Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 1, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

May His Love find a great inflowing into your soul. My name is Josephus, I have not spoken through this instrument before but I have been asked to speak about the faculties of the soul. I was a philosopher and teacher of the Jewish faith and helped to formulate the scriptures of this religion. Now I reside within the Celestial Kingdom. I have followed the teachings of the Messiah of Israel, our beloved Jesus.

I have studied in detail the composition of the soul and what makes up the faculties of the soul. I hope that I may convey this information accurately through this instrument for it is a difficult subject. To truly understand the faculties of the soul, one must experience them in action, awakened within the soul and expressed consciously within one’s life. This is the true avenue of understanding so that even the mind may comprehend their functioning.

When God created humanity, they were created with a dual consciousness. One was that of the animal, that of the flesh and beast that utilizes the many aspects of the material mind in order to survive and live on the material world. The faculties of the material mind are well understood in your day and there is no need to go into these details. Suffice to say that the mind may and will function without any great development of the soul, but indeed only half of the creature that is mankind is alive and functioning without the awakened soul.

We encourage and cajole you all upon the earth plain and in those spheres of spirit to develop through this great gift and boon of the Divine Love your souls that have within in them many hidden treasures and capacities not found within the mind, the material mind. You ask, what are these faculties? What am I striving towards to develop, to awaken through my prayers and efforts to be in a place of light and harmony and alignment with God?

I cannot tell you of all your faculties my friends, it would take too much effort to bring such things forward in your world. Nor is it necessary to know, but I will expound upon a few, which I hope will be comprehensible to your minds. Since those who are listening to this message have a certain measure of soul development, I am sure that you will come to understand of that to which I speak of.

The greatest faculty of the soul is the emerging awareness of God, since God is of soul composition and is the great over-soul, having the senses of the soul that may know God and understand and comprehend His being. Then the great question is answered, is it not? For who and what is God? God is a being. God exists in a place. God has many attributes. God’s Expressions are present throughout every part and area of the universe. God is more than what I speak, because unless you are able to experience God purely through the soul, you will not know this Truth in all its fullness and intricacies.

Those of us within the Celestial Kingdom continue to develop our faculties in order to know God more clearly and to communicate with the Source of all. For us to convey what it is that we comprehend, our experience with God, would be like one of your brilliant mathematicians trying to teach formulas to a child. So we must make this simple and comprehensible so that you, at the level of your present soul development, may comprehend what we say.

Your capacity to see and feel and sense the presence of spirits, to see beyond the veil of the material world, is partly a function of areas of your material mind, but these are greatly enhanced by the faculties of your soul. Without these faculties enlivened, your ability to know us from the Celestial spheres is greatly limited. So understanding and communicating with the higher spirits and angels in the universe of spirit is made possible because of soul awakening. This is another indicator of the development of your soul. A clear and unambiguous sense and communication with we in the Celestial realms.

The capacity to know Truth is another faculty of the soul. Truth in a pure form can only be understood by the soul. For Truth in a pure form is not formulated by language, words or mental concepts. Truth in a pure form is known by the soul and Truth can be conveyed by God directly to the soul and through the inflow of the Divine Love comes an element, an aspect of this gift which is Truth. When you come to a realization, a knowing, something that you are very sure about from deep within you, you have garnered some Truth within your soul and your soul then communicates this to your mind in some way. Often that way is feeling, possibly visions, some sense of something that you know is true through some experience that you may have in life.

The gift of the Spirit of Truth is what conveys Truth to the soul and is able to deposit Truth within the soul through your prayers for the highest and for the gift of Divine Love. So the Divine Love, the Holy Spirit, which conveys the Divine Love, brings with it the capacity to open chambers within your soul that it may receive Truth. If this may sound rather complicated, it is not really. Think of the gift of Divine Love as a ray of light that has many hues and colours within in it, a rainbow that touches your soul. Within that beautiful light, composed of many colours, there are many gifts that are conveyed with that one gift of Divine Love. As God gives to you a portion of His Essence that enters the soul and finds lodgement within the soul, in various chambers of your soul. Each chamber has a purpose, a gift, a capacity of function that awakens with the gift of this colourful light that is absorbed. This Love that is the signature of God’s Touch upon your soul.

So within these chambers of the soul, reside many faculties. Within these faculties come the capacity and gifts of each individual soul that may be expressed once these chambers are awakened and there is an exercise of expression of these chambers. So a new reality opens to the emerging soul, the reality of God’s Creation, of God’s Presence, of that which God has made within the parameters of His laws. So the ability to understand God’s laws, to truly live in harmony with God’s laws and the laws of Divine Love come as the soul awakens and the chambers are enlivened and true understanding beats within the heart of each soul.

In this way, there is a capacity to know Truth, to know what is right and in harmony with God and what is not. To have these faculties awakened, which is the core of Truth within you, is a great gift and is an important gift upon your journey, especially here in this world that is full of error and misdirection. So you must trust in this faculty of Truth, this knowing that grows, this Truth and knowledge that grows within your soul and emerges subtly but resolutely within your mind. Trust in this, my friends, for this one faculty, this one ability brings to you a power and strength that will assist you in your work as a channel of God’s Love.

