Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 15, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Josephus and I’ve returned and am somewhat amused that you continue with your questions which seem to be an endless stream of curiosity. But this delights me, for one of my gifts is to help articulate the Truth in ways that others may understand, to bring complex matters to simple explanations. So I will attempt to do so, and I’m aware of your question for I have been with you as you have been discussing this and referencing my presence.

Your existence in this world brings its influences and energies in many different ways. As you well know, every action brings a reaction, every thought has some impact in your world, every emotion also has its impact in your world. Depending on the severity and intensity of these elements of your being expressed with each moment in your world, there is some condition created, something comes of this for you are generators and receivers of energies. So when your expressions and thoughts, your actions and deeds are dark and lack love, you generate this, created so to speak into the universe of your existence. And conversely, when others express conditions that are dark towards you or even express generally within the condition that you live within, so you may receive and absorb to some extent these energies and conditions. As with light, these laws apply.

We continue to advise you, beloved souls, to keep your thoughts elevated, to be prayerful with each day, to be in the flow of God’s Love, to be an instrument and channel of His Love. All of these things help to elevate your light, your condition, your thoughts, your expression, creating a momentum of light all around you. The power of light will ward off the darkness so you are not so susceptible to these conditions in the world. Therefore, when you are not reactive to dark conditions and expressing them, you are not creating darkness within yourselves as those things that are powerful that cling to your soul and cause encrustations are not active around you.

But as with all souls who have lived in this world of yours, you begin life absorbing dark conditions and error. Thus your souls become encrusted with these conditions. You absorb within your minds various thoughts and conditions that are of error. You respond and react from these conditions that are all around you with like conditions, with darkness, with pain. Your young minds absorb many things that are not true. Thus within your beings, you have this interplay of light and dark, love and that which is not of love, truth and that which is not true, feelings of anger, of hurt and pain rather than joy. You are well aware of this, beloved souls, this struggle. You have all felt both of these conditions. At times, you have felt both conditions the are simultaneously active within you, providing for you a choice of what expression may be authentic.

Generally, the world is in darkness. Generally, most souls are in darkness for they do not understand this dynamic. They merely respond to what is presented to them and what they wish to present to the world, thus creating a downward spiral of conditions of the soul. Nurturing darkness rather than light and at times, nurturing light rather than darkness, creating such a mix of conditions within you. The soul, beloveds, has a deep memory. It carries all of your experiences. Every moment of your life is carried within a chamber of your soul. This, whether your soul is activated by God’s Love or not, has its power to influence and to create a condition, an energy around you. This informs, as you know, where the soul resides in the realm of spirit when that time comes of transition because it is your soul that is the generator of all these conditions and the reflector of those conditions around you. It informs the light or darkness that you carry.

Now, when the soul continues to progress, and often this is in the realm of spirit, there is a need for purification. This is called the Law of Compensation. Whether the soul is in light or darkness, whatever their beliefs and conditions are, these paradigms of thought, of reality, of expression, a sense of truth or not truth, all are expressed through the soul and the consciousness of the soul which is then reflected into the minds of mortals and spirits alike.This broadcasting of energies continues and intensifies. There is no escaping from this. It is a truth and a reality in your world and mine. But God provides an opportunity for each soul to move away from those conditions that are not in harmony with Light and Love. God provides many other souls who are willing to assist that individual in their journeys towards Light. For God continues to pour His compassion, concern, Love, Truth upon each soul, all His children. In time, each child learns and is receptive to what God has to give. This is often done through individuals who are further progressed than that individual.

This chain of compassion that goes throughout the spirit spheres and the Heavens is a powerful antidote to the darkness and ignorance in which most individuals live in your world. Yet to penetrate the darkness of your world is difficult. Other laws are in play, such as the Law of Attraction and many through their ignorance attract dark rather than light, falsity rather than truth. Yet when you say that a soul is well-meaning, you merely say that a soul is ignorant yet does not consciously choose darkness. It is merely a fact that darkness is generated by the thoughts and actions of that soul and that your task, beloved soul, is to inform your brothers and sisters of this Truth, that there is a way beyond and above the conditions that have been created so powerfully in your world. To inform these souls that what they do and who they are and what they choose and what they express is far more important than the material responses that so many souls look to receive from their actions. There is a greater purpose to life than the superficial thoughts and desires that many have.

