Spirit: Martin Luther
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 3, 2019
Location: Palaluu, HI

God needs strong souls, those who are truly committed to serving God and knowing His Will. And in knowing His Will, executing His Plan the best they can given their resources and abilities. When this commitment comes to the individual who wishes to walk this path as an active instrument of God’s Will then all support and blessings and ways and means for this action to be successful will be given by God and His angels and all resources that are a part of His Great Soul. But without intention and commitment, the expression of the soul’s guidance to do any particular task is weak and often without substance bringing confusion or bringing skewed results.

It is the power of commitment, the power of faith, the power of Love. These three things together create a wide and beautiful channel for God to work through His instruments. You are human, my beloved friends. You do not see clearly the road ahead. You do not even understand clearly your own true self nor do you truly understand God. So flawed you are and vulnerable and often fearful and judgmental. You carry this condition with you, this condition that has built through years of life experience, of great disappointment, of deep pain and hurt. Yet within your soul is a true understanding and commitment to do this work, a commitment that was taken on before you were even born.

Each of you has a mission and a purpose. Each of you have a great gifts and great possibilities to express these gifts through the power of your soul awakened in Love. This is where faith comes in, beloved souls, to trust that God’s Plan will truly be implemented through you to some degree or another. Have faith that you are capable and strong and gifted. As His Love grows within your soul, so these capacities and gifts and strength and faith grow within you. You become a pure channel of the Father’s Will and Love in the world. Your mind is your greatest stumbling block, beloved souls. It is rife with assumptions and half-truths and fears and even anger. Given the right situation in your life, these things come forth through your minds reacting to these conditions. So another important aspect of being a clear and beautiful channel of God’s Love is to quell the mind, those parts of your mind that have a tendency towards these conditions that are all too human.

You know within yourself when you indulge yourself in emotions and thoughts and you project suspicion and fear and all things that are not of love and harmony, of truth and of God, you must realize that these things within you are remnants of another time, another life, a life that is disappearing and dissolving before your eyes. A new way, a new understanding, a new you emerges in its stead. But being all too human, you cling to your old ways. You are fearful of the new. You are unable to truly release those conditions that are not in harmony with the Truths of God’s Love and the Laws of God’s Love.

If you are honest with yourself, you covet these conditions within you. You see them as strengths. You see them wisdom. You see them as perception. To some degree they are all three. But their expression within your mind is tainted with the emotional immaturity that is the human condition with those aspects of your mind that are not yet in sync and harmony with your soul. So your mind is busy rationalizing and endearing yourself to these coveted positions of thought and feeling and action. These old patterns that continue to get in the way of the pure and beautiful expression of your channel as a soul linked with God.

As God continues to use you as this channel, so you obscure it and deflect it with these mental conditions that you carry. When you are asked to release these things, to let them go, to decide that they are not useful any more, you lament to God, “Why must I work so hard? Why must I let these things go? They are a part of me.” You say to God “I love myself. I love these things that are a part of me. It is my personality, who I am.”

I say to you, it is a manifestation of the well-developed mind that is within each one of you and within all in this world. But it is not the true you. It is a shadow of your true self. You must step forward from this place of coveted thought and feelings that they may be purified by Love, that you may be a clear and powerful channel of Love and Truth, an example for all to see.

Truth be told, the children of the Earth are not particularly industrious when it comes to their spiritual awakening. The process is slow and arduous. The resistance is great. Yes, those of you who seek the blessings of the Father’s Love, you seek the well-being, the upliftment, the blessings, the joy, that which is encouraging and pleasurable. God does not deny you these experiences, these pleasure of the soul. But God continues to wait patiently for your choice to overcome those conditions within you that are not of love and are not of truth.

This does require your efforts, my beautiful friends. It does require an honest reckoning of that which is within your mind that is not in harmony with the Laws of Love and with the growing Light within your soul. This is your challenge, to continue to choose Light, to choose that which is of the higher nature of yourself. And also in this to have sympathy and empathy for these lower aspects of your human nature and to ask God to help you, to align these things within you with your soul and with your soul aligned with God that these things may indeed be reconciled with Love, awakened, and made pure. That which is not part of Love, not truly a part of this Godly way will fall away, will be healed and be dispersed.

