Spirit: Aaron
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 7, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Aaron. I come to acknowledge my dear and beloved sister who marks another step upon the path of life and love. May she know that the angels continue to surround her and her dear sister. With each day that comes, God’s Hand rests upon you both and upon all who are here who seek light, who seek upliftment, who seek the Love of God. God’s Hand does indeed rest upon you all in this circle and all circles who seek for the highest.

My beloved souls, when you come together in this way in joy, celebration, acknowledgement, appreciation, you bring light, you bring the presence of the angels whom I know you have felt while you partook of this joyful celebration. God blesses those who seek to express love, who walk in light, whose intentions are clear and beautiful, loving and bountiful in their expression of love. Beloved souls, continue to seek God in all that you do, to seek for His blessing of Love to expand your souls, to propel you ever closer to the Source of all love and light. May you be in the world, beloved souls, as a channel of love, as a beacon of light, that you may walk in humility, that you may express grace and beauty in your lives, that you may find in that connection with God that allows this love to flow freely, clearly, powerfully in the world. For it is this Love, the Essence of God, that has uplifted you this day. You have felt the joy, the blessing of this and you will continue to be uplifted and grow in light and love as you reach forth for the Creator’s Touch within you.

Yes, life can be joyful when love abounds, when you realize that you are indeed a part of a family, a group of precious souls who are connected because within their hearts and souls they desire the same, they desire light and love, truth and joy. And this cannot be but expressed in everything. In everything that you do my beloveds, may this love be expressed and flow freely, uplifting not only yourselves, but all around you. For in this way you draw the blessings of God to you, you bring the upliftment all around you and within you. Remember this beloved souls, it is your desires, your intentions, your efforts, your prayers, your expressions of light that uplift and heal and bring harmony in your lives. Strive to be in this light, beloved souls, with each day that comes. Strive to give in love, strive to love yourselves, strive to love God. In these few words comes a deep truth, that as you make great efforts in light, so great blessings of light come.

Each day is your challenge, each day has the potential of great blessings. And may you continue to find your way up that ladder of light, that each day of your life may deepen the blessings, the understanding, the awareness of your soul, a deeper connection with God. And in this, joy must be the outcome. True joy, true happiness, comes from a soul that sings in the joy of love. May you continue to be blessed beloveds and I will continue to accompany you, as will many angels, as you walk this road of life and seek greater light. For you are never alone, beloved souls, never. God is always there. For those of you who seek this truth of love, you shall always be accompanied by an angel, who will protect and guide, teach and inspire. This is God’s gift to you, my beloveds. This is God’s gift to all who seek.

God bless you. I am Aaron and my love is with you. God bless you.