Spirit: Augustine
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 1, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

I am your teacher, Augustine. There has been much talk around your table and amongst you in regards to activating the gifts and possibilities of your souls and beings in service to God, in bringing the Truth of God’s Love to mankind. Each of you has your perspectives. Each of you have your gifts and your potentials. I wish to tell you, my brothers and sisters, that over the many, many years that souls have desired to bring reform and change to the world, very few have made an impact that has truly changed the world. These are the prophets, the saints, the holy men, the teachers, and the healers. Many who have tried and some who have succeeded.

How have they succeeded? What was it that propelled them above the rest in terms of leadership and gifts? It is because God guided them and they were able to recognise and accept the guidance of God. Within their souls was a commitment, a desire, a pre-ordination of sorts, a purpose, and a plan that carried them forward in their lives and put them in the circumstances and situations of life where their gifts were able to shine, where they recognise the opportunities and the blessings that were laid before them.

Now it was not always and in every way God’s doing, for there is a partnership between yourself and God where you work together in harmony to bring the highest and best results to any endeavor that is spiritual and has a spiritual purpose. In order to be successful in this way, your gifts and faculties must be open, that capacity to be with God in harmony, in a way that you are awake and functioning within the Laws of Love.

So many have aspirations to be a Light in the world, to be a teacher, a healer, to bring Truth, to walk as a channel of Love. But it is one thing to have the aspirations of the mind and to truly be that soul imbued with the power and love and wisdom and humility that in balance and combination will bring about a true leader, a true Light in the world. Some are readily gifted in certain ways, yet squander these gifts or are waylaid by their desire for power and glory, for recognition. Some are very meek and humble and loving, but are reluctant to step forward and to have the eyes of others upon them. Some step forward with great zeal and great promise, but when in the position of recognition and the flow of God’s Love though them, they somehow reject the conditions of their commitment to God and are waylaid by their own mindful ambitions.

There are many pitfalls in this journey of leadership, of being a channel that is effective and can indeed touch many souls. As I have said, many have tried and few have succeeded. Even when they have succeeded, their message has been perverted by the minds of those who have heard and followed this journey towards enlightenment.

So when you put yourself forward to God and say: “I wish to lead. I wish to bring this Truth to humanity. I want to serve you, dear Father,” know that what you commit yourselves towards is a difficult road, a road that is fraught with pitfalls. You will be sorrowfully tested, my beloved brothers and sisters. You will be sorrowfully tested.

Yet amongst you and those who are in association with you, there is and are great potentials and individuals of great light and wisdom. There is a great possibility of success. There is a strength and the foundation of Truth, a deep desire and experience that has brought wisdom and many more gifts amongst you. You are more likely to succeed in your true desire to serve if you work together. Brothers and sisters working together, respecting one another, loving one another, acknowledging the strengths of one another, and adding your strengths to theirs, creating a solid, impenetrable Circle of Light that you may act in the world with the support and love of your brothers and sisters and the support and Love of God and the angels.

The saying that no man is an island is certainly true. You must work together. You must support one another. You must share your wisdom, your love, your gifts, your strengths with one another. For when you can come together in harmony and feel that unity and singleness of purpose, you become a powerful force in the world, a great channel of Light in the world. But when you have a deep desire to pull your brothers and sisters this way and that, a stubbornness, an intractability, a desire of the mind and perceptions that are more in harmony with the conditions of the human condition than that of God, then there are troubles. Then the unity and strength begin to crumble and each goes his own way, not having the support and strength that comes with this gift of unity. So I say to you my friends, beautiful souls, souls with great potential, souls who are eager, souls who have a desire to serve, listen to one another. Truly listen. Love one another. Truly love. Accept one another. Truly come to that place where you may gaze upon your brother and sister with deep love and acknowledgement of the beauty that is God’s Creation: each soul.

This is how you begin to move in the world. This is how the power of God’s Love and the beauty of God’s Plan will unfold and bring the results that you are all so eager to see in the world, the upliftment, the awakening of humanity, the healing of this world. You cannot do it alone and you are not alone. But as you band together and have these Circles of Light and Prayer and be with one another in love and come to know one another in love, then you build a strong foundation. Then you are capable of many things, things that are guided by God and blessed by God. But without unity, without a true sense of love and commitment towards one another, you do not have the great strength that multiplies with each individual’s commitment to this Circle of Light.

The world is intent on distracting every soul and from bringing every soul from a place of light to a place of mediocrity and shadows. You have the responsibility to resist this compelling effort that draws humanity into complacency and sleep. You must work towards awakening and to come to realise the real potentials of your souls that can only come with discipline and with desire to receive that great Blessing of Love that is God’s Love. This imbues within you and awakens within you the strength, the perception, and the understanding that will help to unify your efforts and bring harmony amongst you.

Continue to reach out to one another, to be in the Grace of God, the flow of God’s Love. But also consider what your own personal potentials might be, your strengths, and your weaknesses, to be honest with yourselves and clear within yourself. Not in the way that you are judgmental and feel inadequate. No, my beloved friends, each of you have great potential and the inadequacy is only in as much of what you believe to be true.

Those things that you indulge yourselves with, those instruments of pain, those instruments that are not of love that you continue to nurture within yourselves need your attention. In order to move forward you must expunge those conditions that hold you back and exemplify those conditions that are of light and gifts that are beautiful. Opening up the passage of love to every part of your being glowing and flowing through you. In this way, you are then ready to come together, to walk upon that path designated by God in service. In this way, powerful manifestations of love and light and wisdom and truth will come readily and will touch many.

I think you must wonder why you were brought together. How God has orchestrated these meetings? How you are indeed a part of something greater than yourself? Do you not see that God has a plan? That God indeed will open doors and bring you together with other souls and test and ask and guide and bless you so that you may be strong enough, that you may be prepared to walk together hand in hand in the world as a channel of love, truly a channel of love and truth? Indeed this is not an easy path. Indeed the work that is ahead is great. But we ask you, beloved souls, to consider that what is a greater task than to work with God to bring peace and light, healing and harmony to your world?

God will not force upon you anything, but God continues the bell toll to come to action, to respond to God’s Will with the awakening of your own soul and in turn to assist in the awakening of your brothers and sisters. So with each day, the choice is laid before you. It may not be that that day will bring about obvious expressions of service and truth, teaching others, ministering to others, but that day in some way will bring you closer provided you are willing and you are receptive to what God has to give to you in that particular day. It may be a lesson. It will always be a blessing. It may be some small opportunity to reach out to some soul in need, but with each day will come the opportunity to serve God. For when you grow within your soul, do you not serve God? When you express that growth and light in the world, do you not serve God? When you reach out and touch another in some loving and simple task, do you not serve God? When you speak the truth, when you stand up for truth, when you walk in the truth, do you not serve God?

There are many ways in which you may serve and in this open many doors for your own blessings and strengthening, expressing your own potentials and gifts. All of this is possible with the power of Love, the power of God’s Love that transforms and awakens and blesses each soul.

May the doors open for you, beloved souls. May you have the wisdom and perception, the discernment and the strength to see what lays before you. May you utilize each day and each opportunity to bring about the potential that each day is blessed to you. That there may be a flowering and fruition of something of light for each of you, so that you may progress further and closer to God. May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. I am your teacher Augustine and I hope that my words have brought food for thought and food for your soul. May God bless you, beloveds. My love is with you. God bless you.