Spirit: Mahatma Gandhi
Medium: Al Fike
Location: Gibsons, BC
Date: May 10, 2018

God bless you, I am Mahatma Gandhi. You have been contemplating the conditions of my country and those conditions that prevail in many parts of this world that are dark and a mystery to you and full of calamities and struggles and pain. You wonder how these things may be arrested and solved in your world. You also have a sense of your own beautiful life that is filled with all that you require to have a good life in this world and thus you wonder about the inequities of humanity. The conditions of this world, which we say are dark indeed, are evidentially so in these places in the world and yet where you reside, it does not seem so. But it is more so that in your life and your culture, the darkness resides in the hearts of men. Yes, there is suffering here as well. It is covered by the veneer of a life lived in comparative luxury, but the darkness exists and it is prevalent. 

My beloved friends, you must bring Light where you live. The life that you have, the gift that God has given you of life in this particular place and time, it is your responsibility to grow the Light within your souls, to walk in Light where you live, to be an example of Truth and Love, a channel for God to bless others. This is your primary responsibility. Yes, in your minds and hearts you have some desire to change the conditions of this entire world, and yet when you investigate these conditions you often feel a sense of hopelessness, confusion, for these conditions are indeed complex and difficult to comprehend, often repulsive. Yet, when I lived in the world in my country, did I not help to change the conditions of that place? One little man in my world, with determination, with faith, with wisdom affected the conditions and the pain of many and brought a measure of Light. This is all you can do my friends. To be clear as to your commitment and direction and intention and to live and express yourself in this way, to be strong. Yes, it is easy to indulge yourselves, to turn a blind eye, to see in certain ways, to be in comfort and to avoid the difficulties and stress that comes with your eyes wide open to the world. Yet one must be awakened to find your way in the world, the real world. The world that is the collective expression of many thoughts and deeds, expressions of the heart and the mind and the soul. To take in all of this awareness and understanding can be overwhelming. Yet God guides you close to Him. He carries you in Light. He does not allow you to bend so far that you would break. He strengthens you and educates you and loves you and nurtures you, and this is for a purpose. For as you enact the Truths of His Love that you know and live by, you are making a change in the world and you are helping the world to change. You are taking a stand for Light and Truth. You are, in whatever capacity you are able to look at the reality of the world, the reality of the condition of mankind. This is a major step towards enacting your purpose in this world, as a channel of God’s Love. The tendency of humanity is to sleep, to be ignorant, to look away, to ignore, to push aside, to not confront or come to a realization of the truth in their personal existence and in their collective existence in your world. Yet the power of God’s Love awakens the sensibilities, the faculties of the soul and in this one cannot resolutely keep their eyes closed, their awareness shut from the world. One must awaken, awaken to the reality of the human existence.

For myself, to awaken it meant action and to be proactive in the world, and God led me to many places, many people, many opportunities to express Truth, to share my perceptions, to be a channel of Love and wisdom. I accepted the responsibility that I carried and I put great effort to bring change for the better in my country and to be an example for all peoples of a soul that is strong and clear, filled with Truth. This was God’s Blessing upon me and He gave me great opportunities to walk in the world as a messenger of Truth. I fulfilled my purpose and destiny in the world and when I passed into spirit my rewards were great indeed. My joy, my sense of fulfillment, overflowed from my heart and in my gratitude towards God, Who showed me many, many things not only in this life but in my life at present as I continue to grow in the Light and the Love of God. I wish to assist you all in your efforts to grow. I wish to help you understand, to awaken, to be clear in your minds and your souls of the work that must be done. Yes, the work is immense and the conditions often overwhelming, but it takes one step at a time, my friends, one step at a time and that first step is with you and God. The reconciliation between the soul and God’s Soul through receiving this gift of Divine Love, this is the first step. This is where the strength, the wisdom, the insights, the possibilities that unfold with the growing soul and this gives you the strength, the awareness, the possibility of following the Will of God in your life. In this possibility of following the Will of God, unfolds God’s Plan for you, of knowing this Plan and of being given the choice to follow this Plan, to be attuned, to be joyful in the acceptance of the invitation that God gives to each of His precious souls to live a life that is fully blessed and fully realized.

So, your souls continue to awaken, to come to many realizations and understandings that will equip you to move in this world as an active agent of change, a channel of Love, to bring Light. This is your soul’s desire. Every soul that is deeply touched by God’s Love has a deep desire to bring Love and change to the world, to enhance the world, to bring harmony to the world. For the power of God’s Love ultimately is to bring harmony to everything, but it must be enacted through each individual who is in themselves in harmony with God, and thus they create a chain of Light, their actions causing many reactions that are of Light. A cleansing of the world happens from the individual when they themselves are cleansed and prepared to step forward in the world as a shining example of a soul redeemed in Love. In your minds, my friends, you look at all the complex issues and dilemmas of this world and all you can do is throw up your arms and say, “I don’t know what to do.” Yes, your minds are incapable of finding the harmonious solutions to the dilemmas of humanity. But it is your awakened souls that will find the role that you must play, the opportunities that God will give to you so that you may be an active channel of Light in the world. 

This comes step by step, as I have said. The work that I did, did not happen in an instant. No, I followed the road that God laid before me. I listened with my deep intuition of what I should do next, and one step led to another. So, you know of me, you know of my deeds. Much of the world knows of me and my example, yet I am no more capable and talented than any of you. It is because I lived my life in faith, in a deep desire to change the world, the world in which I lived, and I acted upon it. I know that God blessed many of my actions and inspired many of my actions so that I could accomplish what I did in this world of yours. So, it will be with you my friends. Do not underestimate your abilities, your capacities to bring change to this world. Every day brings its opportunities, every prayer brings its blessings, and all those beautiful things residing in your souls are coming to a state of awaken-ness. You will discover yourself and all the wondrous aspects that God has created within you. You will discover many gifts, many opportunities to express those gifts, and you will draw many to you and you will be drawn to many as God opens the door to your service to humanity, your expression of love to God. It comes with each day. Anticipate, experience the surprise that each day brings unbidden by you, but gifted by God.

Yes, pray for my brothers and sisters in India. They need your prayers, but do not be overwhelmed by the task in hand. It is not for you to solve the dilemmas of the world. It is for you to know the Will of God and express the inspiration and guidance given in your daily life. In this way, as you accumulate all these beautiful expressions, all this beautiful Light that you create by your own actions and being in the world, you will see and you will have a powerful effect where you are in the world and wherever you go in the world. Be patient, be kind to yourself. Do not allow the conditions of this world to overwhelm a discourage you. Be strong in your faith and your desire to be with God and in this way, many blessings will come, indeed, many surprises, opportunities, blessings, expressions, wonderment, Love.

God bless you my friends. I am glad to speak to you today and I continue to follow your progress closely. I am with you in your efforts to bring Truth of God’s Love to the world. God bless you. I am Mahatma Gandhi and my love is with you. God bless you.