Spirit: Confucius
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 1, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, this is Confucius. We are very happy that you have spent this time together in prayer, to listen to our words, to contemplate these Truths, to understand in deeper ways the progression of the soul through the Father’s Love. We are happy that you have dedicated some time to be together in this prayerful way. For as this instrument has commented, there is a harmony amongst you, a blessing that comes with your presence together. I would urge you, beloved brothers and sisters, to be together again in some time coming in this year so that you may sit as you have and listen and formulate your questions, formulate your desire for more truth, given in prayer and quiet contemplation together.

There is always more to learn, beloved souls, always more Love to receive, always more awakenings to be experienced as you come close to God and receive this gift of Love. We will continue to guide you, beloved souls, prepare you for times when you may indeed be in this harmonious grouping of souls.

My dear daughter, more souls are coming into your circle. This Light that you continue to build within your soul will draw these beautiful individuals who desire to learn and grow. You are continuing to learn and grow in your soul. This makes for a powerful teacher does it not? Having this knowledge and awareness, speaking with humility and grace to your brothers and sisters, bringing the experience of God’s Love into the midst of those who come and pray with you.

You are not lost, beloved sister, but God has you upon His path, that path designated for your purpose and service in this world. It will continue to unfold and you will see, beloved daughter, what God plans for you and what will come of your effort in service and love. You are not lost. No, beloved daughter, but have gained the world of God and come to know this world, come to know God in your prayers and your efforts, to walk in faith, to walk in your deep trust of the Heavenly Father’s Will for you, beloved.

Yes, you all continue to serve, to grow in Love. You all continue to listen and be receptive to God’s yearnings and guidance for your life. This will continue, beloved souls. It will for all eternity and many experiences and opportunities will come your way as you continue to pray for this gift and for service in Love.

We thank you, beloved daughter, for your efforts, for your gifts of love and support, for your loyalty and love, for this cause and purpose to bring mankind to the Truth of the Father’s Love.

May God bless you upon your journey, beloved soul, upon all your journeys, beloveds, as you continue to open yourself and to walk through the many thresholds that God has prepared for you in order to serve in ways that are powerful and beautiful, in ways that touch many souls deeply. We will be with you upon your journeys and continue to uphold you beloved souls.

I am Confucius and I love you beloved beloveds, beloved beloveds. I love you. This portal opens wide. Many gifts are coming, beloveds. Many gifts are coming. God bless you.