Spirit: Professor Salyards
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 26, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C,

I am Professor Salyards, and I come today to speak of the most vital and powerful element in the universe. That element is love. Your scientists have put a great deal of effort into researching, analyzing, and labeling the various elements of your material world. Indeed, what they have discovered is merely a fraction of the building blocks of life that exists and that God has created in order to sustain life and bring harmony to life.

These elements on their own have their role to play in creating the material world. But what lies behind these elements? What is the cohesive energy behind life, behind all that exists? The greatest catalyst for life is love. It is that one element that brings all elements together in harmony. It is that one energy which is the active agent of God that creates the expanding universe and all that is contained within it. It ensures that all functions in a way that is able to bring all together so that it may work together and manifest together in harmony. 

The greatest and highest aspect of love comes from God’s great Soul, what we call the Divine Love. This is the most powerful active agent in the universe. It can transform the soul of the individual from that which contains the universal love, that which all are born with and all live within, into something quite different and quite wonderful. The soul transformed in Divine Love is the soul that is activated in such a way that all aspects of that soul may come alive and come to fulfillment, and in doing so bring greater harmony to the individual. 

This activation requires a special key, and that key is free will. For without the choice, the desire, the effort to bring this great energy, this great blessing of Divine Love into the soul of the individual, then it cannot be realised nor can this blessing be accessed. It requires the individuals active requests and longing to open the portal, which is the Holy Spirit, that will touch the soul and bring this wondrous blessing, which is eternal, into the soul thereby changing it irrevocably and bringing the transformation that is intended.

Do you understand, my beloved friends, how important it is to exercise your choice in this matter? For without it there is no possibility of receiving the gift, the energy, the element which is the Essence of God. So I urge you to exercise this key that is an innate part of you and to do so frequently, seeking to open that portal and receive the gift.

In this way you bring to you the most powerful active agent in the universe, that which is the only thing which can transform the soul. It is meant to transform the soul, but it cannot do so without your willing participation.

Do you desire this, my friends? Can you put that desire above all else so that this great activating agent, this wondrous element of the universe, which is a fundamental part of the Creator, bringing to you the highest, most profound, most powerful transformation that a soul can know.

In this way you become an active agent of God in such a powerful way that you may change the environment in which you live, the body in which you inhabit, the elements that are all around you. This wondrous energy, this gift, this element can do many things, which may transform anything and everything into something higher, more attuned to the Soul of God bringing greater harmony.

You may be activators in your own right given this transformation within the soul. You may create in ways and means that would astound you. You may bring many things to your earthly plane which cannot be brought in any other way or through any other means. It is a profound gift given you upon the earth plane which is often beyond your imaginings and reconings, but as you continue to grow in this gift and ask to receive it, then you will find for yourself the power of this tremendous activating agent, which is Love,  Divine Love. It is for you to receive. It is not restricted in any way but only by your own effort, or lack of it, to bring it into your soul.  

May you turn that key, my beloved friends, and open that portal. Bringing that gift into you so that you may truly know the potentials and wonders of your own soul and nourish a relationship with your God, your Creator, which is infinite in qualities and possibilities.

May the power of love activate all within you, my friends. May you awaken to your own true potentials.  May you see for yourselves the possibilities which I speak of and exercise within your being the wonderful qualities which come with the Essence of God residing within you.  May it grow and expand, transform and create within you wondrous expressions, gifts, possibilities that God may use and make of you a wonderful channel of light and love, a beautiful being that is the essence of love shining forth with all its glory.

May God bless you, my friends. I am Professor Salyards, and I thank you for listening to me today. I have given you the key to the most profound truth that a soul may know. May you come to utilise and expand upon this truth in your own lives, and truly be the transformed being that you are meant to be.  

God bless you, my friends. God bless you. I am with you, to help you to understand the truths and mechanics of the universe, of God’s universe, and I thank you for listening to me today. My love is with you all.  God bless you. God bless you, beautiful souls in God’s universe.