Spirit: Michael Collier
Medium: Al Fike
Date: November 18, 2019
Location: Ancient Gardens, Eudlo, AU

Beloved and beautiful souls, part of the family of God’s loving children, my name is Michael Collier. I am great friends with some who are here and guide those who live upon this beautiful country who are servants of God in His Love.

Each of you is a gatekeeper for God for it is your prayers and your efforts to reach God in the Truth of His Love that allows the outpouring of greater Light into your world. So, your efforts, my beautiful friends, help to awaken humanity to Truth. As you continue to pray and receive this gift of Love, as you continue to beseech God to bless your brothers and sisters, as you travel the world and reach out to others and travel within your own communities, you are bringing the bell toll of Truth with you. Each of you within your souls are tolling that bell that brings the children to God. Consider this, my friends, that not only do you live a life like everyone else in your world, but you carry a special message, a special Truth that can save the world from all the anguish and pain and distortions and lack of love that exists in your world.

When you leave your place of residence and walk in the world, ask God to make you a channel of Love. Ask God to strike the chord of Truth within other souls. Though you may not know who has been touched and under what circumstances, you will know that you have played a part, that seeds have been planted, that Truth is ringing forth in your world all about you. I would hazard to say that when you walk in the world with the Light that you carry and the Truth that you carry, there is something within each individual that you encounter that awakens just a little bit. There is a shift, a small movement within their souls, stirring because the Light of God’s Truth and Love is close to them.

God’s Truth will be given through those instruments who are bright and aligned with God. Each of you, though some have just started this journey and not particularly clear as to what that journey is, while some of you have been upon this path for many years,  each of you may play a role, a part in God’s great plan for the salvation of humanity.

That role may be very simple indeed, very humble and quiet and unassuming or you may go and wade within crowds of people who are seeking and asking of you Truth. No matter the circumstance and situation that you may find yourself in, God will use each of you in many ways, in many ways indeed. There is no need for you to know how and when and why, only that you pray to be used as His channels of Love, that you walk in the world without the inhibitions and fear that so many feel as they are in the world. But instead, to hold your head high, to know that God is with you, that the angels are with you and that you may be used as His channel, that you may be used to open up another soul just a crack and that Light may flow in, that there may be inspiration, that God may implant within them the desire for His Love.

So this work continues, my beloved friends, many places, through many channels and instruments of God. Some of which you will meet and know and work with. Others you will never know. But be comforted in knowing that you walk in Light and Love, that God indeed knows you well and Loves you beyond measure, and will use you as His channels and instruments to bring Truth, to bring a touch of comfort, to bring Light, to bring joy to others. In this work, you are greatly blessed, my friends, greatly blessed indeed. How fortunate you are to walk in the world carrying the Truth of Love, that you indeed help God toll that bell that brings the souls to gather in the Light, receiving His Gift of Love.

How blessed you are, my friends. How God has given you such a great gift that none other can compare to what has been given in the Truth of His Love. God bless you as you live and walk through your life and be that beautiful beacon, that channel, that bright soul that can and will give many blessings as God’s instruments in the world.

I thank you for listening to me. My name is Michael. My love is with you. I am an inhabitant of the Celestial Kingdom and I am pleased and blessed and humbled to be your servant in this world. God bless you. God bless you.