Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 14, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

May God’s Love continue to touch your souls. May you come to know the magnificence that is your soul in God’s great creation and universe. I am Josephus and I thank you all for inviting me here to speak to you. I do indeed reside within the Celestial Kingdom. I follow the truth that our Master Jesus spoke of so many years ago and continue to expound upon and explore with my own soul’s awakening, receiving the gift of the Father’s Love within.

Our desire as a Celestial Angel is to encourage and assist humanity in their discovery of their souls. This must start with a clear motivation and desire to receive this gift of Divine Love. For without this very foundation laid, this understanding expressed, this truth enlivened within your being and awareness, we cannot proceed to teach you beyond this one fundamental truth. For it is our goal that you understand, beloved souls, fully and firmly this great truth and the power of it and the wonderment and beauty of its being alive within you.

As you pray to God, God wishes for you to have all good gifts and blessings and truth. But in order to understand in deeper ways from that place of soul, you must receive this gift that awakens your faculties and capacities to truly know and live by this truth. Your souls seek redemption, healing, at-onement with God. It is the purpose of a soul to find at-onement with God. Every soul in your world who seeks truth often takes very circuitous routes to this understanding. Indeed, understanding of truth in clear ways is difficult for you, beloved souls, in your world for in many instances you seek to know truth through your minds, through your intellects, through that instrument that you use so readily within your world and give so much power to.

Yet when it comes to matters of God, of truth, of the soul these things can only be truly understood by the soul, a soul awakened and enlivened by this gift that God gives to each one of you through prayer so that you may be blessed with the true knowledge and understanding of God’s existence and God’s Love for you and the power and glory of His Love for each one of you. This truth is so fundamental and simple, yet so poorly understood, because your minds have trouble to accept that this is a complete truth. This a truth that you may base your life’s journey upon. For this will bring all other truth, this will bring all that your souls and even your minds desire to know. But the doorway must be opened, the passage must be cleared, the connection forged in love and dedication and faith. This takes time, beloveds, it takes your dedication, your time, your focus, your prayers, so that you may come to know in your own way, on your own journey who and what is God and who and what is your true being, that self within you that God created and may be eternal in its existence through the blessing of the Father’s Love.

Yes, you continue to ask your questions, seek your answers, affirm and reaffirm this truth. I say to you, beloved souls, as this dear and beautiful soul has indicated in her prayer, rest within the grace of God, open yourself to this touch of Love, be in the light of God’s presence. This will answer your fundamental question and that is, “Does God love me? Do I and can I feel this gift of His Love?” It is an act of faith. It is the power of your own active energies and prayers directed to God. There will always be a response, beloved souls, a response that may not be recognized by your minds, but indeed your souls will receive this touch of Love and strike the chord that says yes, I have found my way back to God and will continue to walk upon that road that is resplendent in love and truth, peace and joy.

Beloved souls, I have come to answer some questions from you for I know for all of you there are many questions regarding the awakening and development of your soul in God’s Love. We are all too happy to entertain these thoughts and queries and respond as best we can through this instrument. So I await your questions, beloveds.

