Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 26, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

You must truly come to know your own souls, beloveds. To come to that place that is deep within you and is beyond the mindful conditions of this world, a place where you and God may meet in harmony and love. You must come to know your soul, to truly honor your soul. For this is where so much of your inclinations and desires come, from your soul. Often interpreted and reformed by your mind, but the very root of many things comes from your soul. So that when you feel inclined to do a particular task, to reach out to an individual, to come to prayer, often it is your soul motivating you, helping you to come to that place of resolve and desire that is clear.

When you have a desire to do a particular task or be in a particular place or reach out to an individual and yet there is no mindful reason for doing so, remember that God guides you and God guides you through your souls. So when these insights and bits of guidance come, listen. Allow God to guide you forward that you may indeed fulfill some particular task, something that is meant for God to work through you and to bring something to fruition. Trust in your soul. Trust in these inclinations. Trust in these thoughts that are often clear and intense.

For each of you has a soul that can indeed communicate with your mind. Many things bubble forth. Allow these things to come unimpeded and do not make it an attempt to interpret and reformulate what comes. Accept it in all its clarity and intensity. Pray that you may have the opportunity to serve God in some way through this guidance. God has many things which He wishes you to do as a channel of His Love. There are many opportunities that God lays before you and there are many tasks that need doing. But first, you must be attuned to your soul and your soul must be attuned to God. In this way, there is a clear channel and God may work though you.

When you are working for God, you will feel His Love flowing. You will know a Light and a joy. There will be a spring in your step as you walk forward because God will give you what you require to fulfill His Will in whatever way you are asked to do so. When you pray to be a channel of love in the world, to know God’s Will, to serve in some way, you are asking for this channel to open between God and your mind through your soul, so that you may be a clear channel and fulfill some task, some blessing, some touch that God wishes to convey through you to another. Of course your challenge is to allow this to come through clearly without your minds interfering and interpreting. This comes with the power of the Divine Love within your soul growing. This power clears the way for you to serve. It clears the way so that the human condition does not wholly interfere with the task at hand.

There is much to do, beloved souls. The wider and clearer the channel, the more that can be accomplished. This is done through your daily prayers and efforts and choices to love and to be a channel of love. With each of these soulful desires and inclinations, God has an opportunity to utilize the intentions that you have within you. These things may be used to benefit your brothers and sisters as you put aside your willful desires to express yourselves from mindful things and come to that place of being a pure and beautiful channel of love through your souls. This is your challenge, beloveds. This is what God wishes for each of you to do, to set aside those long-held dreams and plans that are of the mind, to be humble and pure of intention so that you may be a channel of love. For God’s Plans are greater than yours and how God implements His plans has more harmony and effectiveness than anything that you may devise for yourselves.

So my friends, seek to know God. Know that God has many intentions for each of you to be used as His instruments in the world. Those who are willing to put aside the willfulness of the mind and adopt the humility and Love that is within the soul, will find many, many things happening within their lives that will be an expression of God’s Will. So may you indeed, be in the Light of God and the Love of God so that your souls may be filled and filled with this Great Essence of God, opening up this channel for God to express His Will, His Plans, His Intentions for humanity.

You may be a part of a great outflowing of God’s loving intentions for humanity, His plan to bring harmony to this world, His desire to push back the darkness and bring Light and joy and peace so that all souls may be fulfilled and all that is intended in the great flow of God’s Love may be so in your world and all worlds.

Beloveds, be strong. Be with God. Express your deepest heartfelt, soulful intentions to God and open yourselves to God’s Will. Thus a journey that is magnificent and wondrous, fulfilling, and filled with love will be in your lives.

May God bless you, beloved souls. I am Matthew. I am with you often, shall continue to walk with you upon this path of Love. God bless you. God bless you.