Spirit: Goldie

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: November 30, 2015

God bless you, it is Goldie.

How nice to see you all, the smiles on your faces as the sun touches each beautiful face and brings a glint in your eye and a smile to your beautiful, beautiful faces, and how joyed we are when you are joyed, how beautiful it is to see your spirits sparkling in joy and how this helps you, my beloveds, to be close to God with an attitude of joyful appreciation, of loving one another, of expectation that God will bless you with this day.

Beloved souls, this helps to bring your soul in alignment to God when you are joyful and you have an openness about you, a loving attitude. And this is available to every soul, for how difficult is it, my beloveds, when you walk with God to be in joy, to experience the wonderment of life, to know that you are truly loved, that you walk in this Light, that you are blessed, blessed in so many ways?

Beloveds, my beautiful friends, bring joy into your lives every day. Ask God to bring this joy into your hearts with this Love and see every day as an opportunity to experience the blessing of life, to experience the blessing of knowing yourselves as the beautiful souls that you are, and experience an opportunity to see others in this way, for every soul is beautiful. Not every soul experiences joy, but my beloveds, with a touch and a smile and a glint in your eye, you can give a little joy to someone else, you can be a channel of Love for all you meet. You could be an example of what it is to live life in the Light. Do not let the conditions of this world inhibit your joy. Let God sweep away all those things that give you consternation. Do not worry, but have faith that you walk within God’s Grace and you are blessed, mightily blessed in the flow of His Love that touches you in your souls, that brings your minds to rest and brings your heart filled with joy and gratitude for your very existence in the world, a blessing from God to this world.

Beloveds, we join you in joy, we join you in Light, and we join you in Love. Beloved souls, God bless you. Your friend Goldie is ever joyful to see your Lights shining in this world. God bless you.