Spirit: Jesus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 27, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

The actions of men continue to play its part upon the unfolding life of your Earth. Do not engage in fear but come to God in prayer asking God to bring peace to this world of yours for you must countervail those actions, thoughts and deeds of man in the world. The strongest tool you have to do so is prayer. Do not fear. Do not feed this terrible consciousness of fear and aggression. Be above these things, my beloved and beautiful friends. Be true to your soul and true to your relationship with God for it is in this relationship, the power of your yearnings, desires, thoughts, and actions in harmony with God’s Laws which brings light to your world and light to your own individual self.

I know it is difficult not to engage your mind in worry and concern for the present situation in your world. Yet,  for you to pray for the world leaders and all who are involved to bring peace, to send angels into their midst, to send God’s Touch upon them, this will help to neutralize the darkness, the situation as it is. There will be many more circumstances where you will feel the sting of anger and aggression and the lack of love in the world. 

Remember, the world is not ending and shall not end. God will not allow the world to end. God is working diligently, as are His angels and many others, to help awaken the world and transform the world in ways that will bring peace, ways that will bring harmony. You must have faith in this, my beloveds.  You must have faith in the workings of God and the Will of God upon this world of yours for the power of love will neutralize the conditions of darkness and hatred, error, confusion and fear. 

Utilize the truth that you know, my beloved and beautiful brothers and sisters. Utilize the love within your soul and all that can pour forth as an agent of God that will bring its effects to disperse the darkness. The world today has not changed from the world of yesterday or the day before, other than the darkness continues to escalate somewhat. You must come to realize that many powers and forces within your world continue to bear down upon your consciousness, to escalate a sense of fear and unease and instability.

Know that we are close to the leaders of the world. We understand the complexities of their interactions and their intentions. I wish to assure you that there will be solutions, not perfect solutions, not solutions where all is in harmony and peace but there will be efforts and enforcement of love and light to such a degree that those who wish and desire greater power, and to do so using destructive forces, will come to their senses. Pray for the leaders of your world. Pray for all the children of your world that they do not reinforce and add to the fear but walk in peace and belief and know within their hearts that love will neutralize the darkness, that good intentions of the mind will bring a neutralizing effect upon the conditions that swirl about your Earth. The power of which is immense, but you must know that the power of God is even stronger.

Be at peace, my beloveds. Be at peace. We are all God’s children. We all seek God’s blessings. The vast majority of the souls upon your world desire peace, desire a life that is of harmony where there is light, that their needs are met, that their children are safe, and all is in the flow of what is meant to be for a life upon your world. This will come as these threats that continue to awaken people from their slumbers, although not in the way that brings peace to their mind, but at least they have come to realize that the world is in need of change. The world is in need of peace and light.

There will continue to be situations, circumstances that will bring concern and awaken humanity. It must be that humanity cannot sleep any further, and must awaken to true circumstances within the world and the true circumstances within their hearts and souls. This will cause concern but also a desire to reach higher, to seek out remedies for the great darkness and dysfunction of your world. You must speak the truth in the world. You must come forth as God’s instruments, channels of light, not engaging in the fear, not engaging in all the rumours and thoughts that circulate your world but to step forward with strength and love, confidence that God will bring light and that peace will prevail in time.

Those who do not wish peace continue to saber-rattle in the world and assert their power and influence but this, my beloveds, is the last hurrah of those who are truly in darkness. They feel the impending shift of the world and so they have the intention of influencing and shifting the light that is coming, that it may coalesce into power and influence. But they cannot, my beloveds, to any great degree. They cannot and will not. Be assured that God has a plan for humanity. This plan will be enacted through His instruments. Those of you who are willing will be guided and many more upon your world will be influenced and inspired and be a mighty force that will hold back the darkness. 

Love shall prevail, my beloved, beloved brothers and sisters, love shall prevail. Keep this as a mantra within your mind when you are fearful. Use this mantra to calm yourself. Have faith that God is working and shall continue to work for the benefit and upliftment of humanity. All the resources are in alignment with God’s Will. So that there is a tremendous influence upon your world. A beautiful flow of light continues to bathe your world. It shall know peace, my beloveds. You shall know peace. 

I am your brother and friend, Master of the Celestial Kingdom. I am Jesus. I come to reassure you that you are safe and that this world shall continue to be alive and vital and continue to progress toward all that is in harmony with God’s creation. Humanity will soon come to realize this and see its way toward this goal. Beloved souls, I am with you. I am with you all. My prayers are constant for your world and many millions are praying in the spirit world and the Celestial world for your world. Join them in prayer, beloveds, join them in prayer. I love you. I am with you. We are together in love. God bless you.