Spirit: Seretta Kem

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: November 28, 2015

Beautiful and beloved souls, welcome to this circle of Light.

This is where you may safely open yourselves to one another in loving harmony and openness, allowing your feelings and thoughts, the longings of your souls, the intentions that are within you to be shared with one another.For in this way you create powerful bonds of Love amongst you. And for those who live far off, these bonds of Love will continue to nurture you and you will continue to nurture others with this beautiful connection of Light between you.

I am Seretta Kem and I love you and I wish to compliment you on your efforts to create healing in the world ( a Makaba ball). It was a very powerful session. And you accomplished something together which is not a common sight in this world, something beautiful, something very effective, because you were willing to work together in a coordinated fashion with unified intention and loving, beautiful desire to send this healing to the world. And God was able to use you in this way and we in spirit who are empowered by the Heavenly Father to be His channels, just as you are empowered to be His channels, of healing and Love in the world. And greater harmony will exist, combined with the Love within your souls and the desire that is conscious within you has drawn a great power, a wonderful gift of healing. And I would encourage you to continue in these efforts, for as you know the world needs great healing for many, many suffer in this world and the world itself suffers from the imbalances that have been created by not living in harmony with God’s Laws of Love and Creation. And there is a great effort mounted by we in spirit and by those on Earth who are willing and receptive to our guidance and the guidance of many spirits to bring these channels of healing and Love and blessings and Light to many parts of the world.

Yes, you have discussed circles of Light. My dear, beloved children, there are many, many circles of Light in this world created by these beautiful intentions and desire to bring healing, to be God’s channels and the vast majority of these circles you are not familiar with nor would their philosophies be familiar to you, but this does not matter. They all channel God’s Love and Light to the world, whether they use the language you use and the understandings within your minds is not important. It is that they have beautiful souls that wish to serve God, and there will be many opportunities for some of you here to connect with many circles of Light in the world and we have been preparing you for this very task for many decades. And I know, some of you are eager to begin this venture and indeed you have begun this venture. This very Light indicates thus and you will be guided to many places in the world, connections made as God guides your hand, as God brings you together with others.

Remember my children, your understanding, though pure and beautiful, is not the only understanding in the world, for the concepts of the mind are varied and in fact are rather inconsequential. It is the Light within a soul that has the power, it is the Light that you carry. Do not seek to change the thinking of another, seek to love all, embrace all in tolerance and acceptance and generosity of Love. For as you make these travels God will open the doors, many, many doors to others who in their way feel your love, your Light and welcome you within their circle. And this will open other doors which will open other doors, a great exponential flowering and interconnecting of Light in the world which must take place, my beloveds. For in this great venture blessed by God will come great change and a blending and understanding of others, many cultures, perspectives, religions, creeds, doctrines and dogmas. Yes, the world is filled, filled with many ideas and perceptions of God’s creation. And you, my beloveds, who have a great key of Truth must embrace and be tolerant, for in this there is Love, in this is an opportunity to share this Truth of Love with others in your innocent and beautiful ways, not demanding that others think as you do but in sharing this beautiful Gift of Love.

Blessed are the peacemakers in this world, blessed are those who gaze towards Light rather than condemn the darkness and feel anger, disillusion. Blessed are those who are innocent, blessed are those who long to be God’s channels of Love in the world. And you my blessed, beautiful children, will do just this. You will bring God’s Light of His Love, His Essence, His Benediction to many, many souls. And they will feel the power of this, something will be awakened within them and despite the differences there will be a powerful connection between your soul and their soul and this Love will flow, Love will flow and bring many bonds and healings and awakenings and flowerings and openings.

This is your purpose, my beloveds, to walk the Earth in this way, seeking to do God’s Will in this way, walking this road of Love, of acceptance, tolerance and a wisdom, and I know that you will walk this road and we in spirit will walk with you every step, every breath, every moment. As each door opens we will walk through with you and you must not fear the differences, for know that God is carrying you through and showing you the way and bringing you close and allowing the other to be seen, to be heard, and to be loved. As these barriers break down and the Love flows, there will be no differences from soul to soul, a great unifying harmony that will change this world, my beloveds, will change this world and bring it from darkness to Light, a wonderful healing and harmony and rightness and balance and Love.

So, my friends, you have made one little step towards this in your efforts to facilitate healing in this world and I congratulate you, for you made a wonderful impact of Light as God’s channels of healing and Light. And you will continue to do so, my beloveds, as you learn the ways of God, as you acknowledge your own soul’s desires to serve God in many creative and beautiful ways, embracing many beautiful souls and lost souls and hungering souls. Continue in your efforts to create circles of Light in the world and to bring Love into the world and we will guide you and ensure that you will indeed add many connections of Light in the world. God bless you, I am your friend and servant, Seretta Kem, and I am with you often helping you to grow, helping you to heal, helping you to open in your Gifts and your souls. God bless you, God bless you, beautiful souls. I love you.