Spirit: Confucius

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  May 27, 2015

Blessed and beloved souls, I am Confucius. You are all eager and beautiful, my beloveds. Your souls eagerly beseech our Heavenly Father to receive His benediction of Love within you and there is indeed great work ahead for all of you, my beloveds. And what you are experiencing now is preparation for what is to come, the acceleration of your growth. Great effort from our side of life is made with each one of you, my beloveds to help you, to assist you, to grow in the Love, to grow in your consciousness, to be equipped to deal with the many challenges which come ahead of you. For the world will challenge you, my beloveds, and you need to be strong and able to face head on what is a great resistance from many to accept Love and to allow Love to change them irrevocably.

It is by your examples, my beloveds, and this example takes on many forms in what you do in your lives, how you approach the different conditions which you encounter, and what you say – all must express Love, all must be in harmony with God’s Laws of Love. Indeed, the greatest challenge that you face is that which is within you, that human condition that tenaciously sticks to your being, those old habits of mind, the thought patterns which you have grown to trust and make true within you but are not in harmony with your soul and the Love that lies within it.

It is time for your souls to be in greater ascendency within your consciousness. For you to walk in the Truth and the Light of Love without hesitancy, without doubt and to slough off whatever pain is within you. It is time. It is time, for many come and they turn their eyes towards you, my beloveds, and you must be prepared to embrace them fully, without judgment, without fear. That your biases may not get in the way of this pure and strong flow of God’s Love which will manifest for each and every soul you encounter in the world. Many are coming and you must be ready. Redouble your efforts, my beloveds. Pray for the Love with every breath. Do not indulge yourselves with reactive thinking and judgments and fear, but seek the higher road, the road to harmony and loving embrace with each and every soul. This will dispel all conditions which you may encounter upon your path.

Make your prayer life the great focus of your life. Even when you are working you may pray, and when you lie within your bed to take your sleep time pray that you will be in the Light of receiving the Love. Everything that you do can be a prayer, my beloveds. It is your choice and all is waiting for that choice to be for Love. And I will be forever with you, my beloveds, my beautiful souls whom I cherish and care for upon the Path Divine and many, many angels will accompany you upon this Path as you eagerly step forward in service and Love. God bless you, beloveds. God bless you. Confucius loves you. God bless you.