Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 16, 2018
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

You feel many souls drawn to you. It seems like an endless parade of souls wanting to be with you, to pray with you, to share for some moments with you in your life. This is the power of love, beloveds. This is power of love. For as you continue to grow in the Father’s Love, it acts like a magnet, the souls who are seeking, who feel the resonance of their longing and your light. So my beloveds, this is the way it will be in your world. Many souls seeking you out, seeking something often that they know not what, but nonetheless seeking, drawing to you. This will indeed be a more prolific, greater flow, and a powerful connection will be made with each of these souls.

When you develop with success the gift of direct voice, beloveds, there will be many, many more who will be drawn to you, many curious, many eager to know this truth and how you have come about to develop this gift. Those you met in this time together will be most curious. You have made some important contacts while being here. Of course, you must always exercise discernment and know within your soul the directions you must lead and follow.

Remember, that just because a soul expresses interest in you, does not guarantee that their interest is of the highest, or desire is to connect with your soul. Sometimes, there is a flow of connection and interest that is orchestrated by those who guide this individual. We must be discerning, beloveds, and allow that feeling within you, that sense of truth to guide you in these efforts to connect with others. You carry a great light, beloveds, and this will draw many. There are those upon the road which you are meant to meet and to walk for some distance together. There are those who have a desire to be with you and it is important for you to acknowledge them with love. There are those who are merely drawn by the light and who would seek to draw light from you for their own benefit, and so you must be discerning and wise and true to God’s Will.

In this way you will know what to say and what to do, how to be in this world as God’s channels of love. It requires a soul imbued with His Love, awakened, filled with wisdom, filled with compassion and filled with joy. You are all growing in this light, finding your way, feeling your footsteps upon the path. In these conditions in which you are set within, there are tests and there are trials. At times you may feel confused in your mind, but I say to you, beloveds, you are not confused within your souls.

With each step go to God in prayer. Ask God to guide you, to show you the way through the myriad of conditions and individuals, many of whom in this situation carry great psychic energy which is not necessarily relevant to your mission, beloveds. You must be able to discern between these two conditions. Those who are imbued with psychic gifts are not necessarily close to God and they have their ideas, agendas and desires that fulfills a certain purpose constructed within the mind.

You, beloved souls, walk through the world differently. You do not desire to exploit a personal agenda, desire or idea. Instead, you must listen to God’s Will in innocence having a stronger faith. You find your way with each day allowing His Will to wash over you so that you are immersed in His living waters and they flow as you walk in the world, flooding your earthly conditions with Divine Light, Divine Will and Love. This is your purpose beloveds, to walk in the world as a channel of God’s Love. Though many may not acknowledge or recognize what flows through you, they are indeed drawn and they are indeed blessed. This is your mission, beloveds. To bless all those who are upon your path, to walk in this simple and innocent way, not seeking recognition, not seeking conscious awareness of purposeful events. No, my beloveds, much of the work you do is hidden but goes very deep as you plant seeds of truth, as God blesses many through you, soul to soul. It is difficult to know soul is it not? You struggle acknowledging your own soul. It is indeed difficult to acknowledge another soul, but with faith, that simple trust in God, you walk the world as His channels of love. It is good that you listen to your guidance, guidance that encourages you to travel to many places, meet many people, plant many seeds. This is all part of God’s plan. You cannot truly understand the next steps in that plan but merely pray each day asking God that you may be an instrument of His Will, a channel of His Love in the world for within that day and in this way you will be very effective, a beautiful light, humble, simple, powerful, loving. I know your minds wish greater acknowledgement of this plan, acknowledgement from others, acknowledgement of your own soul. As you continue to grow in this love and walk in this way, these things will come in God’s time, in the form of God’s Will. Seek this Love above all else and everything will come in harmony, peace and joy. It is how God works in the world, beloveds. You recognize the beauty and wonderment of God’s handyworks, His Will continuing to unfold in your life. What comes to you, comes harmoniously. What is not meant for you will fall away. Accept this with each day. Allow God to work through you, beloveds.

Yes, there is much work coming and you continue to prepare yourselves, to dedicate yourselves in prayer, to make great efforts to elevate your thoughts, to be loving in your lives. It is showing, beloveds, by the light in your souls. These efforts continue to help you to come into greater alignment with all that is in the flow of God’s Will. May you continue to be blessed, beloved souls. May you continue to awaken, to walk in faith, to be the beloved channels of God and His Will.

God bless you, beloveds. God bless you deeply, in deep peace, in powerful awakenings, in wondrous, joyful awarenesses in the beauty of His Love. God bless you. I am Seretta Kem. I love you. God bless you.