Spirit: Matthew
Medium: Al Fike
Date: January 25, 2019
Location: Gibsons, BC

Beloved souls, this is Matthew. I welcome you, dear daughter (L), to this circle and all of you who are intent on coming together in prayer, communing with God, receiving His Divine Love, and with a desire to receive the wisdom and blessings that may come with our communication with you.

Intention is very important in this regard, and so we would ask you in these days ahead to consider what questions you may need answering. Where does your curiosity lie? What is the desire of your soul in terms of Truth? Do you have dilemmas and questions regarding your own particular life that you may seek answers for in this Circle of Love?

Beloved souls, we desire to assist you on your journeys, and each of you are progressing upon your own unique paths. You have your own unique dilemmas and challenges, and have a particular perspective and understanding of truth. It is the Divine Love that brings you together in unity. Within your minds there are still differences and perspectives that vary from one individual to another as your life experiences have informed your perspective. Our goal always is to open the way to the soul, to clear aside any misunderstandings or irrelevancies regarding your spiritual quest, but we cannot do this without your involvement and acceptance. The power of free will always determines what may come in any session together in which we may speak to you, and the intentions and desires of your soul and mind also have a great bearing as to what may come.

Beloved souls, you barely know your own power, your own capabilities, this deep source within you of truth. We continue to urge you forth to a place of clear understanding, of knowing Truth that is unobscured by error. As you come together in this way, as you seek deeper truth, deeper understanding, that which resonates with the soul and brings a sense, a knowing of Truth, this is our effort as well which we intend to continue with you. In this not only you will find some clarity in particular ways, but you will also be a channel for Truth for others. That this may be shared and assist the seeking souls who look to you. We hope that you will clear the way to come together as you are now and serve to bring greater truth to your world.

In this you must always seek for the highest. Yearn for the Father’s Love to flow into your souls. Draw to you the angels who may speak and share their wisdom, that you may soak up all of this beautiful Light and Truth and Love into your souls, that your minds may accept and clearly understand the words which we will speak, the guidance that we will give so the Truth is plainly understood and your soul may indeed ripple in joy and light and love in this experience. So we work together beloveds. You and we and God will work together upon this small journey and effort to bring Truth to mankind.

Be uplifted in your thoughts. Try to focus your intentions, your prayers, your desires upon this for this short time so that we may all indeed harmonize and come together in a condition that is in the Light beyond these earth plane conditions to a place where Truth may flow with gentle breezes into your minds and souls. In this a deep joy resonates and expands out amongst you and to many others.

We are pleased that you are together. We are pleased that you are willing, and we are eager that you may be willing to spend this time in prayer, openness, and longing, so that we may work together and bring truth that will bring greater comfort, knowledge, peace, stillness, and love amongst you in our continued effort to unify all the children in your world who are seeking God’s Love. When Truth is shared and the souls recognize and feel the upliftment of this, there is a unity that is formed amongst you, a common understanding, a focus that is shared and acknowledged amongst you. Allow the Light to flow and carry you upwards, closer to God, and we shall all meet there, beloved souls, in joyous harmony, in soulful recognition of this magnificent journey of the soul.

God bless you beloveds. I am Matthew, and I will come again to speak as will many. Formulate your questions beloveds. Keep your minds and hearts and souls upon God, and all will unfold in a beautiful river of Truth and Light, Love and joy. May God bless you deeply with His Love and awaken the deep desires of your soul that they may bubble forth into your minds so that this may be spoken through your lips and come as a gift to each one. God bless you beloveds. God bless you. Matthew is with you. God bless you.