Spirit: White Cloud

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Hawaii, United States of America

Date: December 2, 2016

Blessings to you brothers and sisters, I am White Cloud. I have heard your prayers for my brothers and sisters who struggled mightily in this world and for this planet that also struggles to retain its equilibrium and I tell you that those who are resisting and calling out the truth, do so because in their hearts they know the truth and there will be many more in this world who will gather together and speak the truth, and this may cause division in the world but there needs to be a voice crying for truth and love in the world. For too long the world has suffered from the abuses of man, the greed, the inability to love.

And for you, my brothers and sisters, who know the truth of God’s Love, it is for you to shout out this truth to the world, to give this truth to the world, not in an insistent way but in a gentle way, a way in which you demonstrate and carry the truth within you and act upon the Truth as you live your life each day. And there will be times when you will have the opportunity to speak, to bring God’s Love as an acknowledged Truth in the world. Pray for those opportunities to come to you, beloveds, but most of all pray that you, each day, will come closer and more fully into the truth of His Love. That you may shed all that is within that is not of this Truth and Love. That you may walk with a dignity and a purpose in the world that says “I am a child of God and I am a channel of God’s Love and I love you”.

For all of these abuses in the world stem from a lack of love, my brethren, they stem from a lack of love and each of you have struggled with this very issue, for the entire world struggles with this and you have overcome much. You are coming into a new awareness, each one of you, as to the power of God’s Love, the glory and the joy of God’s Love and you will shed whatever mantle of pain and error that you carry and walk forth in this freedom and this liberation of your souls as your souls awaken to this truth more fully and more beautifully.

Continue to serve God, beloveds. Continue to live the Truth and continue to speak the Truth when that opportunity arises. And yes, pray for your brethren who also seek to express Truth, to bring healing to this world, to bring change that is of healing and Light. For all need your prayers. This world needs your prayers. The children need your prayers. The lost souls need your prayers. The hungry need your prayers. Those in pain need your prayers. All need your prayers, my beloveds, for what will save the world? Not violence, not insistence, but love, and the strongest man and woman is the one who can express love, the most powerful agent for change in this world, in the universe is love.

Seek to express love in all that you do. Seek to serve in love each day. Seek your Heavenly Father to receive His Love so that it may flow through you in all aspects of your life and be humble, be gracious, be gentle, be strong.

God bless you, beloveds. I am White Cloud and I am with you in your efforts, in your prayers, in your struggles. God bless you.