Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: March 4, 2019
Location: Manhattan, NY, USA

A bridge is set before each of you, beloved souls. It is up to your wish and desire to cross. God respects free will. God does not insist. God invites, and if you are willing to accept this invitation then other gifts and blessings that have been spoken of will be yours. But you must choose, you must decide to commit yourself to this way of knowing God. If you do so, I will promise you, beloveds, that angels will assist you upon that journey and help you to understand what that journey is. But the beginning, the first step and the greatest step, is to accept this truth of the awakening of the soul through the blessing of God’s Love. With this all else follows and all else will be in compliance and in harmony with your particular journey. But without a clear understanding of this truth, none of what we speak of is possible. The soul remains at its beginning point and does not change to any great degree. Yet you may fill your minds with many things, you may have many experiences in life and journey upon certain paths that will satisfy the desires of the mind, but the soul needs this nurturing of love to awaken. So you must commit yourself to this one truth.

Though you many carry many other ideas of what you believe to be true, even these things will change and evolve as your souls awaken. God puts before you a great invitation, asks you to step forward in light, implores you to trust in this truth and blessing. If you are strong enough to walk forward in this way, as I have said, many blessings will ensue and your life will not be impinged upon by others. Merely you have invited God into your life and this will open many doors, awakenings and joyful journeys to truth and love. Who does not wish this in their life? Who does not seek this from some place within themselves, to be released from the burdens of the human condition and replace them with joy and upliftment and truth? This is what God offers and this offer will be available to you whenever you wish to accept.

May God bless you upon that journey and may you come to see the bridge that awaits to the side where souls are awakened and truth comes from the Divine Touch of God, where love is beyond any other love, unique, powerful and glorious in its nature. It is for the offering. May you accept, beloved brothers and sisters, may you accept and walk forward from this day into the light of a new journey that will awaken a new truth that will set you free, beloveds, will set you free. God bless you. I am your teacher Augustine. God bless you.