Spirit: Paul of Tarsus
Medium: Al Fike
Date: February 25, 2020
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, I am Paul of Tarsus. I come to you, beloved daughters and son, to give to you a blessing and to bring to you some inspiration, a gift of Light. For I reside in Heaven and come to speak to you on Earth, this place full of troubles and worries and cares and is in great need of God’s Blessings and Touch upon you all. I come to tell you that God knows each one of you and God loves each one of you dearly. He knows all in your world, all the souls who walk upon this Earth is known by God and loved by God.

When you pray that God’s Love may enter this world and may enter your soul, so you invite the blessings and powers of God to this world, to come within your own world and change those things, those places, those thoughts, those worries and cares, transforming all into love and joy. When this is accomplished by your prayers, by God working diligently to uplift you and uphold you, then you may be used to answer the prayers of others. You may carry the Light, the Joy and the Love that is God’s Touch, seeking to touch others, seeking to bring healing and peace and love to the whole world.

For God’s desire is that the world will know peace and the world will know a richness and abundance that is meant for all. That truly love will be the currency of the world, beloved souls. When this can be accomplished, and it can be accomplished by each individual seeking the blessings of God, building and stoking the flames of faith and desire and truth within them, so that they may draw into themselves the most powerful of all forces in the Universe, the very Essence of God. As this comes within you, it will change you, transform you, and bring a deep peace and joy within you.

Do you not all desire this, beloved souls, desire to be at peace, to know a joy like none other, to be sure of your own true selves and your relationship with God? This can be yours. It is available to every soul in your world and in mine. Seek this gift and much will come in its stead. Many blessings, many blessings and Truth will come into your hearts, your minds, and your souls. You will indeed see the world differently, with clarity, with great love and compassion. The power of God’s Touch upon you, my beloved friends, is beyond anything that you can imagine. Each of you has been touched to some degree by God. There is so much more that can come to you all, given your faith and prayers and desire to be in alignment with God your Creator.

God bless you, beloved souls, keep you in His Love, keep you in this Light, protect and guide you, love and nurture you, showing you the way beyond all darkness and confusion, beyond all worry and pain and strife, beyond all that is of the human condition to that place of clarity and joy, peace and love. May you continue to pray and desire to walk in this Light. We, the Angels of Heaven, will come and walk with you and assist you upon that journey.

May God bless you deeply, beloved souls, children of God. Awaken in Love, awaken in your hearts, awaken to Truth, awaken within. God bless you. I am Paul.