Spirit: Augustine

Medium: Al Fike

Location: Gibsons, BC

Date: August 28, 2015

My beloveds, precious students of Truth, you have been given a great deal of guidance as you have been together. Each day another piece of the puzzle and we have given you a clear picture of what you must do.

Continue to communicate together, my beloveds, and to strengthen these bonds, for they are important and will do great service in this work as you are united in Love, you share a common understanding. You walk the Divine Path together and though you may be many miles away, this Love brings you side-by-side, hand-in-hand upon this Path. And as you accept and become more fluent with your soul you will know this, you will truly know this Truth that your souls are forever bonded in Love and that through this bond you may communicate with one another and you may work together. And as one steps forward, you all step forward, as one gains a precious soul perception and insight to Truth, you will all benefit from this. For that which flows from your souls one to another, you will soon learn to recognize and utilize this gift of Love that creates this channel of Light amongst you and amongst all your brothers and sisters who work together, who live their lives in Truth and Love.

Yes, you begin a new phase of your journey upon this world and your journey to God.  And as another door opens, so the journey is more alive and certainly interesting as new perceptions open, new understandings are ignited within you and greater Truth is acknowledged. Much awaits you, my beloveds, many surprises, many experiences unanticipated. Many souls await your presence, your instrumentality that is God’s channel of Love. Your gifts shall open rapidly, my beloveds, as you learn to make that journey to your souls, to accept the wisdom of your souls and the perceptions and the Love.

Journey forth, my beloved, beloved students, and I shall be with you and I shall make efforts to teach you further upon this Path and add my prayers and my love to your efforts and your prayers and your love. You are not alone and now you know that you have your brothers and your sisters in the world. Indeed, God has gifted you with this and many more will join you in this gift of fellowship. God bless you. Your teacher Augustine truly loves you, beloveds.