Spirit: Alec Gaunt

Medium:  Al Fike

Location:  Gibsons, BC

Date:  May 27, 2015

God bless you, my friends. Yes, we have worked hard together, have we not, to lay the foundations, to prepare the ground, to prepare yourselves within? And now you come to a great crossroads, a time of reckoning where all this preparation, all of the changes within you, all that Love accumulated within your souls, all the books that you’ve read, all the conversations that you’ve had, and the great efforts you’ve made together to grow and expand in God’s Love, to understand the truth. It is now time to put forth all of those energies and efforts and Love in an effort which is orchestrated by the Heavenly Father, by His Angels and by many spirits to make a deep and profound change in this world. For the world is indeed changing. The conditions of the Earth, even the physical conditions of this Earth are changing and will continue to make this journey of transformation, which will invariably lead to Light and harmony and peace. And as for you, my friends, the more you resist the change within you and the change all about you, the more difficult it will be for you. And the more you are willing to accept and go with the flow of God’s Love and Will, the happier will be your person and the outcomes within your lives.

Yes the times will be challenging but also full of great surprise, wondrous works of God’s Love and healing in the world. And you can be a part of this and are a part of this. There is no holding back now, my friends. It is time to act and to be in that Light with each day and each moment so that you may enact the will of God, which is powerfully focused upon this world to bring change and Light, harmony and peace. And do not let all the efforts that have come through all these years and all your prayers and all your struggles, do not let this come to naught, but to be fully engaged in the process which is unfolding at this time, to be open to whatever God brings to you and to go wherever God sends you, and to allow whatever change within you to come in the fullness of God’s blessings.

I am so happy to see my friends whom I have worked with in this world and whom I have worked with while I have been in spirit, whom I’ve helped to nurture and pray with, and sought to assist you through the challenges of life. You are my brothers and sisters. We have a great unity within our souls and a great understanding amongst us and it is this understanding, these awarenesses emerging from deep within you which will be your guiding force, which will light your path, which will bring to you that which you need in order to understand your steps forward. We will work together as we have and will continue to do so in greater Love and harmony, and strengthening bonds, and awareness as your souls grow in the Love and your minds relinquish their hold and need for control; to allow God’s Will to manifest fully within you and about you. You are on the verge of this. There’s just a little bit in the way. Seek to remove these obstacles and to allow God to remove them for you and oh, what wonders will await, and new awarenesses, and greater vision, and joyous, bounteous, abundant Love in all that you do and are.

Thank you for listening to me, my friends, and thank you for Listening to the truth all these years. Sticking to this with tenacity, stubbornness, strength, and humour. You are all wonderful, wonderful souls with much to give to the world. Recognize this within yourselves and express this with each day you live in this world and your friend Alec will be by your side, walking with you as your friend and helper, your guide and protector. I am always with you and I love you dearly. God bless you, beautiful souls. I love you and good night.