Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 15, 2018
Location: Phoenix, Arizona

You have observed these many souls, gifted as they are, with their perspectives and understandings of the spirit world. It is interesting to note that much of their perspective comes from the mind and that they see things, their reality, their perception of truth, from the mind and the minds of those spirits who are with them. In this way, they present a powerful filter of truth. These mental perspectives allow them a measure of truth and understanding, but cannot fathom the deeper truths of God. They are not capable. For the mind is limited, though their words indicate that it is unlimited. From your earthly perspective, it may seem as such. But in truth, the mind’s capacity to understand truth can only go so far. Even that of the spirit mind can only go so far. It is the soul that must be engaged, awakened, imbued with the Father’s Love. In this way, there is no limit to understanding, to experiencing the truth of God’s creation.

The mind of the soul is something altogether different from the mind of which these spirits and mortals speak. Though they may have some inkling of truth, the rigidity of the mind cannot let them venture further and deeper into themselves in this way. They speak of love, but what they speak of is natural love. They speak of truth, but what they speak of is the truth of those souls that have ventured into the spheres of spirit and come up with certain conclusions and understandings.

There is so much more, my beloveds. I know you have been very tolerant and loving towards those souls who are adamant about their understanding of truth, even though you know within your souls that their truth is limited, and in some respect, in error. Yet you have embraced those souls who are indeed eager, but are very much involved in their own perspective.

You see, my beloveds, how spiritual awakening and spiritual understanding, is a very long process. It is easier for you mortals, and for many spirits, to pursue the avenues of the mind. For this is revered and acknowledged and cultivated. In some respects, the soul is left behind, acknowledged as a component of the spirit and mortal, but merely a nebulous form that gives life. Yet you know differently, my beloveds, that within the soul are many capacities, gifts that may come forth, ignited by the Father’s Love. I would say that someday you will come to these people whom you have met with such revelations, such beautiful gifts displayed in love, that they will be astounded, that this will shake them up, as you would say, and get them to rethink, to recalibrate, your understanding of truth. You are the innovators, beloveds, even though this truth is ancient. You are the innovators, bringing to these scientifically-inclined individuals, a greater science, the science of the soul.

You must continue, beloveds, in your research and experience and efforts to truly understand the potentials of your own soul, to come to God with earnestness and frequency. For in this relationship comes all that you seek and all that will manifest through you. It is the Father’s Touch upon you that places within you a very deep truth, beloveds. It is this deep truth that must come to the world. Given the right circumstances, all these mortals will listen and come to know this deep truth. Thus we work together. Thus we work together to lay the foundation, the framework to bring these truths forward.

You will bring these truths forward, beloveds. You will bring them to groups of people, not unlike the ones that you have met. You will bring these truths forward to those who are innocent, yet faithful. You will bring these truths forward to the children. You will bring these truths forward to the lost and the needy. There will be many avenues, many opportunities, many circumstances in which you will bring these truths forward, as emissaries of love, of God’s Love and God’s Truth. It will challenge many. You will be vindicated often and you will be vilified at times. For the truth of love is challenging. The truth of love is not a trifling matter, in your world or in the world of spirit. For the most powerful element in the world is love. It is an issue for controversy, the challenge that you must bring to all you meet, to express this love, to be love, to allow God to bring His Love more fully into the world in a way that others may understand, that their minds may be receptive to, that their souls may be excited by.

Yes, God needs many instruments in this world of yours. You see the thirst, the hungering souls who so desire truth and are so in need of love. You will see, beloveds, how God will guide you thus along this road that is the plan for the salvation of mankind. Even those you have met in these days see the great changes coming to the world. They acknowledge it and indeed within their souls they know and feel the momentum of God’s blessing and efforts to bring peace to your world.

Have faith beloveds. Have faith as you carry a great truth and in days to come you will speak it, demonstrate it, and show to others the wonderment of the blessing of the Father’s Love. This is coming. I know you are like horses at the starting gate, poised and ready to run forward with this truth. We are eager as well. But all in God’s timing my beloveds. All in the unfolding of this plan.

We must be patient and of great faith. We must continue to prepare ourselves to allow what is meant to be to come about in harmony and peace. For God loves all His children and He seeks to show them the way to their salvation, the awakening of their souls in Love. So it shall be, in accordance to God’s Will and God’s plan. So it shall be.

God bless you beloveds. I am your teacher, Augustine. I love you dearly. Such loyal and gracious souls you are, ever seeking to serve, ever seeking to be within the Light of His Love, to speak always the Truth of His Love, to know and grow in the power and the glory of His Love. God bless you, my beloved friends. I am your teacher Augustine. I love you.