with this powerful Touch of the Great White Spirit. May you come to know this and be a child of this Truth and know the joy that comes with this blessing.

I am White Cloud. I am happy that you have come together in this light and prayer. Deep blessings upon you my friends, deep blessings.