Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: July 10, 2019
Location: Gibsons, B.C.

Bless you, beloved souls, I am Matthew. Each of you has the capacity and gift to teach, to give the words of Truth to those who hunger for this. This gift is a reflection of your mind but can be influenced and informed by your soul. It is in this attunement between mind and soul that wisdom is reflected in your words. It is important for each teacher to understand the receptivity of the student. For, to use words and concepts that are unrelateable by those who listen, is to miss the mark, to not teach in effective ways.  When your words are couched in love, compassion, humility, and flow with the grace that is the result of God’s Touch upon you, then your words will indeed be absorbed by the mind and at times the soul of that individual. It is a fine balance, beloved souls, to teach Truth in ways that Truth may be understood.

Most Truths of the Father are simple and understandable. But it is the inclination of the minds of men to complicate and bring many different concepts and ideas into that teaching. Rather than demonstrate the Truth, there is a tendency to complicate the Truth. When Love flows as you speak, when God’s Hand is upon you and you know this and you feel the Grace flowing through you, then there is a response from those you teach that is open and trusting and able to absorb your words.

This you must practice, beloved souls. This, you must apply. When you speak to a crowd or an individual, to whomever you speak to, it is important that these elements of Light and Love, of Grace and even peace are a part of the condition that you present, a part of your true selves that is reflected by your soul. When you are at peace, when you are grounded with Love within your soul and connections to God, Truth will flow readily and you shall also have credibility with those who are listening.

You may also be assisted by the angels who will help you to formulate your words and help to reinforce this condition of Light around you. There is no inhibition, no second-guessing of how the other is responding to your words. It is a surety, a sincerity, an authenticity of your demeanor that puts the listener at ease. You all wish to be teachers of spiritual Truth. You all in your own way try to do so and make great effort in formulating the responses and information that you wish to convey. Yet, when you step forward in faith, open to what God puts before you, whatever opportunities are there and you do so without concern that you will falter or that you will not be effective, you open the door for God to work through you as a teacher of Truth.

It will not be perfect. Every word will not be so finely crafted that those listening will think that you are a poet or an intellectual or a learned individual; no, this is not the objective. The objective is to speak that Truth in simple terms, to convey the truth in Love, to open the doors of Truth in simple and humble ways. If the individual to which you speak to is not able to absorb these words but turn away because they reject your words, it is not because you have failed, beloveds. It is because they have failed to listen. It is their choice and their response to an opportunity that God has given.

To be present with God with each day and ask to be a servant of God in ways that benefit your brothers and sisters, God gives you these opportunities to speak the Truth, to be His humble servant in the flow and direction that is intended. So you will come to know that gift of teaching that is within each one of you. You will have a sense of accomplishment, of joy in what you are able to do in these given situations. There is no formula beloved souls. There are no pat responses. It is not needed to practice and hone your skills of speech. Instead, trusting in God’s Touch and Blessings upon you to do so, brings the harmonious response and flow of words that are appropriate for that situation.

Yes, it requires humility, beloveds. It requires wisdom. It requires faith. But, this way of teaching, as the beloved Master Jesus exemplified, is powerful and touches the souls of those to whom you speak. It is in this casting of seeds of Truth to the souls of humanity that is God’s work; is it not? Each of you has experienced the Creator in all His Glory and Beauty and knows Truth in all its power and simplicity; has experienced the Love of God in all its profound Touch upon your souls and this informs whatever you might say. This is the foundation of your Truth. This is the foundation of your gifts of teaching and sharing of this Truth. I know you wish that this Truth could be known by thousands, many thousands and some day it will be, beloved souls, some day it will be. But, you begin humbly and simply. You start with one conversation and you build and continue to allow God to guide you forward so that you may indeed touch many as time goes on. So, your gifts will expand and so will the opportunities to express these gifts.

None of you are failures or inadequate or unable to do this work. For it does indeed carry on and is open to each one of you. It is only the limitations of your mind that does not allow a wider scope of what it is that you wish to express to a variety of souls. As I have said, to keep the words simple. To express the Truth of Love does not require a deep intellect, a great gift in elocution. It requires a sincerity and authenticity that comes directly from the soul touching another soul. This is the power of Truth and the power of Love that will touch many in times to come.

No, my beloveds, you are not sidestepping your responsibilities to teach Truth, but I know that you wish that things would accelerate and intensify in these opportunities. You must be patient. Have faith in God’s Plan. Have faith that each day will bring forward new opportunities to be with others, to teach others, to be a channel of Love for others. This will come. It will come with each day.

God bless you, beloved souls. I am Matthew. I am happy to speak to you today regarding a subject that is important and which concerns you all: of bringing the Truth of God’s Love to humanity. I say to you, my friends, each of you continues to play your part in this and will continue to do so. As you listen to your guidance, as your souls grow in His Love, so these opportunities will magnify and intensify until one day you will speak to many and they will listen. But, it is in the timing of God’s Will and plan for humanity. Until that day, each opportunity that you have to do so, is a gift and an opportunity to hone your skills and your abilities to truly convey this Truth to others.

May you find your way upon that path of teaching and healing and loving your fellow souls in this world. Many blessings ensue with this gift. Much comes with your efforts. God bless you, beloved souls. I am with you in God’s Love. I am Matthew. God bless you.