Spirit: Copernicus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: September 9, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Beloved souls, I am Copernicus. The mysteries upon mysteries of the universe are within the grasp of every soul who seeks to develop and grow in Love. For it is this gift of Divine Love that will open up the faculties that each of you possess to know the truth of God’s Creation, to know God Himself and all that God is.

I spent years upon years in your Earth plane trying to unravel the mysteries of the material plane and many more years in the spheres of spirit to unravel, again, the mysteries of this state of being. Until I found the great gift that our beloved Master, Jesus had to reveal to the world, the Gift of Divine Love. This compelled me further and propelled me further in my search and understanding of the universe. Now it included God and all the workings and wonderments of God and much, much more. The many angels of the universe, the many possibilities of life in the universe. There is so much to uncover, to discover in the world, not only of your world, but all the worlds, all the dimensions, all the levels of existence, not only for souls but for all creatures that God has created.

This discovery and journey is endless. What ensures that I and all of you who seek this Love will be able to know all of these things, is that God has gifted us with the capacity to live forever. In one way or another, we shall exist in the universe in forms, in ways of Light that are brought upon by the Divine Love. The magnificence of this gift, my friends, the wonderment of God’s gift to humanity, to all mortals and spirits, this wondrous gift will open every door, every mystery, every understanding in time. For you will have all of eternity to come to know all of these things and do so in joy.

For as you grow in this Love and your souls awaken in this gift of Love, you will know greater joy, infinite joy, as you progress into the spheres of spirit and into the Celestial Heavens. The joy will be unimaginable, my friends. The joy of discovery, the joy of existence, the joy love, all these things come together in our pursuit of the Great Source of all, our Heavenly Father, whose Love and care for each one of us continues to show us the way to Truth, to Love, to true understanding of all.

May you continue to walk upon this Path of Love and discover the many mysteries that God has created. For as you grow in Love and awaken in Love, there will not be mysteries, but understanding and Truth and joy.

May God bless you on that journey, my friends. I am Copernicus and I thank you for allowing me this time to speak and I shall come again and speak some more about the mysteries of the world, of the universe, of God. Thank you my friends and God bless you. God bless you.