Spirit: Mary

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: November 28, 2015

You will continue to come together, my beloveds, in these circles of Light and Love and as other circles are created the angels will be there accompanying those in prayer, assisting those in their efforts to bring Light into these circles, into their homes, amongst their friends and family and loved ones, the angels will be there. For everything done in Love, every effort made in Love, there will be the flow of God’s Love and the accompanying presence of angels with these efforts. This is the Law of Love, the Law of Attraction at work. This is how we are able to be with you in your prayers to help and support you in your efforts, to walk with you in your daily life, because of the Laws of Love and Attraction that are drawn from your soul desires and the desire for God’s Love within you.

And in time, you will all know our presence in a very real way. It will be powerful and there will be a cooperation, a continuing alliance and flow of work through each one of you as you become more attuned within your souls, and the Gifts that lay there within them that are ignited by the Father’s Love will help you in this way, and much work will be accomplished, many wonderful deeds of Love in service of teaching and healing, bringing peace and change into this world will be accomplished as you, my beloved beautiful souls, are more attuned to God and your own souls.

So, my beloveds, increase your Faith, make great effort through prayer and walk the Path Divine with each day keeping this understanding and perspective foremost in your minds and not creating any obstructions to the flow of Love in your lives and your being. This is so needed in the world, so very needed and your souls desire this so intensely, and if you follow the desire of your soul, if you know God’s Will, if you long for God’s Love you will become a formidable Light. A beautiful servant of God and life will be filled with wondrous opportunities to serve God as a channel of Love, to touch many souls who hunger and are in pain, to be that beautiful, beautiful soul that God has meant for you to be, and you are growing, my beloveds, you are becoming this. Know this – how beautiful you are, how very beautiful you are. Acknowledge this within yourself, acknowledge this with God and see the world through eyes of Love, see the beauty in the world and have compassion, deep compassion for those who are blind, who are deaf and dumb and cannot see as you do. Bring them Love, bring them Love and be a channel of His Healing and Blessings.

Beloved souls, you sit in the midst of the Great Light. Allow this Light to permeate every cell within you, every part of your being, to bring you peace and strength, healing and Love. It is God’s Gift to you and it is abundant, freely given in response to your prayers.  God bless you, beloveds, God bless you. Mary loves you dearly, God bless you.