Spirit: Luke
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 1, 2019
Location: Punalu’u, HI

Many in this world of yours are desperate for love, seeking relief from their pain, and are very confused, having great difficulties in their lives. The world is rife with such souls, seeking in ever greater ways to find solace, peace and love in their lives for this is their soul crying out, seeking light in efforts to find a place of refuge and peace. Yet, in your world there are so many avenues of distraction, avenues that lead to nowhere. Yet, for the moment there is a vague sense of relief, a vague sense that that soul has peace or a purpose or love. Through the Law of Attraction, often these desperate souls continue to cling to one another, thereby increasing the pain, increasing the error and the darkness, inflicting upon each other great harm and great discontent.

You who are beautiful souls seek to be channels of Love and Truth for humanity. When you wade into these conditions and walk in a place that is not satisfying to the soul and challenging to the mind, you feel somewhat discouraged, fearful, judgmental and you seek solutions. You seek Truth. You seek to perceive the situation as clearly as you can. These are all good motives assisting you in your desire to be a clear channel of Love wherever you go.

Jesus taught the Truth. He came to teach those who are desperate, and helped those who were willing to seek greater Light and Truth. But Jesus did not offer the Truth over and over again to those who would not listen. Jesus gave the opportunity to those whom he encountered upon his travels, to listen to what he had to say as he taught and demonstrated this Truth. He was a channel of Love and he cared for his brothers and sisters. But he did not allow the conditions of humanity to drag him into the mud and into despair. Though all about him, through his perceptions and his condition of love, he could see clearly the extent of the darkness in another. He could see clearly their intentions, their motives, but he did not judge. He merely walked in faith and gave the opportunity to every soul he met, to understand that they are loved by God and that God will indeed, lift them up. At times, through our beloved Master’s gifts and abilities, he lifted souls out of their condition so that they may walk with him for a while and know the power of Love, but he did so through God’s guidance. He did so because his soul compelled him to reach out to another who was in need and who was receptive to his ministrations and God’s Touch through him.

When we ask you to develop discernment, soul discernment, this is the way that you may know when to reach out and you may know what to say. You may indeed have perceptions that will inform your words and your actions. You stand on the verge of soul awakening, of understanding through the ways in which our beloved brother Jesus manifested and taught . So you must be strong. So it is important that you seek God, seek understanding, seek wisdom, seek to love where love is active and effective, in any particular situation.

You cannot give away your Light, beloved souls. For there are many who would take, who would seek you out and have you embrace them with the balm of love so that they may feel relief, so that they might have this gift without any real yearning from their own soul, instead a desire like a thief, to steal the goodness but also continue in their dark ways. There are many in the world like this, beloved souls. You must be able to discern. Yes, you may pray for every soul. You may indeed reach out to every soul. But when it comes time to express your gifts more fully for the benefit of another, you must do so with discernment. You must do so with wisdom and with guidance from God.

As you continue to reach out to your Heavenly Father and continue to receive His great Gift of Love and this flow awakens and matures your gifts, so it will become easier to understand what you must do. Remember that our brother Jesus did not start his ministry for thirty years and yet he began his life free of all the conditions of sin and error that would require great effort to overcome. You have not had those advantages, beloved souls. You have not been immune from the trials and tribulations of life. So your journey, in some ways, has been more difficult than that of the Master.

As you well know, his purpose was to open the doors to God’s Love, so he was given  special dispensations and blessings in order to accomplish his task, and accomplish he did. Though in the end, the dark forces had their way with him and took him from this Earth of yours. I say to you that even with the strength of the Master, he was not able to contravene the power of the darkness in this regard. Yet, he left a legacy, a Truth, an effect upon this world that is still felt to this day.

So whatever may come in your lives, beloved souls, whatever challenges, whatever darkness may befall you in hopes of putting out your Light, know that you have a legion of angels by your side, that you have God’s Touch upon you, that you are, in this particular, chosen, because you have chosen the Light and that God’s protection is powerful, that God’s Will will bring you through any conditions that are difficult. In the journey of soul awakening and maturing and understanding your service and purpose in this world, God will afford you many opportunities to learn and to grow, to strengthen and to be a clear and powerful channel of Love. So when these conditions come and assail you, as they will, know that you’re not in jeopardy unless you decide to join with those conditions.