You have great ambitions as to your future and your abilities, that God will guide you, that in some magical way, the doors will open and you will waltz through with all good intention and desire and purpose and that nothing will hold you back from your true purpose. This is a rather naïve but understandable viewpoint given the conditions that you live in and the conditions that live within you. But I say to you, my beloved brothers and sisters, now is the time. It has been a time for some time for you to step beyond this naivety, this childish thinking and to be a mature soul that takes responsibility for those conditions that are in need of healing adjustment or just to be removed from your thoughts and your minds.

You wish for this great gift where we of the Celestial Kingdom may manifest through you for all to see and know and hear. This is a noble aspiration. We have told you more than once that it is an aspiration that is difficult to obtain and bring to light in your world. Yet, it is possible provided you are willing to walk in the Light fully, to be not perfect but to be in alignment and in harmony with God. With this choice and effort and dedication and prayer and introspection and action where you truly step ahead of the old and embrace the new, you will accomplish this and many more things, many more things indeed.

This is what we await, God awaits, the world awaits. For you have been given many blessings. You have been protected in many ways from the harshness of this world as you continue to pray and prepare yourselves. But you cannot be lethargic in your efforts to release the conditions of which I speak. The time fast approaches where you will be greatly challenged, where the world will be greatly challenged.

Who will lead the children who are lost, confused, and do not have hope. It must be you, beloved souls, and all souls who are strong enough to overcome the human condition and truly be a channel and beloved child of God. So, my beloved friends, if you are truly serious about your commitment and if you truly desire to be a clear and beautiful channel for God, to work on God’s behalf, to be a part of God’s Plan for the salvation of all, you must be more diligent in your prayers and in your introspection and honesty to take count of all that is within you that is not in harmony with love.

I do not say these things because we are angry with you for we are not. We too were challenged by the human condition that we had to overcome. Some of us did not overcome these conditions while we were on Earth. Some of us did so to some degree but none of us other than the beloved Master Jesus completely forged a true understanding and expression of a soul redeemed by God. So do not be disheartened, beloved souls, but you must try. You must make effort. You must see. You must implement your understanding of Truth for strength is required. True strength is required. The stronger that you are in the Truth of God and His Love, the more you will be able to express these gifts that you so desire to express.

It is simple mechanics, beloved souls. The greater the Light in the soul, the less it is inhibited by the mind, equals a clear and beautiful channel for Love and Light and expression, a true expression of the potentials of the soul awakened by God and used by God in service to humanity.

I cannot be any clearer, beloved souls. I know that it is not an easy task. I know that you often reprimand yourself and feel inadequate. Beloved souls, you are not inadequate. You need not reprimand but have compassion for these human parts. For without knowledge of these experiences and aspects of yourself, how can you be compassionate and empathetic with your brothers and sisters? Each of you have experienced a life that has had many of these components that are of the human condition within them. You have overcome many things. You have become stronger.  You have learned the ways of love and compassion and acceptance and humility.

I merely say that there is more to come, more challenges, more effort required, more prayers, more of everything that you know so well as your responsibility to overcome, to mend, to come to harmony and truth that love must invade and infuse every part of your being, every aspect of your thinking, every part of you must be an expression of this great and Holy Love that God has implanted within you and continues awaken and infill your soul.

May God bless you on that journey, beloved souls. May you come to know your true self in all its glory and wonderment, the beautiful light that you are, that this light may infuse and inform every word that you speak, every thought that you may have, every sense of joy and truth and humility and grace, a pure channel with many, many gifts that will be exemplified by Love, awakened and expanded by Love, enjoined with God in a loving act of service.

You will find your way, beloved souls. You will find your way. Do not discredit yourself. Do not disparage yourself but understand that God needs you to continue to be the highest, the most beautiful individual soul that you can be in this world that hungers and thirsts for this example, this light, this beautiful being that you are expressed fully, awakened fully in Love.

God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Martin Luther and I love you. I am with you and I have great compassion for your struggles for I struggled as well. I see from the retrospect of an angel how I could have done so much more in your world, how I could have known so much more Truth, how I could have expressed and taught so much more. Yet even the flawed individual that I was, was able to make some change in the world that continues to have its affects and bring a slight to your world. Know that you too may have a profound effect, a profound impact in your world provided you are willing and committed and strong and desire for the highest, that Love will reign supreme within you and be expressed in all ways and means that you are capable of doing so. May God bless you upon that journey. God bless you. My love is with you.