Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 15, 2018
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am your teacher Augustine. All those who commit to doing this work shall receive the blessings and support of the angels. How few there are in this world, who are willing to step forward in this way. How few are prepared to engage in this great task of bringing the truth of God’s Love to the world in ways and means that are clear and loving and consistent. How precious are all of you, beloved souls, who have committed your soul to seeking at-onement with God through His Love.

Any efforts that you may make to be a channel of blessings for others, to bring greater light to this world, and greater truth, are indeed blessed. For any small effort you make, you are blessed ten times over by God. This is the generosity of God’s Love for you, beloved souls, that whatever you may do, even in prayer, is blessed mightily by God. Indeed your souls are well aware of this and are motivated greatly by this knowledge, that whatever efforts you make are indeed blessed. Even when there are those who combine error with this truth, there is some blessing, some benefit. So I would urge you not to judge those whom you do not agree with in their perspective, and yet, as with you, they pray for the Father’s Love to enter their souls. And as with you, they will grow, their knowledge will grow, their perspective will change, their love will flow.

Continue in these efforts beloved souls, and all who wish to serve God in this way will indeed have the blessings of angels by their side. For there is a great effort afoot to bring the conditions of change to this world, that will bring greater light and truth, love and harmony. This must be so. It is important at this time that there is a concerted effort on your part and others, to bring this truth forward.

Your world is in jeopardy. Your world suffers greatly. There is such error and confusion. So much of the energies of mankind are placed upon material efforts, neglecting the balance that is needed for the spiritual to be awakened, the wisdom of your souls to govern your actions. So beloveds, you are asked to be a living example of the power of God’s Love within your soul. You work diligently to try to make this a truth within you, to bring the wisdom forth, to walk in light, to be a channel of love. We walk with you as you well know. So much yet to be discovered, so much more wisdom to come forward, and greater love always, to be expressed.

It is indeed a journey of awakening that comes with each day. You are drawn together in prayer with one another, and discussions and expressions of love. God makes it possible for you to have these times of nurturing together so that you may learn from one another, and grow, and reinforce the bonds of love that are important. For it is in the power of these bonds of love that you share comes the flow, the clarity of light that nurtures you all. For as one steps forward, so you all step forward. As one awakens a little more, so do you all. For this is shared within this great bond and flow of Love.

Be inspired by one another, my beloveds. Pray for one another. Realize that within these bonds that you share, and the many that also are a part of this community, there is a great resource, a powerful influence for light that you may benefit from, that you may benefit others with, and that together you may benefit the world. This is all part of God’s plan, that you all walk in this world as brothers and sisters, connected in love, awakened in love.

May God bless you mightily my beloved, beloved souls. May you continue to walk upon this path of love and share your journeys together. So much awaits you on this journey, as you help one another to clear the barriers. For do you not understand that from your own experiences and struggles each must go through to clear this path? In this deep compassion and awareness lies a great strength that you may rely upon with each other. Do not hesitate to be open and vulnerable, clear and truthful with one another. For this engenders more love, more light.

God bless you beloveds. I am your teacher Augustine. I love you, I see your light, I mark your progress and I will continue to walk with you for all eternity. This is my commitment to you. I will be your friend, your guide and teacher for all eternity. You may rely upon my efforts and wisdom to help you along your journey. We all walk towards at-onement with God. God bless you, beloveds, God bless you.