Spirit: Seretta Kem
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 14, 2018
Location: Phoenix, AZ

So you have learned much today. You have met many people. You’ve walked the halls and sat in these seminars as you call them. You have learned much and yet you have not seen evidence of the encouragement of the soul, rather you see how the minds of men have explored and utilized the natural phenomena that is available to humanity. This is an important work that they do to convince humanity of a very simple fact that life carries on. Yet in your dark world so many cannot even step beyond their disbelief of this truth. So many are mired in the material condition and cannot contemplate the very thought of death. They have great fear and misunderstanding. So these beautiful souls, they work and they make great effort to help those who are stuck within their scepticism.

There are many spirits that work with these souls. If you could imagine the great network of beautiful souls that assist these mortals in their efforts, it is great indeed. It is great indeed. Yet you do not see how your efforts compare to theirs. It is not so overt. It is not so dramatic. It does not carry the cachet of the exciting manifestations that they bring. Yet the power of love, the power of the love within your souls, beloveds, may have a far greater effect upon those that you meet, those who are seeking, those whose souls are yearning. This you must keep within your consciousness that you do God’s work, not man’s work, but God’s work and this has a deeper impact upon the souls of those that you connect with, the souls that pass by you, the souls all around you.

Though some of you are humbled by the power of these gifted mediums, you must keep into perspective the power of love and how love is what will save the world beloveds. These material manifestations, though interesting and dynamic, will not and cannot. It is the power of love and building that channel of love within you, the gifts that this love carries within your souls is what will have a great impact upon the world. You will carry those who witness this light and love beyond the mere recognition of the continuance of life to the purpose of life.

This is your message beloveds, the purpose of life, to grow your souls, to forge your relationship with your Creator, to awaken all of these wondrous potentials within you, including these psychic gifts. They will just be a small part of the work that you do, a small part. Though you long for direct voice this is and will be a small part of all the gifts that will flow through you and through many. The world desperately needs to be awakened beloveds, and yes these dear souls do their part to awaken the consciousness of me and you will do yours beloveds in wondrous ways. You just begin this journey of service and it will lead you to many places and these connections that you forge here will have an impact upon your work and beautiful souls who are drawn to you, who within their soul recognize the Light, the Truth of God’s Love within you will work with you to bring this Truth forward. They may not fully recognize the power of this Truth. They may not fully understand why your focus is upon prayer and God but they feel within them a sense of this power and this beauty.

So when you walk these halls, when you sit in these rooms, hold your head up high and say a prayer for all those around you, that the angels may walk with you and do their work and God may touch others in ways that you may not recognize or acknowledge in a personal way, but this work continues beloveds. The flow of life continues and you as God’s instruments on earth must remain open and in alignment with God. For in this way the greatest work may be done, foundations laid that may not be obvious to you but as the dear daughter suggests, seeds are planted, roads are built, bridges are built, conditions are implanted so this work may continue. In someday soon, your efforts will be vindicated, beloveds. The power of God’s Will manifesting through you will touch many souls. Many who have met you and will meet you in these days will remember you and will realize the power that you bring that comes with humility and love and grace. And this too is a seed planted within in them, a memory, a recognition.

Many things are coming, my beloveds, many things that you cannot see and God will not reveal to you as yet because you need to continue in your efforts to grow and become stronger and more filled with His Love. When your soul is resplendent and strong and beautiful in His Love, your eyes will open and your strength will be immense and your beauty and capacity to love, will be powerful indeed, and then the work will begin in earnest beloveds. You barely step upon this threshold but you will pass through and find your way upon this individual path that each must take. Each unique gifts must be expressed, each journey orchestrated by God. So much awaits you beloveds and you continue to accept the Will of God, to take up the invitation. As you walk these halls, you are the emissaries of truth, spoken not in words but in light and love.

May God continue to bless you, beloved. May you continue to accept with humility the beauty of God’s Will and plan and flow of Love through you as you touch many in love. You learn from each day, you grow with each prayer and you express yourselves with greater eloquence and beauty as you grow in His Love.

God bless you beloveds. I am Seretta Kem and I am with you in your efforts as are many beautiful angels who walk with you. God bless you. God bless you.