Spirit: Yogananda
Medium: Al Fike
Date: May 4, 2018
Location: Punaluu, Oahu

I was pleased that you reviewed my message of some months back and my invitation to proceed to India to do your work. As you can see, God has timing in His Plans, the sense of the right time and the right place, the right attitude and the right motivation. It is important to take all of these things into consideration when one dedicates oneself to service to humanity.

You, my dear friend, have had quite a journey in life. Do you not think that God orchestrated your journey and your soul was drawn to many experiences and people and ideas of life so that you may come to a harmonious and solid conclusion of Truth? You have found your way, my beloved friend, you have certainly found your way. You continue to express God’s Truth in all its simplicity and power, the power of His Divine Love, the power of the wisdom of your soul being expressed to many of your friends, many who are drawn to you, many who seek you out. This is only the beginning, as the door creaks open so that you may pass through and live in another place within your soul and be with God in such deep alignment and peace and Truth and Love that you will draw many, many more around you, not as a guru, not as a sage teacher that must be emulated. No, these concepts are not part of God’s Plan but as His humble servant who will and is willing to travel, to walk in the Light, to be in those places that are ordained and blessed by God, sanctioned and put into action by your service to reach many souls. There is a great journey ahead of you, my son, a great journey, and you will see your way through, will be strong enough, fit in every way to do this work, to walk this path, the path of the wanderer and the minstrel, the teacher and the healer. This will be your path, my beloved friend. You will express many gifts, many beautiful things that are within you and light your way. They will be expressed in harmony with God’s Will, in the beauty of the flow of God’s Will they will be expressed and you will touch many souls deeply. Some will feel this with deep emotion. Others will come to conclusions within their mind that will bring them to Truth. Others will feel your joy and the beauty of your words and your songs. And others will benefit from the healing that flows from you, the comfort that comes from a soul warmed by the Father’s Love.

You have quite a journey ahead of you. Just as it has been to this point so it will continue and the momentum will build, the opportunities will multiply and you will see with the eyes of your soul what you must do, what God places before you, a bounty of Love and Light, service and Love. Just as I traveled and touched many, so God uses any and all instruments who are willing to walk in the world with wisdom and Love, to be His channels of Love in the world. So you must see yourself in this way, my beloved friends. I will accompany you and many other angels will accompany you upon this journey and it will be very, very productive and intense and rich and joyful.

Everything has led to this point, my beloved friends. From this point many, many things will flow in harmony. You will not have to yearn and struggle and seek to find your way in the world for the path will open and you will see for yourself, God’s Plan for you. This is all coming, revelation upon revelation as the eyes of your soul, the knowings of your soul awaken and come to life through the inflowing of this precious Love of God. You will see. You will see and you will come to know me and many others of the Celestial Kingdom as your guides and teachers, friends and helpers will help you to find your way, will help you upon this Path for God has set into motion many things in this world that will bring many blessings and opportunities for those who are eager to serve in Love and Light. You will find your way and you are healing, strengthening, shifting in your thoughts, attitudes and perceptions.

All of these things are preparing you for what is to come. You continue to walk in faith, to have faith in the wisdom of God, the timing, the Plan that God has for you and for many others to work together to bring greater Light to this world, to change the course of history for humanity has traveled a dark road for far too long and now is the time for great change. Great change is coming and you will ride that wave of change and find yourselves upon many shores, meeting many people and many different cultures and ideas and experiences. You are gifted in the way of communicating and connecting with these many peoples. You may do it with song. You may do it with your words. You will do it always with Love. Much will come of your work, my son. Many, many souls will come to know you and appreciate your gifts and see you as a channel of God in this world.

The time is fast coming. You feel this and you know this. You have eagerly anticipated this and it is coming upon you and your life. Seek to be guided, live each day guided by God. Be in deep communion with your Heavenly Father and come to know His whispering wisdom, His beautiful Love that takes you ever higher and closer to the fountainhead of all Love and wisdom. You are within His grasp. He continues to draw you closer, beloved son.

This gives me great joy, to see the Light build within you, to know that this beautiful soul that is you, my beloved brother, who walks the earth and will touch many souls. I know that you have admired the work that I have done in this world. Well, my son, you will also do work that is similar and powerful and bring a change in the hearts of many. May God bless you upon this work. May you see yourself in this light, come to accept the beauty and the power and the glory of your own soul and what is possible as you walk in this world guided by God, guided by the angels, guided by the wisdom of your own soul. What a powerful and beautiful combination of blessings for you and for all those who wish to walk in this way. Be brave, be strong in your faith, be clear in your thoughts, be joyous in your gifts. Express your music in love and joy and many, many blessings will come to you. Many blessings are coming, are here at this moment. God’s Light is upon you. He carries you. We are close. We are always close. You are never alone, my friend, you are never alone. You will know your way. You will know God’s Will for you.

God bless you, my beautiful and beloved friend. My love is with you and I am honoured to guide you, beloved friend, such an honour and gift to guide you along this life, to point the way to God and to true service and to great joy and awakening. God bless you. I am your friend Yogananda. My love is with you, my beloved friend, my beloved friend. Keep your innocence, embrace you always in His Love. God bless you.