To be a channel of God’s Love, one must ignite the faculties of the soul so that  opening, that flow, may be possible. For God cannot convey His Love through you without your soul partially awakened in Love. There must be that avenue which has been created within your soul and every soul, to be a channel of Love in the world. But it must be awakened, this faculty must be present and awakened and in alignment with God.

It is often surprising to those who begin this journey when they feel and express within their feelings, a great flow of Love for another, a sort of Love, a quality of Love that is different, that has the feeling of the Divine, this quality of Love that may flow through you, awakened by the faculties of your soul.

With the awakening of your faculties comes a true knowing of direction. You are able to know the Will of God. God will utilize this gift which is somewhat like an antenna within you that receives God’s Will and communication to you. This does not come in words, it is not like an angel that speaks to you, it is a sense, a knowing, and it comes with that awareness that all is in harmony and right within this knowing, this awareness of what you must do in the world. Thus your purpose comes alive because your capacities to know your own selves, your own direction, your own gifts is awakened with the Divine Love.

As all these capacities, all of these faculties are awakened and come together to formulate a different perception of reality, the Truth, the vision, the knowings, the experience, the feelings, the expressions are all informed by the faculties of your soul.

There are many more that I could expound upon but I have shared with you some very basic but important elements that may be considered as faculties within your soul. Each of you are experiencing these aspects of your soul to some degree and you will come to know them well and utilize them in your work. Trust in these intuitive expressions that come from deep within you. Though your minds may distort or misinterpret when it comes with each acceptance and embracing of Truth that comes from your soul, you will grow a little more and the transformation of your soul comes a little closer to realization.

When you come upon an insight, a vision, some guidance, some understanding, some experience and it is new to you and possibly confusing, go to God with your question. Ask for confirmation, ask to understand how and why these things may be in your consciousness. You will find that God will answer you and show you that beautiful chamber, that beautiful aspect of your soul that emerges. Like any new thing that is somewhat weak and a little feeble but with your focus and prayers, it will get stronger.

You will, in time, have a deep clarity which will engender a deep strength and knowing within you that will inform your life and take you upon the journey that God intends for you. So you must rely upon the faculties of your souls and your interpretation of these faculties will be unique. You cannot compare your journey with another’s. It is your journey, how God has made you which is unique, and how these gifts and faculties come together in beautiful and wondrous ways so that the jewel within you, your soul, may sparkle and shine in its unique beauty and colour and facets so that you may enjoy the beautiful creation that it is you and enjoy the beautiful creation which is your brother or sister and see with the eyes of your soul, this faculty of perception, the uniqueness that God has created and sees such with great gratitude and appreciation as one gazes upon a flower or some other beautiful aspect of God’s world.

Know that you barely understand your own self, that there is so much more to know. There is so much more to be awakened and that as this awakening comes and the power of the mind and of your soul, which is created and enlivened as your faculties awaken and the Divine Love, brings power to all of these aspects of you and there is a deep joy that emerges from this awakened part that yearns for God.

I wish to add that all the memories of your life are stored within the faculty of your soul. You carry this with you when you go into spirit. This memory of your life may be used to help you to journey further for there is wisdom stored within it, a powerful repository of experience that is a gift and at times a great burden. As the Divine Love cleanses your soul, the encrustations that are not in harmony with Love, so that which is not useful falls away with this cleansing process. The important parts of the stored memories and wisdom within you may be utilized and enhanced through the soul’s faculties to bring greater wisdom to your consciousness, adding to the mind of the soul in many different ways.

The gift of healing comes from the faculty of the soul. It is a way of attuning oneself to the higher energies and forces within the universe, within God’s Creation and emanations that bring healing and harmony to the world.

Often the creative expressions of each individual, their gifts in music, in arts, in all things creative originates from the faculty of the soul.

Original thought often comes from the soul and one’s capacity to love is surely part of the soul’s abilities whether awakened by Divine Love or not.

So there are layers within the soul of capacities, of faculties, some of which do not require the awakening of the Divine Love but are naturally a part of the individual, but  are enhanced by the gift of Divine Love. These higher human impulses that are not of the animalistic nature come from the soul. They are that innate part of your being that is deep within you and those impulses that are of a higher inclination originate from soul, not the mind. The mind will interpret, the mind will add certain colourations and feelings to this, but they are not originally from the mind. All higher feelings, emotions are of the soul.

That moral compass within you is of the soul, and is another faculty. These elements are basic attributes that are expressed to one degree or another within every human being. These elements when ignited with Divine Love become refined and transformed as is everything within the soul transformed by the Love.

I think I’ve covered many aspects of the faculties of the soul this day. I may return some other day to expound further upon this, but I am well satisfied with what I’ve shared today as I hope you are, beloved souls. This may add some clarity and inspiration to each one’s journey of knowing the soul. It is my sincere wish that you continue in your efforts to receive this glorious gift of Divine Love, to awaken your faculties and transform them in Love. For this is the highest road that can be travelled resulting in the highest expressions of your faculties, awakened in Love, awakened by this awesome and wondrous touch of the Essence of God.

I thank you my beloved friends for listening. I’m glad to have come to speak to you for there are not enough opportunities for we in the Celestial Kingdom to speak to you on Earth of these matters and this is a great gift and I thank you for this. May God’s Love continue to uplift you, my friends, protect you, inform you and change so that you may truly know yourselves as God’s children. God bless you. God bless you. I am Josephus.