Spirit: Mary
Medium: Al Fike
Date: June 12, 2022
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

May God’s Love be with you, beloved, beloved souls. I am Mary. Seek the truth with humility. Love God with all your hearts. Seek His Blessing of Love into your souls with all of your being. In this way you follow the truth. The truth is simple, yet the application of the truth is powerful; is it not? So, God gathers His children together, here in this Circle of Light, to uplift, to inspire, to bring greater light to this world. God utilizes you in many ways and yet all that is required is the application of this simple truth in your life. And together in this prayer, you bring great light which is dependent upon the intensity of your prayers, the desires of your heart, the beauty of your soul.

Many seek for explanations, details and words that express truth. They seek for explanations that are of a metaphysical nature. They seek for truth that is of a religious nature. They seek the truth that is of a scientific nature. But all of these things are of the mind and therefore they become a dim reflection of what is truth. You seek truth with your soul, you seek to know God from your very being, that place that knows and experiences the Divine. Can you truly put this into words, beloved souls? We come together and speak and we try to keep our message simple and to inspire and uplift you, to encourage you along the path. For indeed, upon this world of yours, words are important and actions are more important. 

Be that channel of love, beloved souls. It is with the feeling of love, that expression of love in your heart towards another, whether it be your family, or a friend, or a stranger, to be that channel of love for all you meet. This is the truth manifest. This is the powerful message given. You may speak a plethora of words, you may write many books, you may bring the truth in ways that the mind understands, but without the underpinnings of love, what are they, but a reflection of the mind? All that you do, beloveds, all that you do in the world, must be a reflection of your soul’s light. The beauty of that light within you, the expression of love in all ways and means, whether that be simple and humble or something magnificent, all that is in harmony and within the flow of God’s Will is a beautiful dedication to the truth.

Beloved souls, you are gathered in light. You are given every opportunity to grow within your soul, to be that beautiful truth living all within each breath, the Love of God. This is the gift that you may bring to the world, this is the power of love expressed and applied in your life. May you come to know your own soul, beloveds. May you come to be that breath of life and light, of love and grace in the world. In this way you touch many souls. In this way, you will be a true and pure channel for God. For, God needs channels in the world, those avenues and portals of light that must flow and flood the world and uplift humanity, neutralizing all the thoughts and words and ideas and bringing in their stead the truth of love, simple, clear and bright. It brings peace, it brings truth. It brings a sense of purpose and direction in the lives of your brothers and sisters. 

Be that light, beloveds. Be the channel of that love wherever you are, whatever you are doing, that it may this reflect love, perfect love, powerful, healing, transformative love. It is for you, beloveds, to be that light. You are given all that you require to be that light. You have angels by your side, you have God’s Hand upon you. You are truly His channels. Be that light, beloveds, and we will all work together to help transform this world from darkness to light, from error to truth, from all turmoil and disruptions to peace. And where there is no love, may love be sewn and given freely, beloved souls.

I love you. I am with you. I am Mary and I love you so, my beloved children, I am with you always, always. God bless you, God bless you, beloveds. I love you.