Spirit: Orion
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 26, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C. 

Blessings, it is your friend Orion. Oh, what challenges your earthly, dense plane of existence present to you in terms of spiritual development and awakening. The greatest challenge of all is to understand your own soul because the soul is a non-physical blessing and creation of God reflecting His own being. It lacks the markers and familiarity of those who live in the fleshy body.

For you, my beautiful friends, who  to dive into the soul, delving into the realities of the soul it presents to you many hurdles and challenges. Of course, these challenges are greatly overcome by the intensity and frequency of receiving the Divine Love, the Essence of God, which strengthens and awakens the soul. This too is a non-physical blessing. It is from God’s Soul to your soul. It is what you call the Divine Love. Of course, love is the great component of this blessing. Love is something that in the intellectual attempt to dissect it, is very difficult to do. It is the ineffable, beautiful, wondrous energetic component of God’s Great Soul that must be felt to be known for it has nothing that can be seen, tasted, understood intellectually. It is the Great Essence of God. 

There can be physical sensations which the body responds in its own way, but indeed, whatever perception you have of the great blessing of God’s Love and the great blessing of His Soul is filtered through your spirit mind and your physical mind. Both these components of your being are more tangible to your consciousness, more powerful in communication to your consciousness. So, it is understandable that you may also put a physical attribute to this blessing of Love and to the blessing of the soul in order for you to understand it. 

But as the soul becomes stronger in love, so the understanding begins to encompass your consciousness and awaken you to its true self, its true expression. Though your other two minds have a tendency to categorize, identify, and make physical this part of yourself, in time, that tendency diminishes and your true consciousness of soul emerges, becoming as real as any of the other aspects of your life. But here lies your great challenge in teaching this truth for you too are stuck within the material realms and perceptions and desires which keeps you in the physical experience, not just that of the five senses and the flesh but that of the spirit body and the sensations thereof.

So, you are well-versed in many ways concerning these two aspects of yourself. Yet, the longing of your soul continues to motivate you forward. You come ever closer  to a pure understanding and perception of who you truly are, that Essence that is God-given, that Essence which is only given to His precious children. Each child is on a journey of discovery toward soul consciousness. Many upon this journey halt at the doorstep of true soul awakening. They are satisfied with their explorations and experiences of the soul via the mind and all that the mind encompasses. So therefore, the soul is not truly developed, does not truly shine forth in all its potentials.

The sixth sphere of your planet is filled with many, many spirits who are quite satisfied with their life in paradise and this harmonious way. They seek not to go further because what they believe are their true needs are met. But there is more as you well know, much more to discover. Though you may leave behind the mind of your fleshy body and the mind of your spirit, you will gain the integrated mind of the soul and all that comes with these enhanced capacities which continue to develop for all eternity. 

What more can a curious mind desire than eternal progression? Yet, many are satisfied with what they believe is eternal progression but is in truth limited. This is why we are working diligently to bring forth markers and manifestations in order to enhance and to validate your efforts to bring the Truth of Divine Love to humanity. Humanity needs physical proof as the vast majority are entrenched within the material mind and somewhat in the spirit mind. So, this condition, this reality of most upon your world demands that proof of their insistence must come in order for them to believe, to be open and accept the journey of the soul. 

Even you, many who have prayed for the inflowing of this great gift from God, His Essence into your soul, continue to struggle with what your soul truly is and how this may be integrated into your daily life. So, you can well imagine that for those who are startled awake by manifestations and expressions from spirit and from those of us who are here to help you, will be a difficult pill to swallow, a difficult reality to comprehend, a difficult truth to truly embrace.

Indeed, the door opens for this to be manifest and expressed soon upon your earthly life. The preparations are deep and intense. In this preparation, you will find yourselves challenged, at times uncomfortable, at times restless, at times questioning everything because the mind, in its disquiet, will try to make sense of, to reorganize, to claim the truth that comes from the soul in such a way as to make it more acceptable to the functioning and ways of the mind.

