Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 01, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

I am Josephus. I have come to answer your question which you have had on your mind for several days, seeking some clarification. In order to do so, we must go back many eons of time to the beginning of the establishment of humanity upon this world. In that time where God created the first parents or who they represent, the Earth was in balance and harmony. Elements worked together to sustain life. The first parents were blessed with a purified soul, a beginning very auspicious indeed for their start upon this planet and proliferation of humanity there upon.

But in the beginning, a question from God was asked of His Creation, “Do you wish to follow the road which I have made for you so that your souls may continue to grow and expand with My Essence implanted within your soul and shall remain there and grow for all eternity, or do you wish to follow your own road and walk upon this Earth and consequently, the spheres of spirit, in your own way?” And the choice was made to be independent.

So your long history of humanity upon this world continues to follow that road of independence. Your numbers have increased and increased and increased until the entire planet is overshadowed by the human condition. That human condition gives no thought or very little, to the ways of God and the harmony of His Creation. Instead, humanity becomes ever more consumed and selfish with great desires for material benefit and gain and with little heed for the consequences of these things.

For, the momentum of the human condition and human actions upon your world continues to grow and is immense in its effects. Not only in the physical nature of your world and your actions, but also the spiritual effects that come with your thoughts and intentions and desires creating great waves of disharmonious thoughts and actions that are not considered with wisdom, efforts that are often in error and are difficult to rectify.

The power of humanity is great and its power is not fully understood. So, humanity continues to wander in the darkness. It lacks wisdom. It lacks love. It lacks the ability to see beyond the small world of its own making to the bigger picture of its collective effects upon the world. So the elements of the Earth, these great wheels and mechanics that God puts into motion for the well-being of all Creation are being affected by the immense power of humanity. The ultimate consequence of the choice that was made in the beginning of humanity’s creation is now coming to fruition.

This has come as the result of destructive and inharmonious actions of humanity. So all of Creation suffers from these actions. All of the world has been disrupted. The natural cycles are changing rapidly because of these disruptions and effects of the human condition implied upon this planet.

So there is great turmoil. There is great suffering. Not only humanity suffers, but so does all creation. Yes, there is great concern for the animals. The creatures of all description that God has created continue to be victimized by the great waves of darkness that humanity has created upon this planet. Indeed, God is saddened, as are we in the Celestial Kingdom to see these great forces unleashed by the ignorance of man.

Yet, the Laws of God are immutable. They cannot be changed. The world is subject to the free will of humanity and because of this, all suffers in consequence. Yet, as we have told you many times that there is a plan for the salvation of mankind and the salvation of your world. All will not come to destruction and darkness, but these trends and energies and consequences will be reversed in time.

I ask all of you to continue to pray for the infusion of the Father’s Love. Pray for the success of God’s great plan for the salvation of your world. Seek to be instruments that you may do your part in this great effort to save your world. Yes, all will suffer. This is unfortunately a consequence of the great tides and currents of energies and effects of the activities of humanity. But also, God has sent many blessings to your world and will continue in greater measure to bless you world, to turn back the tides of darkness, to be in the flow of the great healing of your world through His Blessings.

For, those who resolutely turn their eyes from God, who feel nothing but anger, frustration, rejection of God, hoping that God will indeed bring an instantaneous gift of healing to all, are sadly mistaken. For the powers of humanity are great, as I have said, and the power of God is greater still but He will not countermand His Laws of Creation nor His gift of free will to humanity. Instead, one must realize that these elements that are interplaying in your world must find resolution, for all Creation is designed to bring harmony in time.

The consequences of human actions will be felt in ways that are harsh, in ways which reflects the harshness of humanity, in ways that are powerful and must countermand the efforts of humanity. This cannot be done in an instant. This interplay will continue for some time. But in the end, God will win out because God is the Source of All, the Power of All Creation. Through the Laws that God has initiated in Creation, there will be resolution in time and balance and harmony.

But this does not assuage your concerns for the moment, my friends. As you see great destruction in parts of your world, consequences unforeseen, consequences difficult to accept, consequences that in the minds of men bring further destruction. But all the elements of the world have a healing element to them. As God continues to bring forth the power of these elements in the world, healing will come. The world will be healed. The elements of Creation will bring healing.

They are like a double-edged sword however. With change comes, at times, destruction. But with destruction comes change and the opportunity to build a world that is better, an opportunity for the elements of the natural world to conspire to heal those places ripped asunder by the harshness of the elements. This is the way which God has created the world. In His infinite wisdom, these elements will continue to come into play to help heal and change your world.

Yes, many creatures have lost their lives upon this world and go back to the source from which they have come. But this does not mean the end, the absolute end to these beautiful creations of God, merely a pause as God continues to work His Will upon your planet, continues to allow the elements of change and renewal to come forth, to bring greater harmony to your world. This will be seen over and over again in your world in this great time of change and transition, of healing and destruction.

This is not the result of God’s intention to bring such forces into play into your world. It is the result of the actions of humanity to continue to countermand the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation thinking that this is to their benefit and it is not. In the end, humanity will see its folly, will understand that it cannot ignore what is truly the beautiful Creation of God that is your world.

Some will come in humility and shame to God to ask for forgiveness, to seek another way. Those who cannot bring themselves to admit their folly will suffer great consequences because the folly of man cannot continue to rule this world in such harsh and unloving ways. So the truth of the matter continues to unfold in your world. Those who are innocent, those who are ignorant, those who are estranged from God will be victims of the great waves of change, great elements conspiring to bring healing to the world.

Humanity cannot escape. Humanity is a victim of itself. Humanity has been given great blessings and choices. Yet, humanity continues to sleep, to choose this slumber, this ignorance, this lack of knowledge and caring and love. Humanity has a great capacity for all of these things but has chosen instead to be harsh within their minds, to ignore the pleas of their souls, the pleas of God, the pleas of all the angels to come to that place of humility and grace that is the Touch of God upon them and the Holy Touch of His Spirit within their souls.

This we pray for. This I know you pray for. Yet, when you witness the great power of this Earth in its attempts to heal and cleanse itself of these elements of disharmony, you are downtrodden. You worry and care for what is happening. Instead, I urge you to pray, to pray unceasingly, to pray for the healing of your world, to pray for the healing of your own soul, to pray for the salvation of all. This is what will help to bring harmony back. This is the great power that many of you do not acknowledge nor understand, the power of prayer.

Continue in your efforts, beloved souls. Continue to be patient, to be faithful. Put aside your fear and your anger. I know this is difficult in circumstances that seem to be impossible to accept. Yet, within your soul you know that change must come, that healing must come, that all within you world must revert back to the harmony of God’s Creation. So it will be with you. God’s Hand is surely upon you. Accept that God’s plan is of the highest order and greatest wisdom. You will see in time, as His plan unfolds, how God has blessed and brought harmony to all the world.

God bless you, my friends. We are with you. We understand your anguish and your suffering and yet, the world has suffered in anguish and disharmony for many, many years. It is time for the healing to begin and it has and will unfold in the timing and harmony of God’s Will. God bless you, beloveds. May His Love continue to awaken your soul to Truth, to understanding, compassion, patience and Love.

God bless you. God bless you, beloved souls. I am Josephus and I am happy to speak to you today. God bless you. God bless you.