Spirit : Andrew
Date : December 14th, 2021
Medium : Al Fike
Location : Gibsons, BC

May God’s Love wash over you, my friends. I am Andrew and I come as I always have done so to pray with you, along with many angels from the Celestial Heavens, bright spirits and others who come to join you in this great effort to bring greater light to this world. You are the anchor pins to this great effort. Without your efforts, our efforts are not so direct and powerful, and without God’s blessings upon us all then what efforts can be made to bring the blessings of light to the world ?

It takes all of us, beloved souls, all who are here in dedication and prayer, in longing and desire, to bring the great blessings from God to the world, to your souls, to all those who are part of your world. The efforts in prayer, desires and actions that result from your prayers  are needed in order to change the world. With enough faith, enough prayer, enough dedication, enough love, you can truly change the world. Even if you cannot change all that is within this world, you can certainly change yourself and all those parts of you that are in need of the healing and blessing of God, His Love transforming and changing you. My beloved friends, continue in your efforts to walk in the world as a light, to carry the torch of truth wherever you may go, to desire and make true your intention to be God’s channels of love, to be expressions of love in the world. 

Do not let the material conditions draw you to that place that is ineffectual and does not express love, for then you become part of the human condition and so many, many souls, who are a part of this condition and yet remain lost from the truth, from the light that is your understanding and expression in the world. Oh my beloved friends, beautiful souls all, in the world so hungry for love, may you continue to seek, to long for and to receive the great blessing of God’s Essence, the Divine Love, into your souls. To put into action the teachings that Jesus has given to you and all your Celestial friends who continue to uphold you, to help awaken you, to teach you the many things that you need to know in order to master the great flow of life in harmony with God’s Laws of Love. So much to know, so much to apply in everyday life, so much to express with the beautiful light of your soul in the world, and so many in need of your example, your light, your souls.

We are together in this effort to awaken the world, to do God’s bidding, to bring that awakening forward, to be true and clear channels of light and love. We are God’s instruments, beloved souls. Whether you have a redeemed soul or a soul that continues to travel upon this road towards at-onement with God, but yet to be fully redeemed, it does not matter. What matters is that you are willing, that you are a part of this great effort to be awakened and to awaken others. It is that deep intention and desire within your souls which will bring to fruition God’s plan for the salvation of humanity. Know that you are truly a part of His plan. Do not fret over your own personal soul advancement and development. With the understanding that you are still human, rather come to that knowledge and understanding that you walk the road that will lead to all purity and light, truth and love. The very fact that you walk this road brings joy to God, and it brings joy to all of us as we see within you the growing light, the ember of expanding and powerful beautiful light, and the warmth that you emanate is reflective of the truth of God.

Comfort your brothers and sisters, my beloved friends, comfort all who are with you. Put aside your judgments and bring forth your compassion, your willingness to love, to truly love, in place of all the conditions that are not of love. As you do so, you open the channel clear, you make for great and beautiful blessings to come to your brothers and sisters.

God’s channels, beloveds, you are God’s channels, and we walk together to fulfill this great goal to bring greater light and truth to the world. 

God bless you. I am Andrew, my love for you is great, beloved souls, great. We are together in light. Drink in these living waters that wash over you, drink them in and know that you are with God at this very moment. God bless you. Andrew loves you dearly. God bless you.