Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 27, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

It is your teacher Augustine. Again, you come into this Circle of Light and again God touches your souls. God’s desire is that you know the truth, beloveds. Not the truth of your minds, not the perceptions and assumptions that come with the mind’s understandings but the blessing and knowings that come with the soul awakened in the Father’s Love. This is different beloveds, from your normal experience and understanding of spirituality. So much you have gained through your experiences and readings, ideas and discussions in your lives, collecting these things within your mind, formulating from that place ideas of truth. The challenge, beloved souls, is to compare the perceptions of the mind with the knowings of the soul. This, my beloved and beautiful souls, is not easy in your world for this world is infused with many thoughts, many spirits and many energetic conditions that will influence your thinking and your perceptions. In this way it is difficult to discern between these two realities, soul and mind, the material world and your fledgling relationship with God knowing the world of His Creation.

You must consider this, beloved souls, that none of you here has a clear perception of the truth. You may think that you understand but you do not truly and I do not say this to contradict your ideas and perceptions. No my beloveds, but that you may come to understand that to come to the clear truth of God through your soul is an ever expanding journey of awakening. It does not come in a flash and revelation of truth. It comes with the dawning awakening of your soul perceptions as you receive the gift of the Father’s Love.

We in the Celestial Kingdom have great compassion for you in this world so filled with many, many things that are not of God but of the creation of man. From birth you open your eyes and absorb and believe, trust and desire to know the world. Unfortunately the world you have come to know, the reality that you see all about you is more the creation of man than the creation of God and thus you are ensnared in this reality. You struggle to release yourselves from the error, from the illusion, from these false knowings, so that you may come to a place of true knowing. It is, with the inflowing of the Father’s Love, the Divine Love, that you will come to truth for all will come into alignment, soul and mind so that truth is known and can be relied upon. Truth that is predicated upon the laws and creation of God rather than what humanity has created for itself.

To be in the world but not of the world, beloveds, is a most difficult task – to separate yourselves from the illusion, yet to continue to be a part of the flow of humanity as a channel of love. Living your life in love is a deep challenge indeed but each of you in your own way continues to find your way through the maze of the human condition to a place of true connection with God. In this way your gifts open. In this way your gifts become true and clear, powerful and beautiful. Not distorted by the mind, not given way to the desires and insistence of the mind but to a flow of truth and awareness that is harmonious and joyful, touched by Love and expressed in love. You cannot walk too far along this path without confronting these dilemmas as it becomes a powerful motivation within you to go beyond your own illusions and desires to a place that is a true desire of the soul. As the illusions fall away, for many there is a sense of loss because of this great investment that you make upon your own illusions, your beliefs that state that it is truth. When you come to realize that much of your truth is false, it brings a deep sadness. But in this sadness, in this disillusionment comes a cry from your soul for God and this cry is powerful. It points the way to Truth.

Remember, beloved souls, what you believe today about truth, about yourselves, about the world is a mixture of error and truth. The mind filters so much of the wisdom of the soul and you must realize and have patience that your reality will change, the understandings of today will not be your understandings of tomorrow. You must be open and trusting in God’s plan for the salvation of your soul. For as your soul expands in Love, so all changes as this transformation affects everything. The very core of your being is indeed your soul and all truth must emanate from this place. You are young, beloveds. You begin a journey. Realize that the level of your understanding of truth is rudimentary indeed. But you are assisted by the angels. You are blessed by God and you are upon the path to truth. Have compassion for yourselves and for each other. As you begin to open in your soul’s perceptions and realize that you readily perceive of others’ falsity but fail to see that you too carry some things that are false.

Have compassion for all and patience and know that each struggles, each has a deep desire, a longing for truth and to serve in truth. At each step of the way, more truth comes and error falls away as the soul awakens and comes to these realizations as the mind gives way to truth. This is your journey, beloveds. As more error falls away you come closer to God. As more Love flows into your souls, you are able to recognize your relationship with the Source of all Truth.

Be steadfast with that truth that you know from the core of your being and realize that all else is subject to change and will indeed respond with the power of this glorious Love, the Essence of God. You all wish to be teachers – to bring truth to humanity, to follow the Will of God, to be clear upon the path of Truth and Light. These are sentiments that originate from your souls. This deep desire to be and to know, to express and to be within that river of Love that God beckons you towards. You are indeed wading into that river and that river cleanses, pulls those things that are upon you, encrustations and error, away and dissolves these things in Love. Be patient, be kind to yourselves, kind to others knowing that each one is upon their own journey to awakening and each possesses their own capacities and gifts, perceptions and that in time the soul will awaken, the truth will shine forth and Love will enhance all, transform, heal and bring each soul to clarity and joy.

Often we call you children because indeed in this way you are just beginning. Your eyes barely open, your souls beginning to stir and this vitality and innocence within you is what gives us such joy to know that another soul awakens with the Touch of God and begins their journey to God. You have done this, beloved souls. Each of you in your own way walks upon that path to God. Seek His Love always. Know that with each drop of this Holy Essence, all will come. The enfolding of your soul will burst forth and all of your being will be transformed and awakened in Love. This is God’s promise to you, beloved souls. This is His Breath of Life to your soul.

May you continue in your prayers, in your conversations, in your efforts to support and love one another and all those in your life. To bring light, to bring joy, to bring truth, to be a channel of love and God will be with you every moment and we who are your friends will be with you as well. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine and I love you. God bless you beloved children of God. God bless you.