Spirit: Andrew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: December 13, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Andrew. Yes, I have committed to be the guardian angel of this instrument’s namesake and will be with him for all of his life. You see, my beloved friends, that when you are sincere in your prayers, awakening to God’s Love, you put in place a power and influence that will carry forth for generations to come. The children of the children will be blessed, beloved souls. Rather than generations of pain and disharmony, you change the pattern into light and love. So when you pray for yourselves and your beautiful souls, you are having an effect upon your families and those generations to come and that you open the opportunity and the possibilities for greater blessings to come and be given to the generations of the future.

The power of love, my beloved friends, is great. The power of love to transform and to bring light is wondrous and will be expressed in many different ways. As you carry this lantern of Light within you, so you will influence those around you, your loved ones, those whom you associate with who are your friends, your relatives, many who are connected to you. So you become a light that shines forth to others. Your soul continues to grow and be transformed in this beautiful blessing of Love. As you grow in Light so the influence that you carry, so the great channel of Love that is your soul in alignment with God, will touch many others.

You pray not only for yourself but for this world, a world that thirsts for love, a world that is in great crisis, a world that suffers from the workings of humanity in its desire for material gain and security. Because humanity has turned away from God, does not seek security with God, and feels that it must forge ahead in its own ways and means of creating a good life. The harmony of God’s Creation is not acknowledged and greatly misunderstood because of this attitude of independence and self-empowerment and ignorance.

God wishes for all His children to know, to be aware of His Laws of Creation, to be aware of the power of love, to walk in the Light and Grace of His Love. Because He has children upon this world who are very cognizant of this Truth, there is great hope for humanity. You forge ahead, beloved souls. You walk in front of so many who at this time do not realise the draw that is their soul’s desire for Truth, but will come to this in time. God will guide you and use you to bring this simple Truth, to be an example of this Truth, to be the Light of this Truth for many.

Have faith, beloved souls. Have faith that what you do has great repercussions in the world and will bring many blessings, not only to your loved ones, but those who you do not know that are within the world seeking, thirsting for the Great Living Waters of the God’s Love. You will come to know many of these beautiful souls and many you will not know, but rest assured that when you walk in the world as a channel of God’s Love, as this great lantern of Light, there will be blessings and effects upon this world that will help to bring all into harmony and love. Continue upon your great and beautiful journeys towards God and know that you bring joy to God. You bring an awareness to God that His children hear His call and know His Touch and have great faith in His Will and Wisdom and guidance.

God bless you, beloved souls. Andrew is with you. I am with you and continue to pray and be a servant for the dissemination of the Truth of God’s Love, as are many angels, many angels in alignment with this cause and your efforts and prayers. God bless you beloveds. God bless you.