When you ask the question of what is the meaning of life, to many they put up their arms and say “I do not know”. In this forfeiting of taking responsibility for their being and expressions and light, then they are victims of the darkness of your world. In this, they continue to generate and reinforce this darkness. In that passivity and ignorance, they often pay the full measure of the Law of Compensation at some point in their existence, often within the world of spirit. But even in your world, beloveds, you all pay the price for the general darkness which lies in this world.

It requires a great deal of effort and focus to counteract and neutralize these conditions. You are well aware, beloved souls, that you must be cognizant of the choices that you make, that every action, every thought, everything that you express either contributes to the light or contributes to the darkness. Very few expressions in your life have a neutral action upon your world.

As you desire to be a channel of light in the world, it brings a whole set of responsibilities, a whole spectrum of choices and expressions that are often unrecognized and misunderstood by humanity. But we educate you, beloved souls. We continue to show you the way to fulfill this soul-felt yearning to be in the light and to be with God and to be a positive light-filled influence in your world. From the conditions within your soul, these memories and encrustations that have come over the years of your existence in your world, there is often a reflexive response or attitude or expression that is not of light, given a particular situation that may elicit such responses.

This is why you must be vigilant, beloveds. You must think of your words and your inner responses, your emotions, and your actions and train yourselves to put aside those conditions that are not in harmony with love. In this process of retraining yourselves, you must consider the deeper expressions of the soul that come with the inflow of God’s Love. This, in conjunction with your conscious efforts, creates the environment of light and goodness and love that you aspire towards.

In the journey of the soul, one may wait and have patience for the transformation of the soul through the Father’s Love allowing these encrustations and even thoughts to be transformed by the power of this Love. Ideally, this is all that is required to bring forth this transformation, this deep change within you and without. But you live in a very fast-paced world that continues to present to you many challenges and also continues to bring to you many opportunities for light. So, taking responsibility for your thoughts, for your actions, doing so with an informed mind and soul so that you bring the highest and best results to your life and to your service to your brothers and sisters is more beneficial than to have a passive, nebulous idea that God’s healing of your soul will make all right and in the Light. This is true, given much time and many prayers, but we wish for you to be accelerated in your progress, to be strong and filled with Truth and Love. That your thoughts be pure and of light, that your beings, all of you, may be in harmony. So we help to assist you to make these great efforts to change. We help you come to an awareness of the challenges that you create when you choose unloving thoughts and actions and behaviours.

In this time and in your world, the darkness increases with every moment. We in the Celestial Kingdom are diligent in our efforts to work tirelessly to help not only neutralize this darkness but to bring greater light to you all. It is important for every soul to understand the responsibility that they carry and that when one lives in ignorance of these laws, there are consequences, there are responses that often do not bring joy and awakening, love and wisdom, rather darkness and pain.

When you know the laws, beloved souls, when you are aware of the great power of these laws to affect the human condition and to affect every soul in your world and in mine, you cannot afford to be silent. To passively watch as your brothers and sisters, your friends, your relatives, the many that are in your lives, continue to blindly step forward in life creating such a mixture of light and darkness that it is hard to discern between the two, creating a fog of error, a condition so bogged down by these energies that are not of light that invariably many suffer, suffer greatly, suffer in many ways from their very physical condition to their emotional and spiritual selves. All is out of harmony. All requires correction and healing and balance.

You must continue to speak of these Truths, the power of God’s Love to heal, the power of knowledge to inform your choices, the power of Truth to inform your souls. May you continue on that great, epic journey of the salvation of your own soul and the assistance of others to find their way. At least to indicate to them that there is a choice between light and dark, goodness and that which is not of love. May you be strong in your wisdom, the power of your words, the beauty of your light, the wonderment of your relationship with God and all will fall into place so you may be a powerful influence in the world, that you may be a generator of Light and Truth and Love as God’s instruments upon this world.

May God bless you, beloved souls. May God bless you deeply with His Love. May you always choose Light. Whatever you do, wherever you are, may you always choose Light for that is deep wisdom, that is the Truth. You must carry it in a conscious way always.

God bless you, beloveds. My blessings are with you. I am Josephus. God bless you.