  1. Dear Josephus, we have this question. How does one feel that spiritual progress is being made on this journey? Thank you.
  2. When you walk into the world and the sun is shining and you feel its warmth upon you, this is evident because you have stepped out into this light and recognized intuitively and instinctively that this is the sun shining upon you and warming you and bringing light to your vision. So it is with your relationship with God. This warmth of Love that shines from God through His Holy Spirit bestowing upon you and your soul this blessing that enlivens and opens vision and knowings and feelings of love and upliftment. But in your world there are many obstructions. The clouds that are the dark conditions of your world often obscure this light and touch upon your soul. You, at times through your doubts or at other times through your assumptions as to what this blessing is and how you might feel it and therefore, misdirect your consciousness to something that is not in line with the experience. There are many ways in which a soul may not know the blessing of God’s Love. But most commonly it is because the mind is firm and insistent and will not yield to this experience. The mind has for some a great need to control and to orchestrate its experiences even when it comes to spiritual matters. I say to you, beloved souls, if and when you pray for God’s Love and you do so earnestly and you cannot feel this touch in some way that it is not affirmed or confirmed in your experience of it, I say release your fears, your judgments, your assumptions, your ideas of what this is. When Jesus says “come to your Father as a child with all innocence,” this is his instruction to each soul who seeks the Heavenly Father, the Source of all Love. It is that innocence, putting aside all expectations that will bring the opening and assertion of God’s Touch upon your soul in a conscious way. Some find this experience to be very real and easily attained. Others struggle mightily for it. Yet in both cases, given the sincere desire and prayer for this blessing, both souls receive this blessing. In time the one who struggles for evidence of it will receive it, will know it and will come to it. Often there are barriers of the mind that are not easily pushed aside. This is where an earnest soul exercises its faith in persisting with its efforts to be reached by God and to reach out to God. Each of you has this persistence and strength, this measure of faith within you. Each of you experiences God in your own unique ways. I say to you, beloved souls, that each of you has God’s grace upon you. Each of you are blessed with an angel that walks with you to assist you on this journey. Each of you, even those who have struggled many years to feel something that affirms this existence of love, will come to that place. Often they have come to that place in a particular moment and have not recognized it and have not affirmed that it has been a real experience in their prayerful way. I say to you, be patient beloved souls. You will come to that place of true knowing and you build for yourselves a great foundation of light within. This will increase and increase as you continue to beseech the Heavenly Father for the gift of His Love. It does exist. Turn to your brothers and sisters, ask this question “Have you experienced this blessing? Do you know it is real and alive within you?” I say to you, all who are here will say yes, will say yes, this is a true and powerful blessing. It exists. It has uplifted me. It has blessed me. It has changed me. And it shall do so for all eternity.

I hope this has answered your question. I am willing to entertain another.

  1. Thank you, Josephus. Forgive me if I have to say that must be the finest message on a difficult topic that I think I have ever heard. The second question: In what way does our soul reach out and influence other souls? Thank you.
  2. There are many layers of interaction and reality within the existence of a soul in the material world. You feel and know the truth of the physical world and respond accordingly. This brings interactions which may be expressed in many different ways. Certainly the mind is fond of communicating with others, interchanging ideas and thoughts. There are feelings of love and other feelings that are expressed through the individual. Emotions are active within each individual and expressed in many different ways, including energetic ways. This transference of energy that comes from thoughts and emotions is often not recognized by the physical, mindful condition of the individual. Yet this does take place. You are influencing one another often and you are being influenced by one another and by spirits often. This is another layer of reality that is not well understood or well perceived by the material conditions of the individual on this earth. So it is with soul, beloveds. You emanate the condition of your soul. You bring either light or darkness into the world as a reflection of your soul. This is no different whether you are in a physical body experiencing a physical life or in a spirit body experiencing a spirit life. These influences, interactions, energies, conditions of the soul are telegraphed out into the world and is interacting with others. Now, when you bring light into your soul, when you beseech God to infuse your soul with His Divine Essence, you make for yourself a powerful condition of light that is being expressed into the world.

Another gift that comes with the soul that has been sufficiently uplifted by this love and changed to a degree, is the capacity to be a channel of love in the world, to be one who God may use to reach through your soul to another soul. This is another layer of interaction that is highly valued by us who work with you mortals in the world and is part of God’s intention to help sustain light in your world through His active agents upon this world. Unfortunately there are not many who are able to do so. But this is growing. Your work is opening doors and avenues for this to happen. You are engaging within a flow and plan that God has for the salvation of mankind. This salvation is being expressed, this plan is being executed, not in an entirely overt way, where the conscious mortal is aware of what is happening. Most predominately the flow of this light and change and influence in the world is coming soul to soul. On this level of interaction it will strike many chords within the individual and encourage them to seek God, to awaken to a longing within their soul. This is how God will fulfill this plan, by touching many other souls who are for the most part in darkness, unawakened to the true desires and nature of their soul. But this will come. The influence will increase as the numbers increase in your world who are willing to be channels of love as their light increases and the potential and capacity of them to be a channel of love is magnified by the blessing of God’s Love within.