But think of the Master and his way of being with all souls. That he did not indulge another in error and did not join another in error. He spoke the Truth clearly. He gave love and compassion, but he did so as God’s Instrument. He allowed  Love and compassion to flow through him. When he perceived that this was rejected by a soul, he moved on in his journey of assisting his brothers and sisters towards Light.

It is important that you respect the choice of another, that you cannot rescue all souls in the world. But God will put you in the path of another who is ripe for change, who is ripe to hear this Truth, and ripe to engage and test this Truth. There is great satisfaction, is there not, when you reach out to another soul and they respond with understanding and they see for themselves the power of this Truth of Love? This indeed, creates another jewel in your crown, beloved souls, when you reach out to another as you were reached out to by another and shown the way to this Truth.

It is not always clear and overt and full of deep satisfaction and joy. But each day, God uses you in some way, to reach another soul, to bring some Light. But remember, it is not your Light that you are to give to another. It is God’s Light. Your Light is a channel, an opening, so that God may reach out to another soul. If you are invested in changing that individual, in them becoming redeemed in God’s Love in accordance to the way that you were redeemed and the way that you found this Truth and all the experiences that you’ve had over the many years that you continue to seek God, I tell you, you will be sorrowfully disappointed.

For each soul has his or her way of finding God. Your duty is to speak the Truth, to be an example of the Truth, to walk in this Light, and pray each day to God: “Father, use me as a channel of Your Love today. Use me to touch another soul, as your instrument.” In this way many doors are opened and many experiences will come. Some of those experiences will not be gratifying but may indeed bring a distaste to you. But know that because you acted on faith and guidance that whatever had transpired was meant to, in harmony with God’s Will. This is where the deep joy comes, knowing that each day you fulfilled your purpose, your opportunity to be God’s servant. For in this does come great joy and understanding.

Elect to be God’s servant, beloved souls, but do not elect to give away your Light to those who would thieve it away with silken words and expressions and emotions that may beguile you towards them. Indeed, many have succumbed to the dark forces that are elusive and subtle yet, powerful and dangerous. You must be able to discern and know your way through these conditions for, there are many. As you continue to grow in Light, there are many who will seek you out and try to take your Light. Be strong, beloved souls, not fearful, not wary, but strong and clear in your purpose and in your guidance and the walk that is your life, your unique path in life, and your unique path to God. Know yourselves, beloved souls, know your true selves and know God’s intention and Will for you. In this, all will come to pass in harmony, in beauty, in a glorious flow of Light and Love.

The stronger that you are, beloved souls, the more God can use you and the more powerful will be the blessing for another. But this blessing must be implemented in ways that are not diffused or deflected and ineffective. You must come to know and to learn the ways of God, the ways of your own soul, the ways in which you may serve. You have many gifts. There is much that you carry. There is a great Light within your soul. You are a great asset to God, a beautiful Light that God is nurturing and tending so that you may indeed grow in this Light. Acknowledge this, beloved souls. Have in your heart great joy and gratefulness for all that is in your life. All the many blessings that continue to rain upon you and carry you upward in this great journey towards at-onement with God.

May His Holy Spirit continue to convey the Great Gift of His Love into your souls.  May you continue to seek it fervently and with great faith and understanding that this is indeed the key to all that will unlock the doors of true understanding and of Truth.

You are His children. You are blessed. You have chosen this and in choosing, you are chosen. Beloved souls, acknowledge what your souls have truly decided, in the expression of their gifts and beauty and dedication to God, to live a life of service, humility and grace. This will bring you all the joy and ecstatic sense of understanding of God that you could possibly desire.

May God bless you on this journey. I am Luke and I continue to assist you, all of you. For this is my joy, my service, to be with you, to help to teach you, to help to uplift you, to be by your side as you journey in this life, full of great blessings and great disharmony. Know that we are with you. We are truly with you and we love you, each one. We love you dearly. All your brothers and sisters in the Celestial Kingdom love you dearly and know you and continue to pray for your awakenings and enlightenment. May God bless you. I am Luke and I love you.