Yet, this is not the way of truly embracing the soul. The mind must acquiesce and the mind does not acquiesce readily to the truths of the soul, the reality of the soul. Everything about your physical life is contrary to soul perception and soul experience. You are constantly bombarded with the influence and power of the physical and the mental. Even that which is spiritual takes on the hue of the material. It is indeed a great challenge and this challenge is not over. You have not yet succeeded in coming to that place of true alignment with your soul. But it is coming. It comes closer. We see the light brightening within you. We are well aware of the efforts that you make in prayer and your desires, beseeching God to assist you on this journey. Receiving, integrating, contemplating, all of those things which manifest mainly from the conscious reality that you posses flowing toward the conscious reality of the soul.

The reverse must take place in time and in the right time for the conscious reality of the soul to inform the reality of the mind. This happens on occasions, glimpses of this come to your conscious self. Often you ignore or set aside this experience because you do not truly subscribe in a conscious way to the reality of the soul as of yet. But you grow, my beloved friends, you grow in love day by day. This incremental building of the soul, awakening of the soul, strengthening of the soul is having its effect upon you and you will in turn experience  adjustments, growing pains, challenges and doubts as the soul, in some respect is embattled by the power of the mind, placing its edicts upon it and vice-versa. It is not so much a battle of wills as it is the battle of light, for the light of your soul infuses all parts of your consciousness.

As the soul continues to shine forth and assert itself within, the mind continues to be dominant within all of you here. Until that time comes where there is at least an equilibrium between the mind and the soul, what may be manifest, coming through you as an instrument of God will be limited by this impediment of the mind. You gain great satisfaction with those accomplishments that your mind has expressed. I do not mean to denigrate this nor discourage this but to assert that, in time, these accomplishments and abilities of the mind will be dwarfed by the great light of the soul and the wisdom of the soul. You will find yourself very much changed. A great shift of consciousness will inform everything that you do and everything that you experience and perceive for all will be greatly influenced by love. With love comes compassion, insight, a true understanding of the reality of the human world as contra-distinct from the world of the soul and the world of God.

You must be ready for this great challenge, this great shift that will indeed challenge everything. To live in the world as a soul that has been awakened is a great gift to the world but for you personally, comes at a great price for how will you be in the world as a soul awakened? It is not that you will lose your love for your family and your loved ones and all that is of the material life but how you respond and act within that life will be changed irrevocably.

So, the adjustment is not with you alone but with all that is around you and all who love you. But they will benefit greatly by the shining love of your soul and the wisdom and the loving channel that you will become. For this, as you have seen in the example of your beloved brother Jesus, can change the world. So, the world is in great need of change, and God has responded to those beautiful and brave souls who have asked to be transformed by His Love. You begin innocent and naïve but you will not be such as time brings to you the transformation of all that you are through the expression of this great gift of Love.

You will be blessed, my beloved friends, and you are blessed. Continue to place this eager, powerful desire and longing of the soul in the forefront of your motivations in life. Express this to God whenever you can. May that expression be powerful and pure and unadulterated by the interpretations and filtering of the mind. The greater the purity of this prayer for Love, the more powerful is the response. 

Come to see the way that you have filtered and transmuted this truth within yourself and seek to undo these things, to bring it to a place of purity, unadulterated by the mind. This is the key that shall make your progress and transformation powerful and swift. You come close, my friends, but indeed, we need you to be in that place of true soul awakening. It is crucial. The timing is crucial. So, we plead with you to seek the Love above all else, to put forward the time required to be awakened in Love, and to apply this with true awareness and introspection, contemplation and integration of this truth. It is simple in essence and does not require much explanation but requires great faith, belief, and receptivity.

May you come to that place of true integration and awakening, accepting all that God has to give to you, all that comes as this great flood gate opens, pouring upon you and within you, revelations upon revelations, truth upon truth. Such a great flow of many gifts given to you by God, many blessings, many awakenings. It is yours for the taking and for the asking. May you come to God with such innocence and grace, gratitude and love that the door will open wide and the blessings will flood in. May the gifts of His Love awaken you thoroughly, powerfully, beautifully,

God bless you, my friends. I am Orion and I witness the transformation that you are a part of and will continue to be a part of. God bless you. My love is with you. God bless you.