So, beloved brothers and sisters, we ask you and encourage you very, very often, to pray beloved souls, pray to receive the gift of God’s Love within your soul. Pray to be a channel of Love, an active agent of God in your world so that this may be realized, this transformative plan of God may be enacted in your world and do what it must do, which is tp change the hearts of men, change the hearts of all souls and turn their vision, their sight towards God to receive what God has to give them in love and wisdom and blessings and peace. Much God has to give to His beloved children, but they must be able to be open and receptive to what is given. This is your challenge, beloved souls, not only personally but as an instrument of God; to help open the eyes of your brothers and sisters. This effort begins with the awakening of your soul and the passage of God’s Light and Love and influence through your soul to another. Insure, beloved souls, when you pray each day, when you begin each day, ask God to use you as His instruments, as a channel in service to truth and love and light for your brothers and sisters. This is a powerful prayer, beloveds. It is a much needed prayer, for all of you have great capacities and gifts within your soul which need to be activated and expressed. I know for many of you it is difficult to acknowledge and comprehend what lays within your soul. But it is there nonetheless. The power of it exists. It is your discovery and journey of awakening and knowing of this, will bring you great joy and will enlighten you deeply in terms of your own wonderful soul, what God has created and what God will awaken in Love.

You do not need to know what influence you carry to another. All you need to be and know is as a faithful servant of God, asking to be used, asking to be in the grace of God, the flow of His Love. The rest will take care of itself, my friends. You do not need to worry,, merely walk in faith as you walk out of your homes into the sunlight of God, this warmth and beauty, so you must walk in the world with faith that you are being used as His instruments, channels of Love. What will come with each moment, each day, each step you take is not to be predicted, even anticipated, but merely a reflexive flow and response from your soul of God’s will working through in you, innocently, beautifully and powerfully.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I will entertain one other short question if there is one.

Added from continued message after this on 7-14-2019:

  1. We have not agreed on a third question, Josephus. I don’t whether anybody is prompted to make a suggestion spontaneously but we won’t have discussed it. Thank you. (prolonged silence)
  2. I fear I have dumbfounded you all, beloveds. (general laughter and a couple short responses by participants)
  3. I think you told us that we have all the truth that we need, Jesus told us that. I think that struck us very deeply.
  4. Well, my beloved daughter, we have repeated these truths many, many times. And indeed, yes, there are many truths that have been shared with you all and many truths that I’m sure you have read within the volumes of messages through many different sources. This is our effort to continue to remind you of what is the potential of your souls in relationship with God as you receive His blessing of Love. All of these things that we speak of relates to this one great truth. We wish for you to continue to make these efforts to understand your journey so that you do not lose sight of where you travel to and how this journey is so magnificent and full of many blessings and experiences in life.

May God bless you upon that journey, beloved souls. Know that we are with you, that our beloved brother and master Jesus continues to lead the way that we may all follow, that we may all indeed come to the place of knowing God deeply, of finding the fulfillment of our souls which has many, many aspects within to be awakened on this journey. May God bless you, beloved souls. May God bless you and keep you close to His bosom that you may be open to His Love. Acknowledge this each and every day, with each and every breath acknowledge God and His Love for you. You will find such joy in this knowledge, such wonderment in your lives with each moment. Great blessings come in the humblest of ways, beloved souls. Great blessings come in the humblest of acts of service and love for another. Great blessings come with the pure and true prayer to beseech God to touch your soul and awaken all that is within.

God bless you, beloveds. I am Josephus and I am happy to come and speak to you in this way. God bless you. God bless you, beloveds.