Spirit: Josephus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: August 31, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

This is Josephus. I have come to speak to you about God. Who and what is God? Since our dear instrument has encouraged you to reach out to God, the Source of All, who and what are you reaching for, my friends? What is in your minds, your understanding of God? Through the ages, God has been depicted in many ways, a great towering man with flowing beard, curly locks all in white, commanding and officious in bearing, determining your fate, determining all that is functioning in the Universe. But this is not God at all, but the mere imaginings of men who wish to create God in their own image, who wish to see God as the ultimate authority, commanding all.

Yet, in many of your experiences in prayer and meditation and contemplation, you have come to the conclusion that God is Love. Indeed, this is the correct idea and understanding. For Love is the operating energy, the highest energy of the Universe. Love is in everything because indeed the Creator did create everything and in His Creation, He imbued Love in everything. Love is the operating force that continues to power all that moves and evolves and is in your world.

So what emanates from God is Love. Yet, God has no physical form yet God in His own existence exists without physical form. God exists in a dimension, if you will, that is unique from all other things, all other dimensions. God has a location, a place, an existence and relationship with all else that exists. Yet all else that exists is not God. All else that exists is a creation, an intention of God to bring about a universe that moves and interacts and evolves and transforms within the laws and mechanisms of God’s Creation.

There are many who through their perceptions see aspects of God’s Creation and believe that they are indeed understanding and perceiving God, where indeed they are perceiving a creation of God, an expression of God. So you can see it is difficult, especially for the mind, to understand the very nature and being of God. This is why we teach to awaken your soul through the emanation and blessing of God’s Love, His Essence flowing into your soul awakening those aspects within you that have the potential to truly know God, to understand God, and to understand the Universe and your place within it.

These things you cannot truly begin to understand until you have opened your soul to this transformative process and awakened the capacities and abilities of the soul to perceive and understand, to truly know the facets and wonderment of God’s Creation and the very Presence of God’s Being so that you may witness God, that you may understand all that God has created. Because God has put within you a soul and a soul is that part of you that closely resembles God. As such, the gifts and capacities of the soul allow one to truly see and experience the Divine.

This does not mean that within each one is God. It does mean that within each one is the potential and possibility to reflect a measure of God’s attributes and capacities but will never equal God no matter the eternal pursuit and reception of the Essence of God. A soul will never come to be equal to God. For God is so vast, the expressions and attributes of God so unfathomable to the mind that you nor anyone, any of His creations will come to that place that they are equal to God. But merely as God is the infinite expression greater than a million suns, a million, million suns of light, you would be a star in His Universe reflecting great light, light greater than you can possibly imagine at this time but still merely reflecting the wonderment of God’s Universe and being fulfilled in that purposeful Creation through awakening your souls.

Love makes all of this possible. Love has made the Universe possible. The power of God’s Love, the Essence of God is greater and has the capacity to bring to you such great power and perception and expression of Light that you cannot imagine. So when you begin your journey towards at-onement with God and you pray together for His gift of Love, know that what you understand and what you have experienced is merely a drop of what is possible in the ocean of God’s Love. So to understand God with the mind is utilizing an instrument that is fallible and imprecise. It is the awakening of the soul, the awakening of the faculties and perceptions of the soul, the awakening of Love within the soul that one may glimpse God and come to some semblance of understanding of who and what God is.

So I encourage you, my friends, to seek for the highest. Seek for the blessing and inflowing of the Essence of God, His Love into your soul. Those questions that you have regarding the Universe, regarding God, regarding all that is purposeful and meaningful in life will come with the opening of your souls, that reflection of God within you.

May God bless you in this journey, my friends, and keep you close to the Source of All and bless you deeply and awaken you, awaken you so that your eyes are open, your souls yearning for more, and all those wondrous gifts and capacities within begin to move and shift and come to see the Truth.

May God bless you on that journey, my friends. I am Josephus and I am with you upon that journey as are all the angels and all the bright spirits in the Universe seeking Truth, seeking out God, seeking out the wonders of the Universe. May God bless you. I am with you. My love is with you. God bless you.